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vxv will have big impact on auckland\'s cbd

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-13
The total value of the three large commercial development projects currently under way at Goodman and Fletcher towers in the winyade district of Auckland will be $0. 25 billion, and the area also has space for two buildings.
Peter Dufour Goodman, general manager of development, said the new business district is called VXV, and three new campus-style office facilities will add 41,235 of the upscale office area to the CBD.
\"VXV is a new brand in the business district and it is the gateway to the winade district and the viaduct harbor in Auckland,\" Dufaur said . \".
\"Facing Fanshawe Street, this is a name from a high-profile location between the city\'s two favorite leisure and hospitality destinations --
Victoria Park and viaduct.
\"Once the current development is completed, the VXV zone is expected to accommodate approximately 7000 staff members --
10 per cent of the entire CBD labor force.
It will become the center of business activities and its own destination.
Of the three buildings under construction, the pending completion of the Fonterra new building is the only one that is fully invested in all new spaces.
There is still room available for the newly named Bayleys House (
Used to be VXV3)
The Datacom building, which is scheduled to be completed in March 2016 and April 2017, respectively.
\"The space still to be leased in these two buildings ranges from small ground floor retail options to up to 2200 of office floors,\" said Goodman\'s project director Mike Prentice . \".
\"Victoria Park, waterfront attractions and all the attractions near the viaduct have a strong demand for a convenient location.
\"We expect the available space to be rented out soon,\" Prentice said . \".
He said the house at Bayleys was a 6-level A-
New grade A office development under construction
NABERS New Zealand standard and Green Star design rating were introduced.
Prentice said: \"The occupiers of the available level 3 and 4 office space will have a prominent location on the gate to the winade district, which is good for Halsey Street
The building has a basement parking lot, a large open office area, and a full floor of 1540. It is available for a maximum of 3080 of continuous office space.
It combines sustainable design features such as high-performance glass and thermal insulation to reduce heat transfer and energy use;
Intelligent lighting design to reduce the overall occupancy cost; and low-
To improve the efficiency of water use, flow water system and faucet.
The engineering specifications will meet the seismic standards for all requirements. .
Prentice said: \"Bayleys and company law firm Mayne Wetherellwill will be relocated to Bayleys House from April, and from then on, still vacant floors will be available for occupation.
Another building of the VXV precinct trio under construction still has space available, that is, the Datacom building, which is also designed as a five-star green building with a sustainability similar to the Bayleys House
\"We still need to lease 1407 of the retail area on the first floor of Datacom, which could be split up by several tenants,\" Prentice said . \".
\"This applies to cafes, bars, banks or similar retail stores that serve businesses and staff in the viaduct area.
\"Another major project that Goodman is working on in the area is a full renovation and upgrade of the 14,332 Vodafone building and the adjacent public Square area.
Located opposite Fonterra\'s new headquarters, at the corner of Fanshawe St and Halsey St, after Vodafone\'s decision not to renew its contract when it expires on 2017, the lower-level office is preparing to rent.
Tim Simmons, Goodman\'s portfolio manager, is responsible for leasing the building, which is sold in the form of a vxv20.
\"This is a high-profile landmark building,\" said Fitzsimmons . \".
\"Its proven design and operational performance set a benchmark for the office space developed in 2005 and we are revitalizing the property for the next commercial user.
\"The vacating of the building is one of the few opportunities for large businesses looking for significant commercial locations, which may be the only high-quality, substantial space in 2017.
\"The 6-storey VXV20 building, which will be fully upgraded, has a large open floor of up to 2400 square meters.
Fitzsimmons said that the work plan includes: new LED lighting with daylight harvesting capabilities;
Efficient and energy-efficient building services;
Optimize the integrated management system of building intelligent service;
The new decoration design and finishes are tailored to the requirements of some of New Zealand\'s most well-known businesses, said fitzsimmons: \"The building is perfect for large business occupants who wish to exist and scale in prime locations. \".
VXV20 will be able to support the occupational density of 1 person per 8 m² rentable areas, ensuring it can comfortably accommodate 1800 employees, he said.
\"It also offers one of the best parking rates in central Auckland with 240 underground parking lots to support the mobile workforce --
Close to regular rail, bus and ferry services, and easy access to the Dazhou first-class highway and the SH 16 highway.
Fitzsimmons says the VXV20 will actually be a new building after the upgrade is completed.
\"Occupi will receive all the benefits of newly renovated office space and building services without generating higher rental costs due to new development projects.
More than 30,000 cars are driving along Fanshawe Street every day, and the building offers an exceptional image. .
The buildings in the VXV area all have flexible spaces to facilitate personal and collaborative work and seamlessly connect offices and customers, Prentice said.
\"They also represent a new mode of work that encourages a more mobile, collaborative, and adaptive way of working.
\"Another important consideration for business occupiers is that their actual operations are aligned with the principles of corporate and social responsibility.
\"Quality, cost effectiveness, workspace functionality, comfort, sustainability, staff and community are all considerations for responsible businesses to assess their space needs.
The VXV area integrates all of these competing needs to provide a complete property solution.
Controlling the area allows Goodman and Fletcher buildings to plan the area in general and to implement a conceptual design that maximizes the character of the location, Prentice said, orientation of existing buildings and provision of public areas.
\"Space activation is a key theme in overall planning, with new lanes and square areas planned.
Extending 450 m from the corner of the viaduct port, through the commercial center of VXV, through the linear park planned for daldi Street, leading to the Plaza area of Air New Zealand building, access will connect people, businesses and locations.
\"VXV will include pop-up food, hospitality and entertainment products, as well as an open green space, offering a choice for impromptu meetings, events or just relaxation.
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