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Why the LED ceiling price gap big?

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-09
Lamps and lanterns is consumer goods, especially these two years, more become one of the hottest industry of lamps and lanterns, LED ceiling lamps factory is fierce competition, price competition become one of the means of grab market businesses. As the appearance, structure, function of LED ceiling lamp, 2, 3 times the price differences, most consumers do not know how to start, do not understand the differences in price, unless it is a professional industry, generally only allow businessmen fool. Science to you about below price difference come from: 1. LED ceiling lights, LED ceiling lamp use light of different different markets have different beads, lamp bead respectively are: the brand of LED chip, chip size, color rendering index, the factors such as light Angle different, also causes the price difference. First of all, the LED chip, chip is LED light, different chips, the price is different. Chip prices more expensive the United States, Japan, Taiwan and domestic local LED chip prices slightly lower. Use more machine factory brand as: wafer, light, etc. , and the south LED chip home to three name Ann. Then, the chip size will be subject to side length, the bigger the chip, refers to the higher, the better the quality, the price is more expensive. Finally, the different USES of the LED light Angle is different. Special light Angle, such as the diffuse Angle, the price is higher. Foshan constant road lighting electric appliance co. , LTD. , LED ceiling lamp is mostly use wafer 2835 show that more than 80 lamp bead, guarantee to provide the best quality, best prices to our customers. 2. LED ceiling lamp power supply about LED ceiling lamp power supply, different country, different to the requirement of power despite the global general CECB certification, but each country has particular domestic certification standards. Such as: China 3 c certification; The United States: UL certification; Australia: C - Tick the certification, etc. Even at home, the power driver is also have different level, certified driver is driven 2 - no authentication Three times, and the internal power supply PCB board, the arrangement of capacitance electrolytic coil etc, is also one of the key factors of the power price. 3. LED ceiling material LED ceiling lamp, may after plating paint can't see the material from the appearance, but still can distinguish the touch knock. Aluminum iron material, the quality is differ, the unit price is different. Aluminium is light, good heat dissipation, the unit price is high, can be used to do a ultra-thin ceiling lamp, LED panel light. But iron in low price, customer accept widely. LED ceiling price difference, small make up more than has been clear for everybody. But most consumers learning may not know why, at that time some black chamber of commerce in brand products are shoddy, so everyone in the choose and buy the LED ceiling lamp, must polish eyes, choose lamps and lanterns of trusted brand.
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