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south african grannies: how these india-trained solar engineers are lighting entire villages

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-26
South Africa\'s Solar mamas, trained in India, lit up the light of \"Men cannot train\" in 12,000 houses in 161 villages;
They are highly competitive and require certificates.
The person who learns the craft will never teach another person, \"said the Sanjit \'bunker\' Roy of.
\"Women, on the other hand, are stable learners.
They have a good grasp and always teach other women what they learn.
Roy says the process is to assemble solar lanterns.
The woman he mentioned was the grandmother from the South African country.
Roy\'s barefoot Academy is a grassroots campaign launched in Tilonji, Rajasthan in 1972, dedicated to community development.
His campaign has been dropping out of education.
Out for decades.
In 2005, the barefoot Academy began training women to assemble the solar lights.
So far, 700 women from several countries in the Middle East, the Pacific and South Africa have graduated from the college.
However, running barefoot was the most successful in South Africa.
\"Our outside facilities are in Zanzibar.
Another appeared in South Sudan.
Tanzania and Bukina Faso also plan to build facilities, \"said barefoot CEO Megan Ferron.
Each of these countries has pledged $4, 00, 000 for the upcoming facilities.
Between them, they powered 161 full villages with solar energy, covered nearly 12,000 houses, and saved nearly 1 million liters of kerosene from polluting the atmosphere.
It has made important contributions to addressing climate change.
On Wednesday, a group of 25 current batches of South African grandmothers and their Indian counterparts will welcome the first lady of South Africa.
At the factory in Tilonji, women who had been trained for six months learned to make. 40-
Watt LED wall light with USB port and charger for mobile phone and 10-
Watt panel light with mobile phone charger.
\"They also accepted a workshop and when we sent them away they would get a starter kit that lasted two years,\" said Ferron . \".
Roy said it plans to expand the work to bring light to families of more than 120,000 families in 100 communities and will train another 480 women over the next 3 years.
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