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What led flat light installation ( Next)

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-11
The use of led flat light is very extensive, commercial and household. At the same time, the led flat light type and size is also very much, such as are shining and side shine, round, square and rectangular, from 105 - mm 1200 mm, so as long as you have needs, there is always a can meet your needs. If you have more interest, welcome to contact constant road lighting customer service! Last, we know that 2 more detailed led flat light installation method, if everyone on the keel installation method is know? If there is no understanding of friends to: moreover, we continue to answer led flat light installation of spring, to the top of suction and lifting type. Led flat light, how to install a third spring mounted, 1. Will spring into the mounting bracket, ripped double-sided adhesive 2. 3 on the mounting bracket will firmly stick to the panel. Disconnect the power properly plugged into a power supply. 4. Will spring up to flip through the mounting holes, holding the lamp panel to smallpox in 5. Installed 6. Open the power supply, normal work led flat light of how to install, installation type suction a top 1. The mounting bracket is fixed on the ceiling. 2. Disconnect the power, properly plugged into a power supply for 3. Hand lamp plate pushing up to the mounting bracket, and then make the two screws on the bracket slot direction into four. Adjust the lamp plate with a screwdriver lamp plate lock 5 on the mounting bracket. Installed 6. Open the power supply, the normal work led flat light five, how to install the messenger wire mounted led flat light messenger wire installation belong to Ming, installation is with the suction a top, in fact, both commercial and household, embedded installation method is widely used, because the appearance of the overall effect is better. If you do not know to keel dark outfit way, you can click on the led flat light how to install last view!
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