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Ten advantages of leds do you know

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-12
The ten advantages of leds you know LED lamp also commonly known as light tube, daylight lamp, its light source using LED as light source. The traditional fluorescent tube, also known as fluorescent lamp, lamp on both ends of each have a filament, inside the tubes filled with tiny amounts of argon and the thin mercury vapor, tubes coated with phosphor, on the wall between the two filament gas when conducting an ultraviolet, the phosphor emit visible light. Leds have many advantages, generally used for general lighting, office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, families, factories and other indoor lighting. 1: environmental protection lamps and lanterns of the traditional daylight lamp contains large amounts of mercury vapor, if broken mercury vapor can evaporate into the atmosphere, polluting. But don't use mercury, LED bulb and LED products also contains no lead and other harmful substances, shell can also recycle use, no damage to the environment. Recognized as the twenty-first century green lighting LED tubes. 2: the heating phenomenon of the traditional lamps and lanterns is less use tungsten light, can produce large amounts of heat energy, while LED luminous efficiency of lamps and lanterns has been to 140 lm/W, light conversion rate is high, the product surface temperature under 60 ℃, do not produce ultraviolet ray, the file, clothes also won't produce fading. 3: there is no LED lamps and lanterns is does not produce noise, noise for the occasion of using precision electronic instruments as well. Suitable for the library, such as office. 4: eye protection of the traditional fluorescent lamp is using an alternating current, so can produce 100-120 times per second the stroboscope. Leds using LED constant current work, is to put the alternating current into direct current, directly reduce the LED light failure, start quickly, flicker-free, protect your eyes. 5: no mosquito bother leds will not produce ultraviolet and infrared radiation, no mercury and other harmful substances, produce less heat. So you don't like traditional lamps and lanterns, there are a lot of mosquitoes around the light source. Indoor become more clean and tidy. 6: wide voltage range of the traditional fluorescent lamp is lit by the release of the high voltage rectifier, cannot light up when the voltage reduction. And LED lamps and lanterns is within a range of voltage can light up, Such as AC - 85 265 v) 7: save electricity long life LED lamp power consumption is under a third of the traditional fluorescent lamp, life is also the traditional fluorescent lamp 10 times, with the traditional fluorescent lamp brightness, normal service life of 30000 hours, power saving as much as 70% above, can use for a long time without replacement, reduce the labor cost, more suitable for hard to replace. 8: solid reliable LED lamp body itself is used rather than the traditional glass epoxy resin, more solid, even smashed on the floor and the LED will not be easily damaged, it is safe to use. 9: good commonality LED bulb shape, size and traditional fluorescent lamp, can replace traditional lamps and lanterns. 10: colorful advantage produced various colorful LED luminous color lights. Foshan constant road lighting electrical appliance co. , LTD has 18 years of professional experience in production of lamps and lanterns, more than 20000 customers first. Our every kind of lamps and lanterns is designed by senior engineer, product through a variety of international standard testing, quality assurance, quality, good after-sales service, deeply trusted by customers.
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