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watergate\'s lasting allure

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-07
On June 17, 1972, a security guard at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee of Washington arrested five men.
They were caught by electronic surveillance devices and cameras.
These people broke into the headquarters, opened the filing cabinet and removed the ceiling.
Probably to hide the spy device.
These people work on the committee to re-
They are all connected to the CIA.
Everyone is accused of second-level theft.
The arrests triggered an investigation that led to President Nixon\'s resignation.
Until today, there are still many unsolved mysteries surrounding the huge political scandal in the United States.
The main one is the ongoing \"Deep Throat\" identity problem, his parking
The garage advice points out the truth for a young reporter.
On the eve of the publication of \"uncovering the Deep Throat\", a book written by former Nixon assistant John Dean, Dean said, the book simplifies the names of people from Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein\'s famous anonymous sources to \"trivial\", with writers insisting on their 30-
Silence on Sunday
Meanwhile, Woodward, Bernstein, Dean and other Watergate figures recalled the scandal on Sunday\'s television talk show.
Woodward was asked about a program for students at the University of Illinois, which, in addition to seven White House aides, was excluded from the possibility of Deep Throat, and the students unanimously speculated, deep Throat is commentator and former Nixon assistant Pat Buchanan, Woodward said: \"We will keep a deep silence on you on this issue.
\"Hot news hot wave 2019 Iran impounded British tanker released prisoner meat sauce next step act\" states, \"We have talked about this, we have eliminated some people, but many are dead, the list has been reduced.
This is indeed a principle for us.
This is our 30-year commitment because the reporting process involves having those confidential sources say, \'This is what really happens.
Woodward said that the identity of their sources will only be disclosed after the source dies or the reporter\'s confidential commitment is lifted. Dean\'s 158-
There are five names on the pages, including Buchanan and Nixon\'s press secretary, Ron Ziegler.
The list also includes Steve Bull, assistant to Nixon\'s appointment of Secretary Dwight Charbin;
Raymond Price, Nixon\'s special assistant.
And Jerry Warren, Ziegler\'s assistant.
Dean told CBS News that when he broke the ranking, \"I realized that my days were running out because I couldn\'t be the head of the cover anymore --
Give him such advice.
Dean, who was labeled and fired by Nixon as a traitor, testified before the Senate water gate incident Committee.
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