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The difference between leds and ordinary tubes and advantage

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-13
Leds and the difference between ordinary tubes and advantage, when I was a kid home it is the most common lime wall decoration, and light up the whole sitting room is usually a 1. 2 m ordinary fluorescent tube. Today, entered the era of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, appear on the market a variety of LED lamps and lanterns, ordinary energy-saving lamps have been eliminated, fluorescent tube is replaced by leds. Today, let constant way small make up to explore the LED lamp and ordinary lamp difference and advantage! LED lamp and ordinary lamp structure similar to but not similar, lamp holder and glass tube, LED bulb is light bead light board, some with driving power, and common glass tubes inside is a thin layer of phosphor powder with trace amounts of argon and mercury vapor, excluding ballast. Leds more popular because of their own advantages, high photosynthetic efficiency, less consumption, safe environmental protection long service life, and as a kind of new light source, the LED light color than traditional fluorescent lamp, color is rich and soft light, low loss more energy efficient. Traditional fluorescent lamp is at work on the gas between the two filament when conducting an ultraviolet, to soften phosphor from visible light, and fluorescent lamp is constantly flashing at work, so the eyes of the people in this environment will be easy to feel tired. Long-term comparison, LED lamp is more than money, although common tubes than leds on the unit price is cheaper, but due to the LED lamp power saving energy, long life and maintenance-free, higher cost performance. The consumption of traditional fluorescent lights one hour charge is 3 times bigger than the leds; The average life expectancy and the LED lamps and lanterns is as high as 30000 - 50000 hours, it is about 5 times of the traditional fluorescent lamp. Life is long, not only avoids the trouble of frequent replacement of lamps and lanterns, also for the housewives save electricity, you say, how can such leds are not welcome. Read more how to install the constant way lighting new T8LED integration plug type LED bulb
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