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The technology of LED panel lights has made achievements

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-12-23

White LED still has the problems of poor luminous uniformity and short service life of sealing materials, which cannot give full play to the expected application advantages of white led. However, at the demand level, not only for general lighting purposes, but also with the wide application of mobile phones, LCDTV, automobiles, medical treatment, etc, therefore, the most suitable technical research results for developing stable White LED have been widely concerned. At present, there are two major directions to improve the luminous efficiency of white LED. One is to increase the area of LED chips so as to increase the luminous amount. The second is to package several small chips together under the same module.

LED panel lamp

epoxy resin used as packaging material by increasing chip area, the heat resistance is relatively poor, which may occur before the life of the LED chip itself, and the epoxy resin has already changed color. Therefore, in order to improve the heat dissipation, more current must be released. In addition, not only the thermal phenomenon will affect the epoxy resin, but also the short wavelength will cause some problems to the epoxy resin, because the epoxy resin is quite easy to be destroyed by the short wavelength light in the white LED, even low-power white LED will already cause damage to epoxy resin, what's more, high-power White LED contains more short-wavelength light, and the deterioration will naturally accelerate, even some products have a service life of less than 5,000 hours after continuous lighting. Therefore, instead of constantly overcoming the discoloration caused by the old packaging material-epoxy resin, it is better to develop a new generation of packaging materials. At present, in order to solve the problem of life span, many LED packaging companies are moving towards giving up epoxy resin and using silicone resin and ceramics as packaging materials. According to statistics, the life of LED can be actually improved due to the change of packaging materials. According to the data, silicone, a packaging material instead of epoxy resin, has high heat resistance. According to the test, even at 150 ~ The high temperature of 180 degrees will not change color. It seems to be a good packaging material. Silicone can disperse blue and near ultraviolet light. Compared with epoxy resin, silicone can inhibit the deterioration of materials due to current and short wavelength light, and ease the rate of light penetration decline. Judging from the current application, almost all high-power white LED products have used silicone as the packaging material, for example, relative to wavelength 400 ~ 450nm light, epoxy resin is about a few percentages of bits, but silicone resin is about 400 ~ 450nm light absorption is less than 1%, such a drop, so that in the short wavelength resistance, silicone resin has a better performance.

in terms of life performance, silicone resin can reach the goal of prolonging the service life of white LED, and even reach the service life of more than 40 thousand hours. However, the application that is not really suitable for lighting still needs to be studied, because silicone is a flexible and soft material, so special attention should be paid to the application mode in the packaging process, so as to design the most appropriate application technology.

for future applications, improving the light output efficiency of white LED will be the key point to win. The production technology of white LED, from the combination of blue LED and yellow YAG phosphor in the past, develops simulated white light to the development of White LED by using three-color mixing or GaN material, for applications, it can already be seen that it will expand in a wider direction.

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