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Rose, secretary of contempt;
Trump advocated administrative privileges in the census documents;
Former White House aides want Hicks to testify in House Judiciary behind closed doors;
Interview representative. Ted Lieu (D-CA)
Questions about HicksDon Jr.
Met again with the Senate Intel Committee, saying there was nothing to change in his testimony;
Trump accused reporters of making up sources, saying the United StatesS.
Corruption in news media
Trump messed up North Korea\'s water. Aired 5-
Month p ETAired June 12, 2019-
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CNN host wolf blitzer: what\'s happening now, breaking news: contempt.
A committee of the House voted to rule the attorney general and the Minister of Commerce in contempt of court because they ignored the summons and detained materials related to the new citizenship issue in the 2020 census.
Upholding privileges: President Trump uses his power to uphold administrative privileges to prevent Congress from mastering these census documents.
But what is the government trying to hide?
Nothing to change: Donald Trump Jr.
Met again with the Senate Intelligence Committee, but then said that he was not concerned at all about perjury and insisted that his testimony had not changed at all.
Not what I mean: when asked about his previous comments on North Korea, it seems to undermine the US attitude towards North KoreaS.
The intelligence service, the president created more confusion, and he said, I quote now, \"I don\'t mean that, that\'s what I said.
What does he mean?
I\'m Wolf Blitzer.
You\'re in the Situation Room. (MUSIC PLAYING)
Unidentified male (voice-over)
This is CNN\'s breaking news.
BLITZER: Breaking news: The House Supervisory Committee has just voted to rule William Barr, the attorney general, and Wilbur Ross, the Minister of Commerce, in contempt of the summons.
Earlier, President Trump claimed administrative privileges and refused to let Congress see materials related to adding citizenship to the 2020 census.
The president delved into it, saying that conducting a census without asking about citizenship was completely ridiculous.
Donald Trump also broke.
Re-appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee, but then stated that there was nothing to change in his previous testimony, adding that he was not concerned at all with perjury.
We have just received new confirmation from congressional sources, and former White House aides want Hicks to testify behind closed doors next week on the House Judiciary Committee.
I will speak to Ted Lieu, a member of the Justice Council, and we and our journalists and analysts will cover the headlines of the day in full.
First of all, let\'s take a look at Capitol Raju up, our senior congressional correspondent, on Capitol Hill, where there are now many groundbreaking stories, including the latest news that hopefully Hicks will testify in Congress next week.
Update our latest information, Manu.
Manu raju, CNN senior political correspondent: Yes, Hope Hicks is one of the president\'s closest confidants in years.
Who used to be the White House communications director.
After Miller\'s report, several congressional committees have been eager to talk.
Now, she has agreed to close the door next Wednesday, following the Commission\'s summons, to speak to the House Judiciary Committee, asking for documents and testimony as part of an investigation into the White House that could hinder justice.
This is a rare deal between current or former White House aides, current or former government officials and Democrats. led panel.
We see resistance from some officials, including White House officials, and the White House\'s efforts to prevent these people from coming to this committee.
But at least in that regard, the deal has been reached for Hicks to answer the question behind closed doors.
I have now been told that this means that the Commission will be given this interview, and then the transcript of the interview will be released later.
The Democrats plan to ask not only about her time in the campaign, but also about her time in the transition and her time at the White House.
The question now will be, in the end, can she answer the question or the question about her time at the White House and what she witnessed?
Democrats want to investigate her knowledge of the 10 incidents listed in Miller\'s report that could hamper justice.
Can she answer these questions?
Because the White House has said that they will try to prevent her from providing any information about her time at the White House and the previous Congress, when she comes to the House Intelligence Committee behind closed doors, she won\'t discuss something that happened at the White House.
She said these topics were inappropriate. limits.
So the Democrats still plan to ask her this question with the door closed.
We will eventually see her reaction.
But at least one person from the Democratic Party, a former White House official, is at least behind closed doors, talking about the Russian part of the investigation, about Russian interference, what happened in the efforts of Russian agents to engage with Trump campaign officials.
These will be topics they will explore in a closed environment. door hearing.
But we will eventually see how much she can say about what happened during her stay at the White House.
Brize: Manu, what do you know about the House Supervisory Committee\'s vote on contempt?
Yes, just now, the House supervisory committee voted. -[17:05:00]RAJU: --24-
15 contempt for the failure to comply with commercial-related subpoenas Bill Barr, Minister of Justice, and Wilber rose, Minister of Commerce-
The Supervisory Committee\'s investigation into the increased citizenship issues in the 2020 census and census.
A series of documents requested by the committee;
The government provided some information but did not satisfy Democrats, who questioned the motivation to include citizenship in the census.
They believe that this is part of an effort to essentially suppress the number of minorities and migrants.
This may affect the allocation of seats in the house.
Republicans and the government denied this and said it was part of the enforcement of the Voting Rights Act.
But nonetheless, the lack of compliance and democratic satisfaction led to a dramatic move by the two Cabinet officials to defy the court.
The vote was 24-15.
Only one Republican broke the ranking.
The same Republican, Justin Amash, suggested that the president should be impeached for impeachment.
The only Republican in Congress who supported the Democratic Party on this committee did so.
But the next step, here, may be a court battle after the government comes to power, and the White House today quoted administrative privileges and said the documents were illegal.
Restrictions, because they are confidential in terms of the manner in which these communications occur, but in the end, this may have to be resolved by the court, Wolf.
Brize: you\'re busy on Capitol Hill, Manu.
You have some new details about the president\'s son Donald Trump Jr.
Behind closed doors in the Senate.
Yes, that\'s right.
He was asked what was the difference in his testimony from the time he came to Capitol Hill in 2017, and what we learned from the Miller report.
Miller\'s report showed him--
According to the testimony of former Trump mediator Michael Cohen, it was suggested that perhaps Donald Trump Jr.
The understanding of the Trump Tower Moscow project is broader than he originally revealed.
Cohen also told the Mueller team that Donald Trump Jr.
He may have informed his father about that meeting.
Mueller\'s report shows Donald Trump Jr.
Probably told more people than he said at first.
Until his 2016 meeting with the Russians to discuss how to influence the Clinton campaign.
But Donald Trump Jr.
He said at the committee hearing that he had not changed his testimony, saying that Michael Cohen was essentially misleading Congress. (
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Unidentified male: have you changed anything from past testimony? (CROSSTALK)
Donald Trump Jr.
President Trump\'s son: There\'s really nothing to change.
If clarification is needed, because Michael Cohen, let\'s not forget, because he\'s serving his sentence now because he lied to these investigative agencies, and I\'m happy to do that, I don\'t think there is any change in what I said, because there is nothing to change.
I am glad that this is finally over and we are able to make a final clarification on this.
I think the Commission understands that. (END VIDEO CLIP)
RAJU: But Wolfe, committee Chairman Richard Burr, issued a subpoena for little Trump.
Testimony from Trump Jr.
Declined to comment on his testimony when he left earlier today.
BLITZER: It\'s really a very busy day on Capitol Hill.
Thank you, Manu.
At the same time, President Trump is digging into the issue that led to the House\'s contempt for voting.
We went to the White House reporter, Kate Collins.
Kaitlan, the president has clearly not changed.
CNN White House correspondent kaitlan collins: Yes, Wolf, the White House says it\'s unnecessary and immature voting.
But today, when the president was asked to add the issue to the census, when he stepped up his struggle with House Democrats, he showed no sign of retreating. (Start Video)
TRUMP: That\'s ridiculous. COLLINS (voice-over)
: Tonight, the president is holding a showdown with Congress, and this time he claims administrative privileges to keep House Democrats away from census documents.
Trump: I think it\'s ridiculous that we will do the census without asking. COLLINS (voice-over)
: Trump has added a citizenship issue to the 2020 census, a move that has put his government in trouble and Commerce Minister Wilbur Ross has traveled to the Supreme Court to defend it.
TRUMP: You have the right to ask if someone is an American citizen. COLLINS (voice-over)
: Critics say that this is due to political considerations that may curb the number of undocumented immigrants answering the investigation, leading to changes in federal resources and congressional representation. REP.
Elijah Cummings (D), MARYLAND.
: The president has administrative privileges over all these documents.
This raises the question, what is hidden? COLLINS (voice-over)
Congressman Ilya camings says maintaining privileges is another effort by the Trump administration to stop Congress.
Camings: we have to protect the integrity of the census, we have to defend the powers that the Constitution gives Congress, and have meaningful oversight. COLLINS (voice-over)
: The standoff took place during a flight, Trump welcomed the Polish president to the White House with a show-[17:10:00]COLLINS (voice-over): --an F-35.
Trump: It\'s actually a pretty-
A stop near the White House. COLLINS (voice-over)
: But when the president was asked to clarify his comments on Tuesday regarding the use of CIA informants, it was not the roar of fighter jets that caused confusion in the Rose Garden.
TRUMP: That\'s not what I mean.
I think it may be different from your explanation. COLLINS (voice-over)
But critics say there is nothing to explain when the president sends this message to Kim Jong Un --
The United Nations uses the CIA to monitor North Korea\'s dictator.
Trump: I will tell him that in my--
Under my auspicesCOLLINS (voice-over)
Trump remains vague on this, but he does confirm that he will sit down with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Japan later this month.
Trump: I will meet with Putin at the g20 summit. COLLINS (voice-over)
He won\'t say if it\'s the other one. on-one meeting.
Trump: It might be easier if someone in our room, because you don\'t trust anything. COLLINS (voice-over)
: The president sounded shocked and reporters saw a letter he said, an agreement he reached with Mexico after the Washington Post reporter took pictures.
Trump: It\'s closed and you can read it in the sun?
This is not expected. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Now, Wolf, today the president has denied some internal campaigns. -
Or an internal poll by his campaign team showed that he was behind some Democrats in the state that was crucial to his 2020 victory.
The figures are fake and made up by members of the media, but we should note that our own reports actually reveal that campaign officials do not deny that these polls show this, he said.
Instead, they just insist that it is too early to judge who is really ahead of the general election.
But they do not deny that these figures are true.
Interesting, Kaitlin, thank you.
Kate Collins at the White House
Ted California, a Democratic congressman, is joining us now.
He is a member of the judicial and foreign affairs commission.
Member of Congress, thank you very much for joining us.
I want to start with this breaking news.
Hope Hicks, former White House communications director, will testify behind closed doors in your committee next week.
What do you want to ask her? REP. TED LIEU (D)
Wolf, California, thank you for your question.
For the American people of the House Judiciary Committee, this is an important first step in understanding the obstruction of justice committed by Donald Trump.
I think this is the result of yesterday\'s House vote, and we authorize the execution of the summons or the contempt of the summons.
We\'re not messing around.
I think that\'s why hopefully Hicks will come next week.
We will ask her about the obstruction of justice, about 10 incidents in Miller\'s report.
BLITZER: You know, Congressman, what topics would be canceled if there were
The limit of your question?
Instead: there should be no topic of deviationlimits.
The White House has made unprecedented efforts to block access to information for Congress and the American people.
It\'s not just Miller\'s report, it\'s every area.
So, for example, the Trump administration is now suing to cancel the pre-
Existing conditions.
We want to know, but we can\'t.
Now you see that they have not provided us with information on the census either.
Everywhere, they are blocking the provision of information to the American people.
BLITZER: Well, the president, as you have heard, he exercised administrative privileges and prevented the Minister of Commerce and the attorney general from talking about the census of citizenship.
Do you think he will do the same for Hope Hicks now?
I don\'t think he will do that because he does not have the basis to do so.
On the census question, the question is, did Wilbur rose lie to the American people and to Congress?
A judge at the federal district court found that he did.
We want the file to see if he did.
If he did, then we should win on the census, because by the Constitution, citizens are not included, but the people.
This is what the Constitution requires.
BLITZER: How soon will we see the record of Hope Hicks\'s testimony before your committee?
We will release a transcript as soon as possible.
I think it is important that we see the coming of Hicks again, because the House does not authorize our committee to start executing the summons and summons for contempt of court, and we are not messing around.
We want witnesses to appear and we want documents to come to us because these are legitimate congressional subpoenas.
BLITZER: Got testimony from Annie Donaldson, what\'s going on now? Donaldson served as chief of staff of former White House lawyer Don mcgang.
You want her to come to the committee, too.
We did it. We\'re looking forward to don McCann. -
In fact, we would like all the witnesses we have requested to come to the committee.
It is true that they cannot even come to the committee without a legal basis.
The White House is just making something up.
They say they have comprehensive exemptions that they have never talked about or discovered in court.
In fact, the White House did not even claim administrative privileges in front of Don mcghain, who is now a private citizen.
We hope he will come.
BLITZER: As you know, the House Supervisory Committee has just voted to have justice minister Bill Barr and Commerce Minister Wilbur Ross defy the question of citizenship in the 2020 census.
Do you want to move--[17:15:00]BLITZER: --
Moving forward with a full vote of the house?
LIEU: So, the benefit of the House vote that we had yesterday is that it authorizes all committees to automatically enforce the summons and the contempt summons without a future House vote.
In fact, a vote in the House has authorized their supervisory committee to file a lawsuit in court, so that\'s what we did yesterday.
BLITZER: before your committee has reached an agreement with the Department of Justice, the House is planning to have justice minister Bill Barr defy Miller\'s report.
But we are told that the White House will now play a role in the documents that you will eventually see.
Is it wrong to agree to the deal?
No, no.
Let me be very specific about the deal.
We agree not to prosecute the attorney general of bar for contempt of court.
But the Judicial Council was founded on charges of civil contempt.
This was voted to be implemented by the House yesterday.
So we are still moving forward with civil contempt proceedings.
If we do not see the underlying evidence that they have promised us, we will bring a lawsuit in court.
BLITZER: Member Ted Lieu, thank you very much for joining us.
Thank you, Wolf.
BLITZER: Next, former White House communications director Hope Hicks, who will be behind closed doors to testify next week at the House Judiciary Committee, the first major witness to Mueller\'s investigation. (MUSIC PLAYING)(
Business break)[17:20:00](MUSIC PLAYING)
BLITZER: We are focusing on multiple emergencies.
The House Supervisory Committee has just voted to defy justice minister William bar and commerce minister Wilber rose for refusing to comply with the summons.
In addition, former White House aides hope that Hicks will agree to testify before the House Judiciary Committee next week.
Let\'s do some analysis to our legal and political experts.
Gloria, what do you think about the justice commission wanting to talk to Hope Hicks and her agreement to submit to the Commission behind closed doors next week?
Gloria Borg, CNN\'s chief political analyst: There\'s a representative from the White House attorney\'s office by her side, so even if she wants to get the privilege of building a car behind closed doors, White House lawyers can say that we need-
You can\'t talk about this, you can\'t talk about that.
So let\'s see how much she can testify.
I think this is a breakthrough for the Commission.
But that would be a limited testimony.
Don\'t deceive yourself.
I think what do they want to know from Hicks? -
We all know that this story has been reported in the past few years. -
She is almost always on the side of the president.
When the president instructed to rewrite the statement about what happened to Jr. Don, she was on Air Force One.
When he met with Russians at Trump Tower, his office.
So she can elaborate.
I think she can also talk about the president\'s state of mind in many events that happened at the White House because she knows him very well and she is there too.
BLITZER: But Laura, is the president entitled to exercise administrative privileges on questions she can answer and she can\'t?
Laura Coates, CNN legal analyst: only if it has something to do with his presidency and what he wants to have privacy.
Just because a lawmaker says it\'s a statement doesn\'t mean it\'s a lawyer --
Client Permissions.
You and I don\'t suddenly become privileged in our current conversation.
The US president who made the statement actually had something to do with the actual office itself.
We want the president to have a frank discussion.
But if it comes to his son and may even lie to the special adviser through the media, it\'s totally different.
By the way, you can\'t pre-empt all statements if you want to maintain privileges.
It must be linked to a particular statement, and you must give a reason for it.
BLITZER: You know, Dana, the House Oversight Committee is now voting to defy the US attorney general and Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross on the grounds of not complying with the summons.
How important is this?
CNN veteran American reporter DANA BASHS.
Congressional Reporter: This is a big deal.
You see, in any other universe, Congress\'s contempt for the attorney general would be--
In fact, because it did;
A version of this happens when Republicans are in charge of the House and Eric Holder ---
They fight back and forth for speed and passion.
But in this particular case, I think it is very interesting that we have been very concerned about the investigation of Trump\'s behavior, both before and during his presidency.
This is about the substance of Trump\'s policies and how they are--
They decided how to count the numbers.
In fact, the government raised a question about citizenship in the census questionnaire.
This is a very controversial issue.
The reason they were found to be in contempt was because Congress just wanted to know the underlying reason, and the underlying reason for the official to do so.
So the fact that this move is on a very basic policy issue fascinates me.
David chalian, CNN\'s political director: but this relationship, whether it\'s policy or behavior ---[17:25:00]CHALIAN: --
Between the House Democrats and this administration, I don\'t think it will get worse.
I mean, I think-
But, I think, this actually increases the tension that exists between the two departments of our government.
BLITZER: Why do you say that when you say that you don\'t think things will get worse?
Because all the indications are that the situation could get worse.
This is a good point of view.
It could get worse.
But over the past few weeks, the total stone wall and the ongoing contempt vote have been very bad.
The relationship between the two branches is bad right now, and I just think it adds to those tensions.
BORGER: what they\'re actually accusing Republicans of doing this and saying they want to ask a question of citizenship because they want to divide the constituency and change the way the constituency is divided, there are regions with fewer Hispanics and fewer minorities, because fewer people who are not legal will answer the census.
Why would they?
They will be afraid.
It should be a count, they say, and it\'s a population count, which has nothing to do with anything else.
COATES: By the way, I\'m an alumnus of the voting rights department of the Justice Department.
For more than 50 years, it has never been necessary to order the implementation of the Voting Rights Act.
To raise this issue in the census, only if you think about it in the context of a full government, we want to fight undocumented people in the United States, okay, how about giving them a block? by-
Block analysis that may not be recorded in the actual area?
It is not in the Voting Rights Act;
Elijah camings asked a question about what the real motivation is basically, because for more than 50 years no one needs it for that reason. So why now? Why you? Why this?
Everyone stood up.
We need to discuss more.
After that, there was more news. (
Business break)[17:31:38]
We came back with our reporters and analysts.
Dana, Donald Trump Jr.
He closed his doors in front of Republicans today.
Senate Intelligence Committee.
He stated that his testimony prior to the panel had not changed at all.
What do you know about his appearance?
Well, yes, the biggest problem and the reason for the Senate Republicans. -
We should stress that the Republican chairman of the Intelligence Committee wants the president\'s son back because what he said to Congress initially was inconsistent with what Michael Cohen said in the Miller report, this is a big difference.
But a key question is whether the June 2016 meeting took place at the Trump Tower and Don junior arranged for the Russian lawyer to promise that he would get dirty Hillary Clinton. -
That\'s not the result--
Did he tell his father?
Michael Cohen suggested that he do so.
Today, Donald Trump Jr. came in.
He testified behind closed doors and then publicly stated afterwards that he had no testimony to change because he was telling the truth and basically Michael Cohen was a liar.
BLITZER: Laura Coates because they are checking if there is a perjury there.
Cotts: of course, they should do that, given our records.
Note that you have a battle of credibility to some extent.
Yes, little Donald Trump has some false claims.
Michael Cohen is actually serving the difference right now, and we\'ll call them as well to be generous.
So you\'re going to continue this fight.
But trying to get this report confirmed in a way that has never been done before, trying to correct the record, trying to get the opportunity to say, clarify if you need it, he\'s kind--
It\'s a bit arrogant that Don junior is talking about it.
Given his record, they have not corrected anything at all.
Because Donald Trump Jr.
Gloria\'s lawyer says he thinks it\'s over and he\'s over.
But Senator Kamala Harris, who is a member of the Intelligence Committee, is there, and she says that, in her words, there are still a lot of outstanding issues.
What did you hear?
BORGER: Well, that\'s not what the committee chairman said. Kamala Harris is running for president. And I\'m not --
So I won\'t disqualify anything she said, but I don\'t think we really know until we hear from the chair.
Don junior was clear when he came out that he felt he had refuted everything Michael Cohen had said.
You know, Michael Cohen also said that he gave him a very good understanding of the Trump Tower Moscow and the project and how it did it ---
That\'s right. That\'s important. BORGER: --
And how it goes.
Don junior said in this way, well, you know, I rarely listen to this person because he\'s too little for us.
So he patted that sentence and said, I wouldn\'t be paying attention to Michael Cohen at all.
CHALIAN: I think don junior used the word \"final\" twice when he spoke to reporters ---
Yes, yes. BASH: Yes. CHALIAN: --
To show that he\'s done it today.
BORGER: Right.
Obviously, that\'s what he wants.
Let\'s talk about politics, David.
You\'re our political director.
Look at these figures in this new poll at the University of Monmouth, Nevada.
We put them on the screen.
Biden is currently ranked 36% in Nevada, but Elizabeth Warren is second in 19%.
Bernie Sanders came third at 13%.
Yes, this is the third poll we have seen.
We saw a national poll.
We saw an Iowa poll conducted over the weekend.
Now, this poll by the University of Monmouth, Nevada, shows that Warren really, if not more than Bernie Sanders, joined Bernie Sanders in the second place. [17:35:00]
This is important, wolf, because, as you know, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren attract a lot of the same voters.
I think in a poll in Iowa, she was--
I think she was their second choice among Bernie Sanders\'s supporters.
32% of Sanders supportersSo she --
They are fighting for many of the party\'s left-wing progressive voters.
Now there will be a real battle between the two, forming a potential replacement for who will be Joe Biden. I think --
Keep an eye on Elizabeth Warren
I think that\'s part of why you heard Bernie Sanders defend his philosophy today because he knows he has some heat and he hasn\'t experienced it the last time.
Ash: no problem.
What do you think, Dana?
Yes, no, I totally agree.
I interviewed Senator Sanders over the weekend. -
For example, because there is such a substantive movement on all sides, especially in Elizabeth Warren, she has put forward a university plan.
He was originally the godfather of the idea of helping people pay for college.
She\'s, you know, going a little further.
What he is trying to figure out is not just to pay college fees, but to pay off his debts.
BORGER: Well, let me say that these candidates are actually talking about ideas.
They don\'t call the opposite a fake, and even though they\'re fake, they\'re not just dealing with Trump.
But this is the battle of thought in the same constituency, which will serve--
As we can see, the debate will take place at the end of this month.
Everyone stood up.
After President Trump made some rather confusing statements about the half, we need to report more, including the wake-up call from intelligence experts.
Brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Unun. (
Business break)[17:41:13]
BLITZER: Tonight, President Trump launched a new attack on free media, falsely accusing reporters of making up sources and saying most of the US news media are corrupt.
This is just the latest example of the President\'s aversion to journalists who publish facts that he does not want to hear.
Our White House chief correspondent Jim Costa has a brand
A new book on the topic \"enemies of the people: dangerous moments to tell the truth in America\" is published.
\"Congratulate you on writing this book, Jim.
Jim Costa, CNN\'s White House Chief Correspondent: Thank you, Wolf.
First of all, tell us why you wrote this.
Because you are very outspoken in many details.
I\'m Wolf, basically because we saw this during the campaign.
He called us disgusting news media, dishonest news media and so on.
He rolled the scene directly into the Oval Office, called us fake news, and upgraded it to the enemy of the people.
Wolf, I found out in the White House coverage of the president\'s campaign that not all supporters-
Many of his supporters are great people, but some of his supporters are absorbing this hostility and then guiding us in a way that I think makes some of us feel dangerous.
The question is whether journalists in this country are injured by this escalating rhetoric, or are banned from killing by God.
At this point, Wolff, we entered a new category of countries.
We are like the rest of the world, where it is not safe for the media to do their work, and I just think we should not go that way.
At this point, this is a question that a country needs to answer, do we want to go this way?
Because I think this road will lead to something bad.
BLITZER: You publicly describe the threats you face in this book.
Tell us a little bit about this.
Costa: That\'s right.
I mean, you know. -
We all remember the pipe bomb incident at our headquarters in New York before last year\'s midterm election.
You know, we didn\'t realize that at the time, but after the man was arrested by a white van reported by the media ---anti-
On the Media sign, this person made a death threat to me on Twitter.
You are the enemy of the United States, you are the next.
In one of the photos, there is a terrible image of the head of the beheaded animal, which is--
Something scary.
Wolf, you know, I get this threat on my social media account almost every week.
I\'m not the only one, Wolf.
There are other journalists and anchors covering the president, the government, and they are going through the same thing.
I think people in China should know that these journalists come every day and want to send a message to the American people.
BLITZER: in this book, you had a revealing interview with Kellyanne Conway, one of the president\'s senior advisers, who admitted to you that it was a mistake.
Let us know.
Costa: That\'s right.
I wanted to ask her this question and I was surprised she sat for an hour
A long interview with me.
I would like to ask her questions about alternative facts, as this has become the mantra of this government.
And, you know, what she basically said to me was that she didn\'t want to say anything else.
She means other information and other facts, and it\'s all confusing.
Now, one might say, oh, that\'s Kellyanne Conway, and I\'ll take it with a grain of salt, but, Wolf, she continued to say something else in this interview.
She went on to say that she did not agree with the family separation policy.
She said it violated her Catholic faith and went on to say that she did not agree that the media the president said were enemies of the people.
So this is a fairly frank interview with someone who is usually a fierce defender of the president.
You build the White House.
It\'s 93 days since the press secretary officially held the White House press conference?
Costa: That\'s right.
This is a taxpayer, you know.
S. Government-funded spokesperson, she just didn\'t do her job.
Wolff, our situation now is that Sarah Sanders will go to Fox News for an exclusive interview, or occasionally with other media, and then come back to answer a couple of questions from reporters standing in the driveway.
The White House briefing room I\'m talking about right now is the cafeteria because a lot of people in our business are there for lunch every day. [17:45:01]
But unfortunately Wolf, I think a lot of the White House people who work for this president forget that they don\'t work for the Trump group.
They work for the American people.
They don\'t just work for a president, they work for the president of the United States.
I think several officials at the White House have ignored that.
BLITZER: Today, the president again accused journalists, serious journalists of making up sources, and there is actually no source.
How did you deal with it?
You know, Wolf, the president knows it\'s fake.
We have been talking to officials backstage.
We talked backstage with Kylie Ann Conway, Sarah Sanders and Sean Spicer.
From time to time they talked to reporters backstage.
Tell our audience what \"background\" means.
Backstage means they will give us information.
They will even offer us a quote but they say you can\'t use my name because of me-
You know, I can\'t talk about this on the record.
In fact, I spoke to Wolf, a national security official in this administration, and he said backstage, for me, I can\'t tell you why the president of the United States is so close to Putin.
When I asked the officer this question, he said, I just--
I don\'t know why.
I can\'t tell you why.
The official went on to say that about the time Putin ran for re-election
The president was elected in 2018. -
I would like to send a news clip saying good luck to Putin in the upcoming election.
So sometimes these officials have to provide us with information in the background that is vital to the American people.
It is a difficult task, but it is a very important task.
The name of the book--
The title of the book is the enemy of the people: a dangerous time to tell the truth in America.
\"You have a lot of fascinating details and great work.
Thank you very much, Wolf. Thank you very much.
Jim Costa reports.
Always happy with you.
Thank you very much.
Jim Costa is our chief correspondent at the White House.
Just ahead, the new report says half
Brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un
Before his assassination, the United Nations was an asset to the CIA.
Is President Trump again making a confusing response today, undermining the US intelligence service? (
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There is more breaking news now.
Criticized for destroying the United StatesS.
As intelligence comments on North Korea are confusing, President Trump is more chaotic today.
All this has to do with half the story of the assassination.
Brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un
The United Nations is an asset to the CIA.
Brian Todd is here for us.
Brian, what else have you learned?
CNN correspondent Brian Todd: Wolff, we received serious warnings tonight from some senior spies and other intelligence experts who said the president, when he said he would not allow the CIA to train people like KIM JONG-UN --un\'s half-
Brother of the informant, well, he compromised the agency\'s ability to recruit senior staffplaced sources.
President Trump seems to be trying to backtrack from these comments but has failed. (Start Video)TODD (voice-over)
: Tonight, President Trump hinted that he was misunderstood when he said he would not allow his intelligence services to use KIM JONG-UN --un\'s half-
Brother as an informant
US President Donald Trump: No, that\'s not what I mean.
That\'s what I said--
I think it may be different from your explanation. TODD (voice-over)
But some analysts said the president made comments Tuesday on the reported recruitment of Kim Jong Un.
There\'s a problem with Nam
Trump: I will tell him that in my--
Under my auspices, this is for sure. I would --
I will not let this happen under my auspices. TODD (voice-over)
: The CIA did not comment on the president\'s remarks.
But tonight, the former spy told CNN that the president may not be aware that the comment could hurt US intelligence collection.
Aki Peritz, former CIA counter-terrorism analyst: I think we may see individuals around the world, especially the families of senior leaders ---
If you have a relationship with Putin, or you have a relationship with Iran\'s Ayatollah and you negotiate with the US, it is always possible that the president will sell you to that leader in some brief wayterm gain.
This must be terrible. TODD (voice-over)
Veterans of the intelligence service said they would not recruit people like Kim Jong Un.
South, Trump may also weaken his hand in the next round of nuclear talks with Kim Jong Un.
He needs the best information.
What are they saying?
From sources like Kim Jong Un, get level intelligence about North Korea.
Nam, who is related to the supreme leader, used to bein-a-Opportunity for a lifetime
Peritz: North Korea is a very difficult target.
When you collect information about North Korea itself, you have signal intelligence, a little bit of human intelligence, and some other places to look.
So you have to say that the fact that a person cannot be collected is undermining the ability of the US government to collect information. TODD (voice-over)
Former advisers to President Trump and President George w. Bush
Bush, who defended Trump\'s remarks, said the president must send any positive signals to North Korean dictators as nuclear talks could move forward or completely break down.
Christian Whitton, former senior advisor to State Department Strategic Communications: remember, for North Korea, what you\'re facing is the worst choice.
You have no choice.
So, you know, it\'s cost to make such a gesture-
Basically, I think it makes sense if you want to get back to the table. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Todd: Now, while the CIA has not made any comment on this, the former intelligence officer told us that the spy agency can do a good job now and that some damage control is being done after the president\'s statement.
They say the CIA may now rush to contact important informants and give them more incentives to ensure their safety.
If these sources are nervous about the president\'s comments, the agency may even try to expel some of the top sources, Wolf, from some dangerous parts of the world.
Brian Todd reports. Thank you.
The news is coming.
Former White House communications director Hicks will testify behind closed doors at the House Judiciary Committee. [17:55:04](
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News is happening now. Getting hope.
One of President Trump\'s closest former aides
Time\'s confidante Hope Hicks has agreed to attend the House Judicial Committee.
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