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xiaomi redmi y3 review

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-30
Redmi Y3 is under review and we take a step through it to see if it can compete with its competitors.
The Redmi series is so popular in Xiaomi that the company is now positioning \"Redmi\" as a subsidiary
Brand, similar to the way it launches Poco sub
Brand of enthusiasts.
The company recently launched Redmi Y3 and Redmi 7 (Review)
As a replacement for Redmi 2, the smartphone in India (Review)and Redmi 6 (Review)respectively.
Xiaomi launches Y-
The series a few years ago targeted young people and selfie lovers, and the latest series targeted 32-
The megapixel selfie camera seems impressive for a phone that sells for Rs. 9,999.
Redmi Y3 does, however, have a more pressing issue that needs to be addressed first.
You see, its basic price is exactly the same as Xiaomi\'s own Redmi Note 7 (Review)
Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 (Review)—
Compared with Redmi y3, the specifications of the two phones are very superior.
This means that Redmi Y3 should have some killer selfie shows to justify choosing it in the obvious choice.
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Xiaomi has launched both Redmi Y3 and Redmi 7 together, which are almost identical in addition to their color, front camera and RAM/storage configuration.
In fact, they all have exactly the same dimensions.
Like Redmi 7, Redmi Y3 stands on the heavy side because you will definitely feel its 180g weight when you hold it.
It was also obvious at 8.
Thickness 47mm.
But the plastic used here feels solid.
The \"Halo prism\" design of this phone looks very eye-catching, especially in the elegant blue decoration we review.
The phone is also decorated in black and red.
Glossy on the back and sides, which means it is easy to attract fingerprints and stains.
Xiaomi has also added a P2i nano-coating that is said to be resistant to humidity and light splashes.
The button has good feedback and is placed on the right side in an ergonomic manner.
Redmi Y3 has two Nano on the left-
SIM card and microSD card. The 3.
The 5mm headphone socket is placed at the top next to the infrared transmitter.
The latter can be used to control infrared devices such as TV and ACs.
At the bottom, we have a micro
USB interface and speaker.
The plastic on Redmi Y3 is easy to wear, but the color on the display looks striped, we have a \"point gap\" or dew gap on the top, with a prominent baffle all around, the chin is a little thicker. The 6. 26-
Inch display only has HD resolution, so the image and text don\'t look clearest when viewed next to a phone with similar size
But in general, the color and perspective are good.
When we first opened the packaging of this phone, we initially found a slight limit on brightness, but after using it for a few days, we can say that there was no difficulty in using this monitor in the outdoor sun.
This phone is made of Gorilla Glass 5 for scratch-proof.
White LED is hidden at the bottom of Redmi Y3 for notification and indication of charging status.
On the back we have dual camera modules, flash and fingerprint sensors.
The latter works well in certification.
There is also face recognition, which is not as fast as the solution provided by Realme, but still works.
In case of low light, it takes longer to unlock Redmi Y3, but unless you actually close your phone to your face, the process tends to fail in total darkness.
In the box, Redmi Y3 comes with a standard 10w charger, Micro
USB cable, SIM pop-up tool, some manual and colored silicone case.
There are no headphones in the box.
Redmi Y3 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 SoC, the same chip that supplies power to Asus Zenfone Max M2 (Review)
And, of course, Redmi 7 (Review).
It\'s a nice performer for a temporary mission, but it\'s not like playing high-end games.
There are two variants of Redmi Y3-
One has 3gb of RAM and 32gb of storage, the other has 4gb of RAM and 64gb of storage.
We have a 3gb version to test today.
Other specifications include double 4g VoLTE, singleband Wi-
Fi B/g/n for Bluetooth 4.
2. Support three satellite navigation systems, as well as the usual sensor kit.
FM radio and USB-OTG support.
The Redmi Y3 comes with a decent set of accessories. The phone runs MIUI 10.
2, based on Android 9 Pie, but there is still an Android security patch for our review department for February. The singe-
If you have used the recently launched Redmi phone, the layered UI will be very familiar.
There were a lot of expansion software before.
Spam notifications are still a problem even if you can uninstall some stock apps, sadly, it doesn\'t seem like the problem will disappear soon.
There is a way to prevent this to a certain extent.
For example, during the initial setup, you need to make sure that the \"personalized ad recommendation\" switch is unchecked.
You can also manually open each stock app such as music, video, and make sure to disable \"receive suggestions \".
By taking all of these measures, we managed to significantly reduce spam, but we still get some push notifications from Mi Apps store and Mi music player from time to time.
Some pre-installed applications include Mi Pay, which allows you to set up a UPI wallet for utility payments;
And Mi Drop, which allows you to share files between two devices or between devices and computers via FTP.
Then there are the usual gestures and shortcuts we expect from MIUI.
Redmi Y3 handles itself well by using regular activities such as chat apps, streaming music, and getting directions using Google Maps.
MIUI runs fairly smoothly, and even switching between apps is often quick and painless.
When we have a lot of applications running in the background, we do run into a situation where one or two systems are not responding, but this is not a consistent issue.
The phone won\'t be too hot, even when playing the game, the back will be a little warmer.
We don\'t have any problems with the quality of the call.
In the standard Redmi Y3 1,04 posted on the results of AnTuTu, the 587 points and the video card score is 35fps in the gfxtron T-Rex test. Real-
As long as you insist on casual games, the world\'s game performance is also good.
Alto\'s Odyssey runs smoothly, although the graphics are not the clearest due to low resolution.
In games with higher requirements such as PUBG Mobile, the game defaults to a \"low\" preset, and even then the game is not completely smooth.
The video playback is handled well, but the speaker is not very loud.
Redmi Y3 features 3.
The main reason for the 5mm headphone socket and infrared transmitter to consider Redmi Y3 is its 32-
The megapixel front camera, and now it\'s time to see how it\'s doing when it competes with its competitors.
Xiaomi used it intelligently 4-in-
1 saving 8-over-sampling technology
Pixel images by default.
This reduces the file size, so the photos take up less space on the phone and it\'s easier to share.
However, you can use the full 32-
Use the switch in the viewfinder to get the pixel resolution.
During the day, Redmi Y3 captures detailed selfies when shooting at full sensor resolution and when combining four pixels into one pixel.
The main difference between the two modes is that when shooting in 8 pixels, the background object usually has better details, which is not the case when using the full 32 pixels
Pixel resolution.
The file size is also very different.
Oversampled lenses are usually under 6 mb, and full
The resolution is about 21 MB. Saving a 32-
Millions of pixel files also require longer hair.
Compared to phones with similar prices such as Redmi Note 7 and Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2, redmi Y3 certainly has the clearest selfies, but we don\'t believe they are the best in terms of overall quality.
For our comparison, beauty mode is disabled on all phones.
We prefer the overall look of the Redmi Note 7 selfie.
Skin tone looks more natural, highlights and exposures are not blown away as they are on ZenFone Max Pro m2.
Redmi Y3 still has the best details in the object in the background, but the selfie itself looks too sharp.
Adding beautification does solve this problem.
From top to bottom-
Daylight sample, low-
Night light samples with flash samples (Click to view full-sized images)
In the case of insufficient light, over-sampling certainly helps to reduce the noise when the shot is full 32-
Pixel resolution.
Compared to selfies taken by competitors, selfies taken using Redmi Y3 are clearer, more detailed and generally more attractive.
In the dark, Redmi Y3 has the most powerful flash in three phones, providing you with the best selfies.
There are also portrait patterns, but the effect is not very convincing.
You can take selfie videos with a resolution of up to 1080 p.
The quality of the day is very good, but in the case of insufficient light, the video becomes a bit rough.
Redmi Y3 should have electronic stability (EIS)
For the selfie camera, but it doesn\'t seem to work when we test it, although it is enabled in the settings of the camera app. Other selfie-
The center function includes the palm shutter, which will be countdown to release the shutter when it detects your palm;
With Group Selfie, it takes multiple photos and combines them together to try to create a framework that everyone looks good.
The latter feature doesn\'t seem to work very well all the time.
At the back of Redmi Y3 you will get a 12-
Million pixel primary sensor with f/2.
2 holes and 2-
Like on Redmi 7, the pixel depth camera.
AI scene detection can be turned on or off if needed.
Interestingly, the selfie camera can\'t get artificial intelligence scene recognition as it did on Redmi Note 7.
Autofocus speed is average at best, and we found continuous autofocus a bit uncertain when shooting a video because we had to click on the screen a few times to make sure it was focusing correctly. Click to view full-
The size image sample of the Redmi Y3 camera is well lit and the scenery is very detailed.
The color may look a bit soft when HDR starts up, but other than that, the saturation is good.
Macros are also good, but in some cases the color of the phone is completely wrong.
For example, the color of the above wooden hibiscus should be red, not pink.
In addition, artificial intelligence tends to smooth the texture and improve the color of objects such as flowers.
In the case of insufficient light, it is difficult for the main sensor to capture good detail and clarity.
While macros perform better, distant objects in focus look a bit soft.
The depth sensor helps the phone do a great job of edge detection when shooting characters.
Video recording up to 1080 p at 60fps.
The image is of good quality during the day, but gets rough when the light is low.
The effect of the EIS is not very obvious, so even though it is working, we are not sure if it is really doing anything.
The camera app is similar to what we saw on previous Xiaomi phones.
It is easy to use and has shooting modes such as short video, panoramic view and pro.
However, we see no night mode in Redmi Note 7.
Millet launched two
Battery life for Redmi y3.
The 4000mAh battery performed well in our battery loop test for 13 hours and 41 minutes, which is fine, but given the specifications of this phone we expect it to be longer.
However, in actual use, it is easy for us to manage a day and a half (
Sometimes, a little more)on one charge.
Our use usually includes some games, chat and social apps, as well as making phone calls and surfing the Internet.
There is no fast charging support, but the 10w adapter can charge the Redmi Y3 from zero to about 52% in an hour.
To answer our original question.
Is Redmi Y3 worth buying a more powerful smartphone at the basic price of Rs?
9,999 the answer really depends on how big a selfie shooter you have.
If you find yourself obsessed with taking photos for Instagram all day long, then you may be willing to compromise on specs just for a better front camera.
Although not perfect, we do find that Redmi Y3 is better than Redmi Note 7 (Review)
Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 (Review)
When it comes to selfies, especially at lowlight.
The price of the 4gb version is Rs.
11,999, it is more competitive on submarinesRs. 15,000 segment.
Many of the other options you can buy at this price offer more powerful specs, but you may still prefer the selfie camera for Redmi y3.
On the other hand, if you just take a selfie occasionally, you\'ll find Redmi Note 7 (Review)
Or Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 (Review)
Better value than Redmi y3.
Both phones have better monitors, more powerful processors, and slightly better rear cameras.
Does the price of Redmi 7 and Redmi Y3 in India indicate that Xiaomi missed a trick we discussed on track, which is our weekly technical podcast, you can download episodes via an Apple podcast or RSS subscription, or click the Play button below.
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