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test drive: 2012 volkswagen golf r

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-20
Rain and golf are rarely perfectly combined, but I was very happy when I found a storm cloud gathering on the horizon on a recent outing.
This is because the golf part of this particular equation is my Volkswagen Golf R, parked outside the road course at the town of England circuit Park in New Jersey.
What better way or place to taste all the latest products from the masseswheel-drive treat?
It\'s hard to believe its mild
Looks great, but Golf R is currently the most dynamic car in the mass America market. S. lineup. Perhaps ever.
There have never been a few better sleepers.
In addition to the elegant radical front dashboard with large air intake and LED lighting accents, rock panel extensions, rear spoiler, unique five-
RIM and double center exhaust, R is your running route at the mill golf course and is unlikely to attract the attention of many people.
The same goes for the cabin, where there is a flat set of huggy sports seats
The bottom steering wheel and blue needle on the meter are the only reminders, and it is a very special but still practical car for a group of people.
Reworked version of Volkswagen GTI 2. 0-
4-liter turbo
The cylinder engine, which features a larger turbo running at a sublime monthly psi boost, emits a Golf R 256 hp wheel through a month-
Speed manual gearbox.
Is it automatic?
Moved to Europe because there is no.
We had a good time this time.
Even more so on a closed court.
Although our Sky has never been fully open, a slight shower draws enough oil on the surface of the originally dusty track to make it the perfect test site for this type of car
The throttle is down, the clutch is down, and even if the traction control is off, the Golf R pulls apart like a worn-out splint.
In progress, there will be a little turbo lag when you refuel, but at about 3000 rpm it\'s like opening a small worm hole in front of the car, pull the little pocket rocket to the event horizon or the next corner.
Keep the speed and your mouth will follow.
Fast turn, golf R very-
Balanced by a curve, when the steering, throttle, and brake inputs slide to the exit, they are very sensitive to them.
The latest generation of the public 4 sports-wheel-
The drive system can send all the power to the rear wheels and does not need to start slipping before it.
Instead, it constantly monitors the car\'s throttle, turning angle, and sideways to best predict where the power should go.
After a few laps, the vision of the glory of rallycross begins to dance in your mind.
Golf R is one of the easiest cars to reach the limit with confidence, even in less than perfect conditions.
There is no doubt that it may do something unexpected.
Try some stupid things yourself, however, and stable control can interfere with your safety.
Hardcore racing riders will be disappointed to hear that the system can\'t be completely shut down, but despite its athletic intentions, it\'s really not a hardcore racing car.
With the level of sophistication at hand, and the relatively relaxed 18-
Inch wheels and all-
Season tire combo, it\'s more of a Grand Tour hatchback.
Pause and adjust to the opposite of the track and stiffness at the same time
Front and rear side tilt bars, not harsh at all on the road, Golf R on the highway with Autobahn-quality poise.
The Roar on the side of the road is a bit loud, but, in a world that is considered a motor car, the strong resonance of the engine is a popular passenger, and the world becomes so quiet, some automakers have already amplified the noise by manual means. (
Update: It turns out that Golf R is a member of this suspicious Club and uses a device with a very German name \"Soundakator\" to help increase the volume.
Lunch: still not free. )
Of course, starting at $34,760, you should get something unusual.
This is twice the price of standard Golf, about four more than the GTI of the same gear.
The only option available is a $1,500 package that adds a skylight, navigation and premium sound system, or all, plus a back door for $2,100.
However, all models have a very special feature: exclusivity.
In the next two years, the United States will sell only Rs 5,000 crore to a select group of customers, a very rare bird from a company recently known for chasing the mass market, it has the lowest common denominator rides like Passat and Jetta.
When it comes to golf clubs, I will definitely enjoy being one of them.
If nothing else, it is open 365 days a year. ----------
2012 Volkswagen Golf RBase Price: $34,760As test: $36,260 Type: 5-passenger, 3-
Door hatchback Engine: 2.
0L turbocharged straight train-4-
CylinderPower: 256 hp, 243-
Ft torquetranssion: 6-
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