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tricolor r/g/b laser diode based eye-safe white lighting communication beyond 8u2009gbit/s

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-30
White light is generated by mixing red, green and blue laser diodes (RGB LDs)
Presented with the International Commission of the European Commission (0. 2928, 0. 2981)
The relevant color temperature is 8382 k and the color change index is 54.
4 provides a maximum illumination of 7540 lux.
All white light generated using RGB ld is set in the risk group-
1 avoid the standard of Blue
The light hazard to human eyes.
Also, RGB-
Diffuse LD mixed white light using frosted glass to avoid optical color difference and improve the performance of the light source.
In addition, visible light communication (VLC)by using RGB-LD mixed white-
Light carriers and dots-to-
In the 16-of direct modulation, the point scheme above 1 YMM is executed.
Data format for OFDM. In back-to-
Reverse transfer with a maximum allowable data rate of 10. 8, 10.
4 and 8 gbps were determined for R, G and B ld, respectively.
Also, RGB-
LD mixed white light-
Indoor wavelength based
Division Multiplexing (WDM)-
The total allowable data rate of the VLC system is 8. 8u2009Gbps over 0.
5 m in free space. Such a high-speed RGB-LD mixed WDM-
Without any channel interference, the VLC system can provide both data transmission and white lighting in an indoor environment.
Coverage of indoor lighting and visible light communication (VLC)
The system can provide compact lighting fidelity and convenient data transfer function at the same time, and is one of the promising ways to develop smart home.
Compared to phosphorus
Coated blue LEDs, using red, green and blue (RGB)light-
Generate a white
The light source is an attractive lighting system with high color rendering index (CRI). Such a high-
Directional White
A light source generated using an RGB led can be used as a desk lamp or a daylight lamp.
In 2002, Muthu proposes to produce a white LED light source by mixing rgb led with different brightness.
In 2008, Gilewski reported the use of a light feedback circuit to further control the light CRI and brightness of rgb led mixed Whitelight source.
In 2010, Wang reported using a new control system to flexibly change RGB-
White LED rendering.
In 2015, Hung initially built an rgb led-
By rotating the controllable mechanism, white light with multi-color rendering output is based.
In order to meet the needs of data transmission, white-
Lighting Module for building wavelength-
Division Multiplexing (WDM)VLC link.
In 2012, Cossu first showed both 1. 5-Gbps single-channel and 3. 4-
Gbps through 10-cm free-
Space Channel using RGB-LED white-Lighting Module.
In 2013, Wang proposed an RGB-LED white-
Based on lighting source
The total transmission data rate of 66 systems with orthogonal amplitude modulation on 66cm is 575mbps (QAM)-
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)
High spectral efficiency.
In 2014, Brandl reported using 680-nm vertical-cavity surface-
Emitting Lasers and PIN diodes (PD)
Transmission of pseudo-random binary sequences at a speed of 3gbps in free space.
By hiring a high
Sensitive Complementary Metaloxide-semiconductor (CMOS)avalanche PD (
Originally employed by a single person
Photon detection)
Kosman successfully demonstrated the rgb led-
Based on the VLC system, in the ambient light of 1000 lux, the speed of 60 mbps in free space exceeds 2 m.
Recently, Wu adapted to the aircraft carrier
The smaller amplitude and phase and the OFDM data stream are directly encoded for the realization of WDM-
In the case of a maximum data rate of 3, a VLC system exceeding 25 cm. 2 and 2.
9 gbps respectively.
Li shows the maximum transmission distance of more than 70 cm by using RGB-LED whit-Lighting Module-
OFDM-based VLC system under mbps.
In 2015, Chen proposed a layered scheme to detect rotatable RGB-
Develop LED arrays for mobile device flashphone cameras.
In a similar study, based on RGB-LED white-
A lighting flash with a data rate of 15 kbps bps was constructed.
However, due to the narrow modulation bandwidth,
LED-coherent and non-directional spontaneous radiation
Very few VLC-based systems
High-capacity speed transmission at long distances.
Therefore, the laser diode (LDs)
Different colors with high modulation bandwidth and high output power are considered to be one of the best solutions to build high modulation bandwidth and high output powerspeed and long-
Range of VLC.
At 2007, Hu showed 10-
The link and transmission distance of VLC can be up to 300 CUCM using 650-nm LD.
Build a 500-Mbps WDM-
On 2012, a VLC system of more than 10 CUCM using red and green laser pointers was reported.
In addition, Chi reported 450 in 2015-
Nano gan-
9-VLC based on LDGbps QAM-
In free space, more than 5 m of OFDM is transmitted.
Combine VLC with indoor White
In terms of lighting, by using a diffuser, the tri-color RGB ld is used to generate white light after divergence, which can be used both for indoor lighting and for communication secrecy.
In 2011, Neumann reported a mixture of red, green, blue, and yellow light components generated from ld for a highly bright white light.
In 2013, Soltic proposed the optimization of rgb ld-based white-
Lighting system using delta
Function spectrum.
In 2015, Haas proposed that by using 36 parallel data streams in rgb ld-based WDM-VLC system.
According to these studies, multi-functional rgb ld-based WDM-
Links like RGB LD
Based on the VLC module, providing bright enough white light for indoor lighting has great potential, while demonstrating the ability to transmit data in a very short period of time.
In this study, a set of three-color RGB ld was established to construct indoor Whitelighting WDM-
VLC systems that allow the transmission of raw data rates of 8.
The total transmission distance is 8 gbps and the maximum transmission distance is 0.
5 m forward
Error correction (FEC)
White light is produced by combining rgb ld output with three two-color mirrors and spreading them out using frosted glass.
Illumination of the international lighting Commission (CIE)
Coordinates and associated color temperature (CCT)
3-color rgb ld-
The white light produced is measured.
To avoid human risk
RGB-eye damage caused by residual blue light components inside
LD output, further detecting the power of the remaining blue light using the spectral filter watt-hour meter to assess whether it has passed the risk-
Group hazards to human eyes as defined in the standard IEC 62471 specification.
Before evaluating the performance of the three-color rgb ld-based indoor-lighting WDM-
Analyze points using VLC, each R, G, and B LD, respectively-to-
Point VLC above 1 m to show the final transmission performance of a single LD.
The bias current of RGB ld is optimized to improve the transmission performance of direct modulation 16-QAM OFDM data.
Average error vector module (EVM), signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and bit-error-rate (BER)
Received 16-
The maximum allowable bandwidth of OFDM data carried by RGB ld is determined.
In addition, the maximum transmission rate is RGB encoded directly
The LD group was characterized.
In addition, the maximum allowable transmission capacity of the blue LD varies with RGB-
The white light generated by LD is also analyzed in a comprehensive way.
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