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sporting goods product list

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-24
The world\'s largest sporting goods trade show is taking place in Atlanta.
Called Super Show.
CBS News consumer reporter Herb Weisbaum reported on the latest product of the sports suit. iFit.
Com now, you can link your home workout device to the internet and be controlled and monitored by a virtual trainer.
These interactive training is from www. ifit.
Com website compatible with treadmill, home gym, bike and ellipse.
Price now: iFit. com-
Compatible treadmill starts at $600, Twilight balls from Huffy: these high
High performance basketball uses the new ultra-light technology, a patented LED lighting system that illuminates the ball from the inside, so the ball maintains its integrity and high performance.
And a twilight football.
Available at: $20: MAYAPPROXIMATE$25www. huffysports. com.
Sports neon lights glowing on the streets: These small batteries
The power tube is on both sides of your body --
Line up skates for them to enjoy themselves at night events.
From the same people who made neon accessories for cars.
They have all kinds of colors.
Price: $ 25www. streetglow.
ComBreakthrough short term: comfort and support for pregnant women in this new short term.
It can lift and maintain the abdomen, among other things, and help relieve the pressure on the bladder.
Price: $ 49www. mothers-in-motion.
Com Trend News heat wave 2019 Iran caught the British tanker prisoner released under the first step act, Ragu recalls anything like a skateboard you \'ve seen.
It feels like surfing and skiing. The funky in-
The lie design creates a smooth turn.
It is light weight, but made of avant-garde aluminum.
It is important to come to the United States now in Australia.
Price: $ 300www. dirtsurf.
ComDunlop Golf Score Keeper: This new watch allows you to keep track of your batting and batting.
It can even save 50 games for future reference.
Price: $ 35www. dunloptime.
ComChip Mate: This 30 \"by 30\" indoor/outdoor target will allow you to practice shooting and placing your chips.
For storage convenience, there are only 3 It personnel at most.
Price: $ 60www. thechipmate.
Saturn\'s comFun holder flyer: There\'s a simple non-
Slip super grip edge.
This is a new way to play catch.
There are all kinds of cool fabric patterns.
Price: $10 information: 1-800-653-
2719 Rawlins ponytail softball this radio controllld pitching machine is specially designed for girls aged 8-12 and above.
The wireless remote is located on bat.
Starting price: $30 available: Now
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