Since 2014, Dolight is dedicated into LED panel products and offers customer the wide panel products and application choices such as classic panel( 100-130lm/W); Backlite panel ( No yellowing problems with competitive price); Lens panel; UGR<19 panel; IP65 & IP54 panels; Narrow frame panel; CCT adjustable panel; RGBW panel wall; 3D frameless panel which are warmly welcomed in the distribution channel and projects. Dolight continue its innovation and has successfully launched Trunk linear light for new installation and retrofit installation, IP54 trunk light sepcially used in the industrial area, and all the aluminum profiles of all kinds of indoor used.

New Backlite LED Panel Light-Competitive Price

New Backlite Panel with Competitive Price

Classic Flavor Grille LED Panel Light UGR<16

Classic Flavor Grille LED Panel UGR<16

Reflector Mould LED Panel Light UGR<18.1 LED Module Changeable

LED Changeable Reflector Mould Panel

High Efficiency 3D Frameless Linear Panel Light

3D Linear Frameless Panel Light

IP65 Antibacterial Panel Light Special Used in Hospital

IP65 Antibacterial Panel Light

RGBW Frameless Panel Light DC24V Remote control

DC24V RGBW Panel Light

Pro Trunk Lens Version for New Installation

Lens LED Linear Light


Dolight Products are highly recognized in Europe, and other regions, such as Germany, France, Singapore, South Africa, etc. Dolight is and will persistent in offering high and consistent quality products to customers while keeps all the flexibility to meet market special requirement and customized ODM, OEM services. Dolight could not offer your cheapest products; contrarily we will offer you price and quality balanced prpoducts. So choose Dolight, choose your right partner!