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what’s an led tv?

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-17
When a product becomes commoditized, prices often fall, and profit margins continue to rise,
How does a company increase sales and prices?
One way is to change the name of the product.
This is what Samsung has done with the new LCD TV series that lights up the screen with led.
Samsung said on its print ads and website that the new series is just led TV.
They are not led TV.
It makes sense to call them cold cathode fluorescent TVs or CCFL TVs because they use lighting techniques.
Regardless of its effectiveness, samsung\'s decision to abandon LCD is a smart marketing move.
After all, led is the acronym for acronym du jour, a technology that is popular as a new, perhaps revolutionary lighting source.
It is an emotional term, just like the \"digital age\" and the \"digital age.
But it also confuses consumers.
An industry colleague told me that during a recent big trip
He overheard several friends asking what type of TV they were watching.
It is said to be an LCD or plasma, it is an LED device.
More accurately, this is an expensive LCD monitor. LED-
The price of a backlight LCD TV is twice that of a standard LCD TV or a plasma TV.
Is the extra money worth it even if you can afford it?
Here are some answers to questions about LCD TVs using LED backlight.
What\'s the problem with the existing LCD TV?
So far, LCD displays use fluorescent tubes to light up the screen.
Therefore, the liquid crystal display encountered difficulties in the manufacture of dark black.
This is because the fluorescent tubes are always on, and even if part of the image should be black, some light will leak to the front of the display.
The lack of dark black reduces the perception clarity of the scene image.
In addition, fluorescent lamps lack multiple colors;
Therefore, the color saturation is limited.
What is led TV?
This is an LCD TV that lights up the display screen using an led.
There are two ways to do this: either place the led on the entire back of the display or place the led on the perimeter, which is called \"Edge Display \".
These two technologies use less power than plasma TVs and LCD TVs with fluorescent tubes.
Which technology is better?
They all have their own advantages and disadvantages.
LCD TV with edge
The LEDs can be ultra-
It is thin because the LED source is on the side. Edge-lit LED-
LCD TVs using LED backlight technology are also cheaper than LCD TVs.
On the other hand, with a technology called \"local dimming\", LCD TVs using led on the back of the display can produce a deeper black color.
When the scene needs a dark image, the led in the area can be turned off completely, so there will be no light leaking from where it should look black.
So if I want an LED
Light LCD, I should buy one with backlit technology?
Things are not that simple. An LED back-
It is possible that only about 1,000 led will be included in the DirecTV.
These LEDs can only dim in large groups because it is too expensive to control each LED separately.
So when you turn off or darken a set of LEDs, you may also darken part of the adjacent scene on your TV, which should be bright.
If you reduce dimming, then in the other part of an image that is not surrounded by a lighter image, Black will be less than black.
In theory, you can increase the number of LEDs so that each led lights up only one pixel on a 2 million-pixel LCD screen.
But you can throw away the LCD screen because you will actually create an led TV like The Walgreens LED logo in Times Square. O. K.
But sometimes LCD TVs with led have a big contrast.
It depends on what you are looking.
As Samsung engineers told me last week, the most dramatic effect of the LED is
When the whole scene turns black, the lit TV will happen, not necessarily when you are watching a scene where lights and dark images are mixed. Do LED-
LCD TV can produce better pictures than plasma TV?
Interestingly, I have heard that no one in the industry has claimed that they will.
They say it\'s better to use LED
Bright LCD TVs, plasma TVs no longer have an advantage in creating dark black and saturated colors.
But the plasma still has a big advantage in terms of price.
How much more does LED need
What is the actual cost of LCD TV?
Now, a lot.
But this should change as more companies enter the market.
Price tag for Samsung Xperia s 46-inch high-end LED-
The Lumia LCD TV with the model un46 b8000 is priced at $3,200.
But it\'s 50-
Inch high plasma-
The PN50B860 is a terminal model that is $800 cheaper.
Later this year, LG will be at 42-, 47-, and 55-
Inch screen size;
Backlight LED technology will be used for all devices.
The price has not been announced.
Not surprisingly, Vizio has just broken the LED price barrier.
On Monday, the company announced that it will ship VF551XVT starting on September
Inch LCD model using LED backlight.
Price: $2,200, $46-$1,000 less than samsung Xperia sinch LED-lit television.
It looks like samsung\'s strategy is to make it LED-
The service life of advanced products may be very short.
Comments are no longer accepted.
Beyond my price range, at least 2-3 more years.
I \'ve read some siilar stories like this in other publications and I\'m confused as to why journalists have so much fun pointing this out.
Samsung is not a fake advertisement.
The main difference between these new LCD displays is that they use LED lighting, so they call the TV an led TV instead of an led LCD TV.
What\'s the big deal?
What if they called these \"new 1080 p TV?
Is this invalid because they don\'t call them LCDs? What’s next?
Are you going to start testing Sony\'s DNA to make sure HD is really in there? haha….
Some journalists and all professional market analysts explain that the reason why LED backlighting cannot make LED TVs is that there is real LED technology in TV applications. Organic light-
LED display (OLED)
It\'s a new technology, but Sony released a commercial TV using OLED a year ago.
Mass production of 30-inch oled TV may take years, but I think the industry should use the correct definition to minimize consumer confusion. The new Mits.
LazerVue has come out and will definitely challenge Samsung\'s led TV sales here, although in this economy I think only Hollywood stars can afford such a Dream Theater.
The salesperson who sold Samsung led TV said it was backlit with LED, but with a contrast of 2,000,000: 1, all of which talked about led TV with only 1000 LED, I doubt very much that Samsung\'s led TV has such a crazy contrast with amazing colors and black (
Sorry to run-on sentence :)And the new S.
Although led TV is listed at such a high price, after shipping, it is cheaper to buy it online, which is lower than the $2,600 store price of big names such as Best Buy.
I recommend finding the best price for a 40-30,000 p LCD TV with 1080: 1 or higher contrast
60 inch, save $1,300-1,600 bucks.
You won\'t regret it because they\'re smart and find themselves wishing, \"man. .
The picture on the led TV is crazy.
Boy, I wish I could save another year to buy it.
\"This will not happen.
Thank you for your information.
I encourage all the rich gadget hounds to buy LEDs like hot cakes, so the price goes down when my old CRT needs to be replaced in a few years. Caveat Emptor! !
Now Samsung can add false/misleading ads to the consumer fraud list!
The panel seems to have an inherent flaw when you only have 40 inch flat Samsung TV.
Due to the heating and cooling of the panel, sometimes line cracks or enhancements occur, resulting in vertical color lines on the screen.
Samsung does not support their products!
Instead, they often claim that their defects are the fault of the consumer;
They claim \"impact damage\" and refuse to repair or replace the defective panel.
Stay away from Samsung products! ! ! !
I have a LCD of 55 inch.
Let me say this is the best TV I \'ve seen so far.
I\'m not just saying this to justify my purchase.
I bought a Samsung Blu-ray.
Ray home theater system with free Blu-rayray DVD.
I chose The Dark Knight for the first time the other day and watched it.
I can honestly say that this picture is better than anything else on the market.
Several of my friends kept talking about the picture.
It\'s an expensive technology, but by no means an industry that misleads consumers, the best TV ever.
It\'s painful for anyone to say something different because they can\'t afford it yet.
I think they should start paying cash for the old car crt TV. Say $1000. 00.
I would buy up.
Message to Bob Carter: this is confusing and companies like Samsung should be very clear about what their product is.
Let\'s face it. Most people don\'t read between the lines. This is a weakness that big companies are trying to take advantage.
Even for tech savvy people like me, I was LED to believe that LED TVs are made up of LED instead of LCD.
Also, sony\'s DNA should be verified!
Any product should be declared. period.
I agree with 7 . . . . . . I saw these reporters suffering from the new product (
Do they? )
Because they can\'t afford it or are out of date for buying a new TV.
I visited best buy for a few minutes two days ago.
The 55 \"led TV surprised me right away.
I watched it for 1 minute (
I\'m usually not interested in TV monitors).
Yesterday, I went into Best Buy and paid $3900 in taxes.
Oh God, this is the best purchase I have ever had this year!
Thin and clear!
I think this information is useful.
Well, some people seem to think the author is a bit difficult.
I don\'t know much about these techniques, but when I first saw the led TV (Samsong)
I really think it\'s a new technology like LCD Plasma and LED.
By reading this, I learned that this is an integrated LCD technology.
I appreciate the article above Eric.
In fact, I am on this page as well as why Comment 9.
I think I\'m pretty smart in this department, however, I\'m asking myself if they really managed to make the LED small enough that the RGand Blue LED can be encapsulated into a pixel space, to produce such a hi-
The Def TV set or a single LED can be controlled to glow RG or B.
Calling these LED TVs a LED backlight/energy efficient green TV or something is a false advertisement on the edge.
Now the next thing I need to figure out is if the 120hz refresh in the ad is compatible with stereo 3D. Regards. (p.
This is one of the times I was impressed by the reporter\'s comments and concerns about new technologies)
Clyde, I just wanted to tell you that when I study TV to buy LED
The LCD TV I bought is not entirely LED.
It even belongs to the category of LED
LCD different from led TV.
The names and specifications of the TVs I bought are as follows, so I don\'t think these companies have false advertising.
Samsung-grade 55/1080 p/120Hz/LCD-
LED HDTVOh and I got the TV from Best Buy so you can simply look at their website and see the same TV I posted
As the reporter said, LCD TV is not just led TV.
The appropriate term for this type of TV is LED-BLU LCD-TV. (
Lighting equipment with blue light backlight)
However, it may be too many letters.
Seriously, this is a LCD TV, but there are LED.
Compared to our current standard CCFL, BLU is an advanced design featureBLU.
I suspect that with the improvement and diversity of this technology, the Blu-ray technology used will be a listed feature for a set of ads.
So be sure to read these product descriptions carefully.
Clyde, do you really believe that Samsung is a fake advertisement?
As jared said, you go to any website to see the specs and the first thing you see is the led LCD.
I love that most of you read a lot of negative and positive reviews, and I now realize that most of the negative reviews about shadows are nonsense.
I bought this TV two days ago and it was the most impressive one I have ever seen and owned.
Those who make derogatory comments have to work for the competing TV companies and they are just trying to stop buyers from buying these fine TVs.
Personally, I have watched all aspects of this TV and even dropped it to the standard 480i. It is still a preview of everything on the market.
I feel that the person who makes a comment here should be the owner of the product they provide a comment on, rather than hipocrits based on a comment without first-hand experience.
Samsung 55 \"1080 P 120Hz led LCD 6000 series-pay $2299 for free at fry electronics and $400 bluray player, the best price I \'ve seen so far!
This discussion actually boils down to asking if these led TV commercials are misleading.
To some extent, there are both.
On the one hand, some advertisements (LG for example)
Does the audience intend to conclude that it actually uses an LED display . . . . . . .
But on the other hand, when you research and buy a product, they make sure the difference is obvious.
I think the author of this article highlights the fact that this is a marketing campaign for new technologies.
I hope most of you know that this strategy is no different in every way . . . . . . Whether it\'s something that\'s \"removed\" from scratch or Absolutely Free (with purchase)
They always manipulate details for their best advantage.
Interestingly, if someone goes to Best Buy website and they say the new Samsung led TV is led LCD hd TV, I can\'t see any false advertisements in it . . . . . . . .
Don\'t get me wrong, I think the concept of marketing is wrong, but hey, we live in an era of crazy restructuring.
Last week, I was surprised when I first saw the \"led TV\" logo at Fry\'s house.
Considering being tech savvy and waiting for led TV for years, I was wondering how I could have missed such a breakthrough.
The sales rep said they were LED TVs, but I don\'t believe them at all.
Today, I went to the Samsung website to investigate. There is no indication that these are LCD TVs with LED backlight. Here’s a cut-n-
Paste directly from their website . . . . . . \"UN32B6000 32\" 1080p led hdtv \"totally misled me and I didn\'t find anything after searching for something on their website
I searched and found this comment (well done Mr. Taub)
This makes the problem clearer.
Best Buy properly included \"LCD\" in their description, which is commendable, but Samsung marketing should be hit. I agree.
They should do a clunky program and I can also use my discount card if Walmart has a big screen program.
There may be a problem with marketing, but it is wrong for the consumer not to ask for clarification until it is handed over to coinins.
Quality is undeniable in side-by-side comparisons.
Of course, the current price is a bit difficult to overcome, but does anyone remember that the plasma TV experienced a sticker shock when it first came out?
Thousands of dollars could run out in a few years.
Don\'t blame Samsung for first entering the market and causing hype.
This will only lead to fierce competition in market share and drive down these prices . . . . . . Until the next latest --
The best came out!
I found this thread curious about the new technology of led TV and thought it was a real led TV.
So it proves that they mislead consumers into believing this.
Thank you for your information!
They should call it what it is. a LCD LED TV. .
Or the production cost of 3 letters. .
At least if I buy one, I can say that my LCD TV is a better version of your LCD TV. .
Lollipops debating with nerds
I studied led TV and made your own ddGlad.
First of all, Samsung\'s chaotic price
Settlement; now this.
I will avoid them.
When I saw their commercial ads, I was also confused about the lack of distinction between the LED backlight and the LED display.
I agree they are not trying to distinguish between the two . . . . . . It seems that a lot of people who commented were very happy with their LED
Nice LCD set.
I was wondering if the display could make the extra money worth the money better or they just like to show off how thin it is. (
Anyway, I don\'t care . . . . . . Still using clunker CRT)
@ Clyde: There are already Single LEDs that will glow red/green/blue (
Or any combination).
Each color has its own individual input, and you can change the intensity by changing the current of each color.
There are also products that use OLED screens. .
They tend to be in small consumer electronics, but are recently expanding into areas such as laptop screens and small televisions.
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