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Wall Lamp Basic Knowledge LED to Wash

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-05-16
With high power LED the development of technology, high power LED used more and more widely fan, high power LED wall lamp is one of wash application, we take the wall lamp LED wash details: Wash wall lamp originated in English wash wall, translated into Chinese became wash wall lamp. Wall lamp and that LED to wash linear LED project-light lamp and so on, because its shape is elongated, also some people to call that LED line lamp, is primarily used for building decoration lighting with, and used to outline the outline of large buildings, the technical parameters and LED project-light lamp broadly similar, relative to LED project-light lamp round structure, LED to wash the structure of wall lamp bar radiator appear more good deal with a little. A: LED wall lamp was the basic parameters Wall lamp and fence LED wash tube has a lot of similarities, let us come to its parameters are introduced: 1) voltage: Wash the walls of the voltage LED lights for 220 V and 110 V, 36 V, 24 V, 12 V, several, so we are choosing power supply Time will pay attention to the corresponding voltage. 2) working temperature: Because wall lamp is often used in washing outdoor is more, so this parameter is more important, to the requirements of the temperature is high, the general situation we request of the outdoor temperature in 40 + 60 -can work. But wall lamp is used to wash heat better aluminum shell, so the requirement of general wall lamp can wash meet the requirements. 3) LED lamp bead number: General wash the number of wall lamp LED 9/300 mm, 18/600 mm, 27/900 mm, 36/1000 mm, 36/1200 mm. 4) protection level: This is to wash the important parameters of the wall lamp, also affect current guardrail tube quality important indexes, we must carry on the strict request, we in the outdoor use, requirements in waterproof level above IP65 are optimal. Also require a related voltage, resistance to disintegrate, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to burn, impact resistance aging level 5) control mode Wall lamp is LED to wash now have two kinds of control ways: internal control and external control two kinds. Internal control is not an external controller, design personnel to control system design in the wall lamp 'inside, the extent of the effect is can't change. External control is external controller. Its effect is the main control buttons can adjust and change the effect. Usually in large engineering above, the customer requirements can change his effect, we use external control this scheme. There are also many washes directly support the wall DMX512 control system. 6) color specification: Two sections, section 6, 4 section 8 period, full-color color, colorful color, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white color 7) light Angle: the light Angle generally have narrow (20 degrees or so), (50 degrees or so), wide (around 120 degrees) three, at present, high power LED wash wall lamp (narrow Angle) the farthest distance projection for the effective 20 to 50 meters;
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