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top 10 gadgets of the last 50 years

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-19
At the first CES in 1967, as the psychedelic Whirlpool of the Sgt, the floor was displayed.
From radio and hi-
At the end of June 1967, 15,000 manufacturers, distributors and retailers inspected 100 exhibits during the first Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Hilton America Hotels (now Sheraton)
Hotel in New York City.
This week\'s 2017 edition of CES in Las Vegas marks the 50 th anniversary of the country\'s largest trade show.
More than 165,000 attendees will flood Sin City, tax the City\'s infrastructure and the patience of drivers, and visit more than 3,800 exhibitions in the City\'s multiple halls and hotels.
What happened in Vegas this week is definitely not going to stay in Vegas because the media reported the show and thousands of new devices are coming out soon.
As part of the CES 50 th anniversary event, with my new role --
Historian of Consumer Technology Association
Industry and lobby groups producing ces cta)
, I \'ve helped collect about three dozen historically important display gadgets from 8-
Tracks, compact tapes and record players played by Beatles fans.
Through the first mobile phone, the first VHS video recorder, the first GPS portable video recorder, the first DVR-
A bunch of first gadgets.
If you are going to attend CES, check out the Venetian exhibition at the Ballroom E/F 2 floor.
Of course, in the era of CES, the most prolific new technology in the history of the world, more than 30 historic gadgets have been released.
So I have to make some editorial decisions about the historically significant products that are included in the presentation, using the historically significant products that I can actually purchase to moderate that judgment.
This process makes me think.
Of the countless gadgets launched in the past half century, which one is the most important and influential in history?
There is no objective criterion other than sales that can be used as a measuring stick to make these choices.
However, some important/influential gadgets are not particularly good at their origins, and other gadgets are based on early products.
I also distinguish influential products from influential technologies, so I didn\'t consider the first product in the wave of new technologies, such as the first CD or DVD player from many vendors.
With these factors in mind, this is my own 10 most important/influential products in the last 50 years.
Obviously, after you have carefully read my options, feel free to disagree and discuss them. 10.
Magellan NAV 1000 GPS receiver: original price on May 1989: USD all GPS satellite launch stopped after Challenger disaster on January 28, 1986, stopped all commercial development on system
Except for a company.
Magellan was founded four months after the explosion of a space shuttle driven by entrepreneur and pilot Ed Tucker, who wanted a portable device to help him navigate to a small airport, two other early Tang Lei and Norm Hunter went to work.
The company started shipping in May 1989
The portable GPS receiver, which is more than three years earlier than any competitor, has built a revolutionary way to reach point B from point A without having to fumble around the map or stop to ask for directions. 9.
Original price of TiVo PTV100 DVRAvailable: March 31, 1999: $499 plus $9.
95 service per month
The DVR invented by DVR o founders Michael Ramsey and Jim Barton made it easy for us to archive and locate the time of recording the show, suspending the \"time transfer\" of live TV and watching TV \".
It takes five years when cable companies start integrating DVR technology into their devices
In order to accelerate the demise of the VCR, it is this recorder that triggered a change in the way we watch TV. 8.
Panasonic Plasma TV
Available: October 31, 1997 (Japan)
Original price: $12,499.
99 and Fujitsu Plasmavision 42 ($13,999. 99)
This is the first plasma flat panel monitor, the first large, wide, flat panel TV
Including an integrated tuner-
Consumers can buy. At 3. 5-
Inches thick, by today\'s standards, it\'s a fat, its 852x480 resolution and composite video input was ultra-high tech at the time, and the price was crazy, even by today\'s standards.
But it makes fat TV as outdated as black and white TV. 7.
Apple iPod launch date: November 10, 2001 Original price: $399, while the Diamond Rio PMP300 released three years ago was the first commercially successful MP3 player, and the Apple iPod brought digital music into the mainstream, especially in April 28, 2003, apple matched it with the online iTunes music store.
The iPod has 5gb of memory for up to 1,000 tracks for up to 10 hours.
Soon everyone left the suddenly outdated tapes and CDs at home. 6.
RCA select VBT-
200 VHS VCRAvailable: original price of October 1977: $999 Sony launched the first VCR, Betamax, in February 1976, which established the whole concept of home video recording.
Hollywood is not happy with this and has filed a lawsuit. S.
The Supreme Court reluctantly ruled that we had the right to record television.
But Betamax can only record one hour.
So RCA fought back with Panasonic.
The production of the VHS select tavisiion VCR, which can be recorded for up to four hours, is enough to record a complete football match and trigger the establishment of the home video market. 5.
TPS-Sony Walkman
L2 personal stereo map available: July 1, 1979 (Japan), June 1980 (U. S. )
Original price: $199.
We only listen to music at home or in the car --
Until the Walkman.
Imagined by Sony
Masaru Ibuka, founder of engineer Nobutoshi Kihara, ushered in the era of personal and portable music listening, let us listen while walking, work while we go to work, when we go to work, when we exercise.
All the individual cassette players that followed were called \"Walkman\", which annoyed Sony regardless of the manufacturer, but the idea of portable audio changed our findings, buy and enjoy our music. 4.
Motorola DynaTAC mobile phone prototype introduction: April 3, 1973, this phone is one of the two mobile phones
Working prototype of Assembly (
Phone on the left in the photo)
Motorola executives Martin Cooper and John Mitchell show this to surprising media at the top floor suite by Hilton New York
The location of the first CES six years ago.
These DynaTACs are the culmination of six crashes.
The one-month program aims to convince the FCC not to let AT&T monopolize new cellular services.
However, since there is no connectable cellular network, the demo DynaTACs is also the first cordless phone.
In either case, these prototypes lead to the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x (Yes, in the photo)
The first commercial
The mobile phone, which went public 11 years later, triggered a communications revolution. 3.
Original price March 1972: $1966, Loral researcher Ralph Bell filed a patent for a balland-
The paddle game was designed to play on home TV and he authorized Magnavox to Philips, which later launched the Odyssey
Video game console.
The Odyssey came with six video game cartridges, including Bell\'s original tennis game, which Nolan Bushnell turned into a table tennis game three years later, which includedscreen scoring.
But it was the odyssey that started now.
The multi-billion-dollar industry, matched by Hollywood revenue, a professional \"eSports\" alliance, has taken up too much of our leisure time. 2.
Available at MITS Altair 8800: Original price January 1975: $439 (kit), $621 (assembled)
The home PC revolution began in the summer and autumn of 1977, when the Apple II, Brigadier General PET 2001 and Radio Shack TRS-
800 were introduced.
But none would have been developed without this breakthrough device.
The cover of the popular electronic product \"Altair 8800\", published in January 1975, was invented by Ed Roberts and manufactured by his AlbuquerqueM.
The company may not have a keyboard or screen, but it inspires a fertile amateur culture in the San Francisco area and the subsequent development of each PC. 1.
Apple iPhone release date: June 29, 2007 Original price: $499 (4GB), $599 (8GB)
There is no denying the fact that the iPhone is not the first smartphone. not even close.
But the iPhone provides the basic form and functionality for every next smartphone, and today, the smartphone is by far the best --
Perhaps the best-selling product in the world ever.
As Steve Jobs introduced at MacWorld in January 9, 2007, the iPhone absorbed and integrated many of the historical techniques recorded here --
Portable music listening, video player, internet communicator, PC, portable navigation and duh, cellular phone-
Wrapped in an operating system designed from the ground-
A touch screen phone.
The popularity of the IPhone has not triggered sales of all smartphones, which have subsequently triggered sales of billions of boxes and accessories, but have also spawned billions-
Dollar applied economy.
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