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sony unveils new range of led tvs

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-28
Sony India released its new series of LED TVs on Wednesday, aiming to maintain its leadership and share the Tablet TV market in the current fiscal year.
Japanese consumer electronics giants are also planning to launch tablets this year. end.
The new range of 15 led TV models ranges from 22 to 65 inch, and the price is between Rs. 20,900 and Rs.
900, driven by X
A unique electronic reality
Provide a good picture engine for Sony TV.
The Internet is also supported for 9 full HD 3D TVs.
\"Bravia is our flagship product, accounting for 35 of total sales.
This fiscal year, we plan to maintain 30 market share with strong product line support
Masaru Tamagawa, managing director of Sony India, told reporters here: \"Positive marketing strategy and steady expansion plan . \".
He pointed out that the demand for led TV is rising, and as of April, the contribution of led TV to the total sales of tablet computers was 15
Tamagawa said Sony has driven this growth by providing the best quality LED TVs in the Indian market.
\"To support our ambitious business plan, we have been waiting in line for Rs.
Invest 150 crore marketing for multimedia brand activities.
\"Sony is also aiming to expand this number to 1,000 by opening 6,000 new outlets in the current fiscal year, allowing for active channel expansion,\" he added . \".
He is referring to the tablet market.
Tamagawa said the company will launch a Sony tablet in India this year.
\"This will happen at the same time as the global release,\" he said . \".
Sony is developing S1 (codename)
For Media Entertainment and S2 (codename)
Ideal for mobile communications and entertainment.
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