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state agencies urged to use creative methods in fight against dengue

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-10-01
All relevant government departments or local agencies have been told to step out of the box and continue to prevent dengue cases in the state.
Dr Datuk Mah Hang, chairman of the Perak health committee, said soon that despite the 62% drop in dengue cases so far this year, he said that the parties should continue to work to reduce this number.
\"As far as we are concerned, we have done what needs to be done.
We have taken a lot of steps to reduce dengue cases, \"he told reporters after hosting an anti-dengue conference.
On Monday, the dengue fever committee meeting was held at the city renovation center in Ipoh.
\"We have made a lot of achievements in reducing statistics, but I hope we can further reduce them,\" he said . \".
Measures taken include reminding students to keep their surroundings clean during school rallies.
Other measures, he said, include confiscation of abandoned homes, issuance of subpoenas and cleaning.
Dr Mah said dengue cases have dropped significantly this year compared to 2015.
\"We recorded 3,266 cases this year, compared to 8,535 last year,\" he said . \".
However, he said that Taman Seri jiuchongge in The Jinta region remains a hot spot in the state.
\"So far, 19 cases have occurred there.
We expect the outbreak to end by November 19.
He said: \"Pan Ji town is another area where the epidemic is currently occurring, with four cases . \" He added that 60% of dengue cases in the state were caused by construction sites and empty houses.
Dr Ma also said the committee would change its name
Commission for dengue fever and Zika
\"While there are no Zika cases in the state, I think the Commission should be renamed to have the same carrier for both diseases,\" he said . \".
Asked about recent updates on the fire at Raja Permaisuri Bainun hospital, Dr Datuk Juita Ghazalie, director of the National Ministry of Health, said the maintenance work began last Saturday.
\"The Ministry of Health has provided a special allocation of 25 000 yuan for this work.
The 44 ceilings in the affected ward will be replaced . \"
\"Work should be done this week,\" she added . \".
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