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The popular trend of modern lamps and lanterns of LED

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-12
LED lamps and lanterns of modern popular trend along with the advance of modern lighting technology, new material, new craft, new technology is widely used, and the in-depth study of the various lighting principle and use environment, greatly enriched the past the expressive force of modern lamps and lanterns, lamp decoration lighting environment and landscaping. Modern lamps and lanterns in meet the practical needs and maximize light effect under the premise of, pay more attention to appearance modelling of lamps and lanterns on the decorative aesthetic effect, thus formed the popular trend of the development of modern lamps and lanterns. Modern lamps and lanterns from 'light up' to the transformation of 'beautiful', more emphasis on ornamental and aesthetic effect. Like this we constant road illumination dome light, combining classical and contemporary modelling, reflects the achievements of modern lighting technology. ( LED flat light) Contracted, the pursuit of fashion is the biggest characteristic of modern lamp. The commonly used material with metallic aluminum. In tonal on the majority with white, metallic, match with contracted and contemporary adornment style is more suitable for. Modern lamps and lanterns is to develop in the direction of the following. Firstly, high efficiency and energy saving, high efficiency and energy saving direction is to use energy-saving light source, and then the energy-saving light source according to the size, shape, carefully designed the optical system of lamps and lanterns, really raise the effective utilization ratio of light tube. Second, adjustable integration of a variety of integrated devices and computer control system application of lamps and lighting system has made significant progress, such as the application of electronic ballast to move light lamps and lighting systems, remote control. Three, functional miniaturization to muti_function miniaturization development along with the development of the compact light source, ballast lamp with electrical accessories such as ultra small, thin, with of all kinds of new technology, new process, modern lamps and lanterns is small, practical and multifunctional direction. Want to buy modern lamps and lanterns? Constant road lighting is your choice not constant road lighting is a LED flat light wholesale manufacturers, the main production LED flat light products, the company introduced advanced production equipment, more than half of the product has passed the international CECB certification and ROHS certification, making our plant from domestic to overseas market competition, in a larger competitive position and market development potential.
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