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test drive: 2017 toyota 86

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-09
Introduce a pure sports car Scion FR at an affordable price-
S for 200-horsepower 4-
Cylinder engine, manual gearbox and rear-
Wheel drive in a lightweight package with 2 seats.
Sales around the world, FR-
All over the United States is called Toyota 86, but in the United States
The digital name is a reference to the respectable AE86 version Corolla sold in the 1980 s.
Now, with the cancellation of the Scion brand, FR-
The United States changed its name to 2017 Toyota 86 in the United States. S. market.
At the same time as the car was renamed, Toyota also updated the appearance shape, enhanced the internal materials, and made minor changes to the transmission system and suspension while improving the rigidity of the body.
Will these changes make a good car better?
Yes, in most cases.
Styling and design when I\'m a fan of Scion FR
Still, the front shape of the Toyota 86 model shows a cleaner beauty, and it is a charming car.
Toyota co-developed the car with Subaru, which sells its version as BRZ, so if you are not interested in the design of 86, be sure to look at its almost identical twins.
Standard LED lighting is the most meaningful external change, while inside 86, New GranLux analog suede trim is received on the dashboard, door panel and upper seat support.
For a more sporty feel, a smaller steering wheel was installed and the seat fabric was new with exposed silver stitching.
Although the change is small, the net effect produces an interior that looks and feels more upscale.
The front seat is comfortable, supportive, and there is no problem keeping passengers safe during a dynamic driving, the new steering wheel is a pleasure, the hands of the 86 Xiao driver.
Looking for proof that Toyota knows how to make a real sports car?
Please note that the driver and the front passenger will not only be flat when walking the hard corner, but also have a soft pad to get extra comfort.
The features and controls of the Toyota 86 are designed as simple and affordable entertainment tools with a refreshing basic interior.
Purposeful instruments from its center-
The tachometer and digital speedometer readings mounted on the huge knob used to heat or cool the cabin, you can drive the Toyota 86 without having to consider the position of the control unit or how it works.
The only exception is glare. prone touch-
The screen radio, although the volume knob and the tune button help to limit with 7-in. display screen.
The Aha radio app provides access to more than 100,000 stations with USB 2.
0 port, Bluetooth, voice-
Identification Technology and reverse camera.
When purchasing 86, you can choose between the manual gearbox and the automatic gearbox, select the external color, and then you decide that you want to go deep into your bank account in order to install the attachment.
Highlights include LED fog light, rear lip spoiler and navigation system.
Toyota Racing Development catalog also provides some upgrades for 86.
There are forged aluminum wheels on the menu as well as performance exhaust systems, drop springs, swing bar kits, performance brake pads and \"fast transmission\" kits for manual transmissions.
The 86 units are fully loaded with automatic transmissions and all of these well-known equipment for a maximum price of nearly $34,000.
Safety and Technology Basics cars don\'t have much content in terms of safety systems or technological advances, but Toyota covers 86 basics by installing 6 airbags, traction and stability controls, a reversing camera, plus the company\'s intelligent parking technology (SST). Hill-
Start assist is also a new standard feature that prevents the car from rolling backwards when it starts on the mountain.
Toyota developed SST after unintentional acceleration problems.
The system is designed to prevent accidental acceleration when the driver intends to brake.
In 86, the system does not rule out the heel-and-
Move your toes down to keep the car on trackDay credentials.
In addition, the driver can completely deactivate the stability control system in order to kick out the tail of 86 at will.
Because the driver is almost entirely responsible for avoiding the collision, and because the person is wrong, it is known that the previous Scion FR-
S performed well in crash-
Test evaluation.
The exception will be 3-
Star rating for side driver protection-
Collision levied by the State Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
Impression difference between old ears FR
S and the new Toyota 86 are most visible in driving experience, mainly due to changes in the suspension.
For 2017, Toyota reinforced the body rigidity of 86, reinforced the front spring rate, softened the rear spring rate, and modified the impact tuning.
As a result, according to the mountain blitz between the California Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, it is a safer and more stable vehicle with better compliance in bumps and dents on the road, it can make the vehicle unstable in speed.
When equipped with a manual gearbox, 86 also has a little more horsepower and torque than the Scion FRS. The 2. 0-liter 4-
The New rated power of the cylinder engine is 205 rpm and 7,000 hp at 156 lbs. -ft.
Torque from 6,400 to 6,600. Get the 6-
The speed is automatic, including shifting gear, moving driving mode and downshift speed matching to expand the smile on the face of the driver who is unable to operate the clutch.
In any case, the impact of the power upgrade is not as big as adding a turbocharger.
After all, this is Subaru-
What we\'re talking about here is engineering Siping, and Subaru knows how to supercharge the car for maximum performance.
Instead of accelerating, Toyota 86 provides flat linear operation to the red line.
While the performance of the car is satisfactory, although both the engine and exhaust notes provide the car with a rich personality, it is not exciting.
Toyota 86 is about processing, not the direct speed.
Quick response and small footprint help the car to maintain speed on twisted roads and 86 has no problem in providing a visceral driving experience.
Think of it as a Mazda MX.
5 Miata has a roof not a convertible and you will get the right idea.
The new 86 produced by Toyota is a real sports car.
Competition is heating up, however, not just from Subaru\'s near twins to the car BRZ.
Mazda has 2017 MX-
5 Miata RF arrived soon with a retractable roof panel.
The Fiat 124 Spider is already on sale in Italian style.
Believe it or not, everyone.
Due to the small size of the new Camaro and based on a powerful platform, it is a reasonable choice.
In an affordable sports car, does the extra option limit 86\'s appeal to Asian sports compact fans?
Yes, in a way, because Miata\'s fans are very loyal, Camaro\'s fans are very loyal, and Subaru\'s fans are very loyal.
This means Toyota must attract the attention of new sports car buyers.
The good news is that the new 86 is a very interesting car, especially when the speed of the straight line is not high.
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The United States changed its name to 2017 Toyota 86 in the United States. S.
The market and Fengtian also updated the appearance shape, enhanced the internal materials, and made minor changes to the transmission system and suspension while improving the rigidity of the body.
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