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there\'s qled, and then there\'s samsung qled

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-17
A few weeks ago, I introduced you to the \"qled\" quantum dot technology that is currently busy bringing new levels of image quality to the led TV world.
Since then, however, it has been clear that there is still some confusion with qled TV.
Specifically, all QLED TVs may be equal to some extent.
The simple fact is that they are not.
QLED is a general term for specific types of led TV technology;
It will not prevent different brands from using it in different ways, nor will it be built into a collection with different feature lists and features.
Nothing proves this better than Samsung\'s first qled TV series.
The Q9F, Q8C and Q7F models of the brand first introduced QLED terminology to the world, while other brands (
Hisense and TCL are the most notable)
Now joining the QLED Alliance, Samsung\'s QLED model drives QLED\'s picture function more deeply than any other TV and puts QLED in a wider range of premium TV features
In fact, in order to emphasize how different the various brands of qled TV are (
And provide background information on Samsung\'s flagship 2017 TV)
, I detail all the key ways Samsung qled TV runs in the following article, which goes beyond other brands of QLED TV
In some places, the same is true of other TV technologies.
StyleSamsung has launched several key design innovations to celebrate its first launch of QLED-Specify the set. 1.
They use cables that are not visible.
Samsung puts the connection of its qled TV on an external box that is connected to the TV through a very thin, almost transparent cable that is virtually invisible. 2. Design choice.
Samsung offers attractive tripod and metal \"towel\" stand upgrade options that you can use in place of standard stand and stand in all QLED TVs. Metal-
Coated quantum dots Samsung has come up with a way to layer its quantum dots in a metal sheath.
This sheath method is currently unique in the Samsung TV field, it enables QDs to drive more strongly, solve problems with different light, and position different in the layers of Samsung led TV.
This offers many significant and unique picture quality advantages. 1.
Unparalleled brightness.
The flagship qled TV Q9F series of Samsung 2017 can launch an unprecedented peak brightness level for nits in 2000.
This is 30% higher than any other TV on the market.
Even Samsung\'s more affordable Q8C and Q7F QLED range can reach around 1500 nits-
It is also one of the highest levels of brightness available in the TV world.
This is important because of the high dynamic range (HDR)technology. HDR films (Found on 4k Blu-ray-
Rays and some streaming platforms)
Mastered a much higher brightness level than the old standard dynamic range brightness, if the TV doesn\'t have enough brightness to handle the extra brightness, the HDR picture looks darker than they should, there are no subtle details in the brightest picture area. 2.
The peerless roll.
When you apply brightness to the color, the color volume is basically what you get.
Therefore, since Samsung\'s QLED TVs are the brightest, they are also able to provide the maximum amount of color --
For example, on the current OLED screen, you can get the third one.
This is also essential for the full expression of video HDR-
In particular, almost all HDR sources are partnered by wide color gamut technology to provide a larger range of colors we see in the real world. 3.
Wider Perspective
Samsung\'s quantum dots can be closer to the front of the LED panel structure.
This, coupled with more control over how light shines on each quantum dot, has the potential to address the viewing angle limitations that are usually associated with led TV.
When you use their brightest picture settings, the current Samsung Series starts, and the future Samsung QLED generation seems sure to continue to improve in this critical performance area.
Compared to light samsung\'s qled TV, it is equipped with a new screen filter, which almost defeats the physical properties in the way light is absorbed, thus fighting the impact of ambient light on the picture.
There is hardly any screen reflection standing between you and what you are looking at, and the intensity of the color, brightness and even contrast of the picture is almost entirely unaffected by the light flowing into your room.
In a typical home environment, this is not exaggerated, and watching TV in the dark is something most families can only deal with in rare cases.
For the most part of work and life, the TV will play in the bright room, so being able to watch the Samsung qled TV in this case without making the picture quality greatly affected, this is really a revelation.
Perfect for players.
As discussed in the section on metals
Samsung qled TV offers an unprecedented number of games --
Friendly brightness and color. 2.
The input delay of qled TV is very small (
The time they need to render the photos).
Samsung QLED TVs use their game picture presets to make their pictures in just 20 ms.
This is one of the lowest numbers in the TV world, which means you can play games on a Samsung qled TV without worrying about getting killed before you get a chance to react to speed
Games like Call and battlefield. 3. Quantum Dots -
Especially metal.
Coating used by Samsung
Basically immune to so-
Called Screen burning
This problem will affect the oled TV of competitors, and it will find traces of bright static image elements (
For example, the screen health bar in HDR-capable games)
If you leave them on the screen for too long at a time, they will be left behind.
Considering the gaming advantages of qled TV, when Microsoft announced
Promotional deals between the new Xbox One X host and Samsung qled TV.
The more intelligent smart TV Samsung qled TV has a very powerful \"brain\" inside that enables them to provide some unique smart TV features.
Real voice control.
While AV products now support voice recognition in order to easily enter data into search areas and so on is not unique, Samsung\'s qled TV goes a step further than that.
In fact, just talk to the TV and they can let you control almost every part of their functionality.
Also, unlike previous voice control attempts, there is no need to \"learn\" special syntax, and there is no need to follow a tortuous menu path to get the results you want.
Not just a word or two, but more often than not, it will give you a direct idea of a particular feature or make the changes you want to make.
Automatically identify and control the source.
Another big achievement of Samsung\'s qled TV\'s in-house processing power is that they are able to automatically identify the source devices connected to HDMI inputs.
In addition to having the TV automatically flag the input, this automatic source recognition also plays the smart remote control of the TV so you can also use it to control your source without manual remote programming.
It knows what you like.
The \"eden\" smart TV interface in Samsung qled TV can monitor your most commonly used applications and sources, and automatically prioritize them in a smooth appearance, economical screen display, so you can find them faster.
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