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the great tv sale propaganda

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-26
If you are a seller, to what extent will you sell your product?
The question is simple, but the answer is very complicated.
Let\'s take a look at the hottest-
Electronic devices sold around: Tabletspanel TV.
From one minute to the next, consumer views can be severely distorted, and hundreds of pieces of advertising information are circulating.
I want to start with Sony\'s flagship LCD TV, Bravia zx1.
Should be the ultimate in vision\"at 9. 9 mm thin.
Well, it\'s certainly thin, but what they don\'t pre-state in the ad is that it\'s 9.
Only 9mm thin around the edge.
Elsewhere, it\'s actually 28mm, and all the video output is transferred to an external wireless media box that requires a separate power supply.
Samsung LED series, on the other hand-29.
The whole 9mm thin
All video inputs are built in.
Plus, no matter what Sony says, HD files are always better-
High quality HDMI Cable compared to wireless video signal.
Samsung is also making shades and cries for its new led TV, which is fine.
But strangely, most potential consumers think they are based on some new technology, and they are just LCD TVs with led as a backlight.
For more than a year, led as backlight is common on laptop screens.
Celebrity trust in the brand.
That\'s why there\'s a gentle Ranbir Kapoor in front of Panasonic\'s TV.
In addition, they want to claim that plasma is the best display technology on Earth and it will never die.
But this is because the plasma is what they know how to do the best.
There is no doubt that pioneer and Mitsubishi have some great TV.
Pioneer\'s latest 9 th generation Kuro plasma TV and Mitsubishi\'s LaserVue TV are the wonders of technology.
I have witnessed them with my own eyes and I can be sure that their superiority is beyond doubt.
But they don\'t think Indian consumers deserve such great technology right now.
Those who know and are really interested in these products will have to buy them from the gray market, pay unnecessary premiums and have no service support or guarantee.
Philips also seems to stand out from the books of pioneer and Mitsubishi.
Their technology is brilliant, almost magical-
The coordination lights at the back of the TV did not gather much steam.
Unfortunately, because it does relieve the fatigue of the eyes.
But they seem to have given up the Indian market as well. Why?
Their insistence is correct.
They even commissioned legendary filmmaker Wang Jiawei to make a short film.
Of course, the star is o\'reia.
All of this is on display at IFA 2007 in Berlin and will be available shortly thereafter.
Except India, of course.
The Aurea II was released on the most recent IFA 2009 and then the third generation Aurea was released.
Sharp has not yet sold its latest series of Aquos LCD TVs in India.
After beating Samsung in numerous patent infringement lawsuits (
And then lost all.
I think they are a little tired.
The United States International Trade Commission recently issued a ruling banning the import of summer LCD panels to the United States.
Who knows the exact situation in India?
LG will convince you of their IPS (in-Plane switching)
Magically increases the response time, perspective and reduces distortion. Actually, in-
Plane Switching is a technology developed by Hitachi in 1996.
In theory, the IPS panel provides better contrast, but is achieved by being more opaque.
So they also have a tendency to darken.
Unless the backlight of the TV is very bright, it also drives up power consumption.
At the same time, Hitachi called their UT (ultra thin)
The world\'s first ultra-thin Full hd LCD.
32 \", 37\" and 42 \"sets are all 39mm thick, much thicker than the 28mm of Sony ZX or 29.
9mm of Samsung LED series.
Do you know how they can say that?
Because these devices are nothing more than a large LCD display of the glory you use on your PC.
The video input on their ship is very limited and there is no TV tuner.
Let\'s not ignore Indians.
There is nothing to say about their product, video ocon.
They do not want to mention that they are the largest manufacturer of color picture tubes in the world.
Yeah, old, huge crt TV.
That\'s why their ads highlight their new green logo, show some fancy animated characters and talk about the changes.
It\'s not who made the LCD TV they sell.
Moser Baer wants to talk about how their products have A technical advantage and how to use-grade panels.
After all, there are no actors in their ads, only animation robots.
But they don\'t want to specify what the edge is, or what.
Rank means, or does anyone else actually use B-or C-grade panels.
So you have it.
All people can see the truth.
And the fight between LCD TV and plasma TV?
This is another story.
Buying tips when you finally go out and buy yourself an apartment, keep these actual points in mind
Flat panel TV: don\'t care too much about technical differences (
Lamp life, response time, contrast)
Between LCD TV and plasma TV
They don\'t matter.
Instead, you should know that you can buy a bigger screen for your money if you use plasma.
The plasma screen would be better if you were watching TV in a dark room --
Although even in bright places, the LCD will be clearer
If you are only going to watch standard TV, the TV that lights up will not choose full hd TV.
No matter what the brochure or sales staff say, the higher resolution panel will not give you a clearer picture.
In fact, for standard defined content like a DTH set-top box or cable box, the effect is that the opposite viewing distance is often misreferenced.
The ideal viewing distance depends not only on the screen size, but also on the panel resolution and the type of content to get a general idea of the viewing distance between you and the TV. Take the diagonal size (in inches)
And multiply by 1. 8.
In most stores, you will see the viewing distance in inches, and the content on the TV is played through the HD media generator.
Even the TV has a special \"showroom\" setting to make everything look brighter and more colorful.
Bottom line: Don\'t base your judgment on the performance of TV in the store.
If you want to buy something that protects your investment, what you see is not what you get, check out the latest.
Built-in LED backlight to play movies via USB
In Bluetooth technology, optional Wi-
Fi features on the screen, Internet content and widgets, RF remote control and low power consumption are required
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