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Straight down type LED panel light

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-08-30
LED panel light is also called the straight down type are light-emitting LED flat light, English translation for LEDBack - LitPanellight, price is a populist, style is concise and easy indoor project according to the LED lamps and lanterns. At present, the mainstream of LED panel light form still is given priority to with side emitting LED panel lights, using light bead on the panel light edges, with light and paper guide plate away from, make it even by light shine. And straight down type LED panel light, as the name implies, is the direct positive lamp lighting panel. Combined with the market some customer feedback, summary the advantage of the straight down type LED panel lights are as follows: 1, high light efficiency: LED lamp bead light directly through the diffuser plate exposure, less than the side light panel light medium such as paper of light absorption of light guide plate, so the light utilization efficiency is higher. 2, cost savings: straight down type of LED panel light kit is simple than side light, saves more side shine core guide plate, and the overall cost of higher cost performance. 3, extend the life of the lamps and lanterns: side light contrast straight down type LED panel lights have a obvious disadvantage, is the guide plate, ink and reflective film lamp bead close, use at a high temperature for a long time under the condition of turntable, easy to aging, use light rate reduced, greatly shorten the life of lamps and lanterns. And straight type panel under the lamp would not have this concern, the lamp bead hair hot spot and the diffuser plate has a certain distance, also ensure the lamps and lanterns of longer life span. Straight down type LED panel light of obvious advantages, disadvantages and is, in order to ensure uniform glow, lamp bead and diffuser plate should have a certain distance, this had decided the thickness of the straight down type LED panel lights will be slightly bulky, but with the improvement of technology, gradually improve the LED lamps and lanterns shine effect, make the straight down type of LED panel light design is gradually improved. Share constant road lighting straight down type LED panel light design effect, seem to be much slimmer than market style sven!
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