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so many flat-panel tvs. which is right for you?

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-17
TAUBJUNE Month, 2009 a few years ago, interested consumers were set to ask themselves just a simple question: do I have a spare $10,000?
Nowadays, as the price of LCD TV and plasma hd TV is getting lower and lower, flat panel TV is close to commodity status;
A lot of big standing outside-
Box retailer, you will see customers rolling TV on their cars.
As a result, the well-known and almost unknown TV manufacturers are introducing new features and system adjustments to differentiate themselves from competitors and allow consumers to buy.
Buying a flat panel TV today means figuring out what resolution you need, how much contrast the TV can produce, whether the sound system is sufficient, and whether the collection can be connected to the Internet and-
The most important thing is
How to distinguish important functions from marketing gimmicks.
If you\'re ready to buy a new TV, here\'s an overview of the latest marketing perspective and some tips on how to make a decision.
Advertising Plasma. LCD VS.
LED while the LCD TV attracts the public imagination and the majority of the TV market share, the plasma TV still has an advantage in sensing the clarity of the image, the richness of the black TV, usually the price.
Smaller sets with a size of less than 40 inch are available only as LCD models.
In larger sizes of 50 inch and above, plasma is often cheaper than LCD.
To increase sales and profits, several manufacturers including LG, Samsung and Toshiba have launched so-called LED TVs.
There is no such thing as led TV;
They just use led instead of fluorescent lights to light the LCD TV on the screen.
According to the type of LED configuration used, some LED-lit LCD TVs —
Those who use so-
Called backlight array
Create a richer black color than a standard LCD TV, close to what the plasma TV has reached.
But be careful: if you choose LED-
Light up the LCD today and you may pay a high price premium compared to the standard configuration.
For example, the Toshiba Regza SV670 is 46-inch LED-backlit LCD.
The recommended retail price is $2,300. A 46-
Panasonic\'s inch plasma price is only $1,100.
Eliminating the myth about the plasma group in the early stage of plasma has been bothering the problem of image burns --
High power consumption and relatively short display life.
But these problems have been solved in today\'s scenario.
For example, Panasonic\'s plasma panel provides a life span of 100,000 hours before the image is darkened to 50% of the original brightness.
If you watch 4 hours of TV every night, this milestone will not be reached for 68 years.
In terms of picture quality, the plasma TV is still the benchmark and will usually reach a higher black level (
Therefore, higher perceived resolution)
Better motion reproduction and better viewing angle than most LCD TVs.
Jim Wilcox, senior electronic editor of Consumer Reports, said: \"the best liquid crystal displays are now approaching the ability of plasma to display black levels . \".
Advertising Viewing angle if you usually watch TV on the floor with your family or have friends lying on the sofa watching large game LCD TV, the viewing angle is limited and may not be for you
LCD TVs tend to lose contrast and color saturation when you leave the center of the screen.
\"The LCD viewing angle has gone from bad to good, but there are still many sets that are fair,\" he said . \"Willcox.
Traditionally, motion detection LCD TV shows that motion is more troublesome than plasma TV.
If you watch sitcoms and news shows a lot, that\'s fine.
But if you like fast
Moving the movement you will want the first base that will not turn the slides into a vague mess.
Manufacturers have improved the way LCD TVs handle motion by introducing televisions using 120 Hz technology;
Simply put, the Circuit of the group doubles the number of video frames, thus smoothing the motion.
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Some manufacturers went one step further by introducing a 240 Hz TV, doubling the number of frames.
Can most people see the difference?
According to executives from top TV makers, unless you buy a huge TV, you may not.
But it\'s also a good marketing strategy.
Before you pay extra for the 240 Hz TV set, watch your favorite DVD on the TV that uses the device
Expensive 120 Hz technology to see if you can tell.
When 1080p TV is almost a standard issue, you can still save money by buying a lower TV if you are on a tight budget
The resolution is set at 720p or 1080i.
Whether you can see the difference in screen clarity depends in part on how far you are from the TV set.
If you look at 30-
20 feet hd TV screens, they all look the same.
Various charts can show you how far away you should be from a specific size screen in order to maximize the perceived resolution.
Nowadays, the advertising of flat-screen TVs is getting thinner, and some plasma TVs and LCD TVs are no more than 1 inch thick.
The thinner the price is.
Unless you are going to install the TV on the wall, the thinner TV sets may give you bragging rights, but they will also give you thinner wallets as prices rise.
Also, the thinner the setup, the harder it is to get a decent sound from speakers that usually need to face down to save space.
Gary murson, owner of HDGuru, said: \"The speaker facing down is not working well . \". com.
\"They sound like you\'re talking to someone in the face of someone away from them. ”ARE YOU WELL-CONNECTED?
Modern HD TVs, as well as other audio and video components you will join them, use the HDMI cable as a standard connection method.
Unlike other cables, HDMI combines audio with video; Blu-
The light signal can only be plugged through HDMI.
Before deciding to buy, figure out how much HDMI input is needed on your TV.
If you plan to connect Blu-ray
Ray or DVD player, audio receiver, digital video recorder and video game console can have up to four.
Some manufacturers offer a side
HDMI input is installed to facilitate the occasional insertion of a digital video camera.
Most manufacturers, including LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp and Vizio, have launched many new HD TVs with proprietary networks
Access certain movies and TV shows based on content such as news, weather, YouTube videos, Picasa photo sites, and from Netflix and Amazon\'s online download service.
To receive it, you need an hd TV with an Ethernet connection.
The new model is starting to show up, providing a wireless connection, perfect for someone with Ethernet access in another room.
Even if you are not interested in accessing the Web
Based on the content on the TV, when the manufacturer needs to upgrade the operating system of the digital TV to, for example, solve the non-compatibility between it and the TV, the Ethernet connection may be usefultop box.
One day, the manufacturer will be able to remotely diagnose any problems with the TV using the internet connection of the TV.
Electronic Manufacturer Sharp\'s advertising technicians have been able to adjust image quality remotely over the Internet.
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