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transfer of cops to be streamlined: patil | pune news - times of india

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-10-07
Pune: The State Government will launch a network
Streamlining the portal for the transfer of police personnel.
1 service record.
Home Minister Jayant Patil said on Thursday that 86 lakh police officers will be kept on the portal so that the authorities are aware of their current and past positions.
Patil also said, \"there is investment from the Intelligence Department (IB)
Major cities in the state, including Pune, Mumbai and Nahik, are on the list of terrorist groups.
These inputs are generic, not specific.
However, the police have been alerted and are taking all precautions to avoid any adverse events.
\"Patil visited the police commission and reviewed the security arrangements in Pune.
The meeting was attended by police chief Satya Pal Singh and police co-commissioner Rajendra Sonawane.
Patil said the government will-five months.
\"We are preparing the portal with the help of a private company.
The portal will have full service records for all personnel of the force.
\"From the police station to the police officers, everyone has access to this portal so that transparency is maintained while handing over police personnel,\" Patil said . \".
The interior minister said the Pune police chief had submitted many proposals to the government.
The proposals involve more staff, vehicles, communications equipment and even weapons.
The government is doing its best to meet the demands of the director of the Pune Police Department.
\"Initially, the government decided to provide the Pune police with an advanced communication system, called a relay system,\" Patil said . \". About bullet-
The minister said, proving the vehicle, \"First of all, give priority to the Mumbai police, which recently provided bullets --proof vehicles.
The vehicles will also be provided to Pune police within six months.
When asked about the increasing activity of the nasalites in the state, the interior minister said, \"We have appointed a DGP-
Senior officials who control operations against the Nazarites.
We have also set up two police zones in gadry and one in Gondia.
The government is trying to move closer to the Nazar faction to hit them.
Patil added that the government will take strong action against those who have been found to help the Nazarites.
When asked about the land mafia operating in the city, Patil said that the city police had recently taken action against the land mafia.
The police will submit the chart in all cases registered against the mafia.
\"I was told about 20 land cases before this particular case
City police have registered robbery against different people, \"said Patil.
He added, \"if the police want to implement the provisions of the Maharashtra state control organized crime act on a specific land mafia, then they have to cross
Check all the facts.
\"The police department has proposed to buy a helicopter for the troops,\" said Patil.
\"I also recommend that the Mumbai police chief use horses while patrolling the city.
It will help to control the mob and even traffic.
If the Pune police chief wants a similar squad here, the government will give him all the help.
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