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shelter: a skyline view from a 2,000-square-foot terrace

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-25
Gabrielle Landry is a self. Admit \"nerd.
She grew up in laurentiz and was \"a very good student\" at school \".
She was awarded the Governor\'s Academic Medal while attending the private institution akadmi lafendan.
Her ambition is to become a science journalist.
\"I like to talk to people and attend meetings)
With this in mind, Landry began to learn biomedical science.
Her research led to five.
She worked as an intern for a month in Bordeaux, France, where she worked in a lab.
She\'s been dissecting mice most of the time, but she doesn\'t like it (
\"It\'s a little lonely \").
After working abroad, she decided to focus on family medicine.
She was admitted to the University of Montreal.
After graduation, Landry began her current work as a sexual health specialist.
She works at a clinic in the city center and is only a stone\'s throw from her apartment in Montreal. Her 1,100-square-
The foot home is not in the rebuilt 19 th century warehouse (
Like so many apartments nearby)
It\'s part of a modern complex.
Built in 2008, the apartment is located on the 10 th floor. It has a 2,000-square-foot terrace —
Twice the size of the apartment itself.
It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, one long glass with one pair at each end
Enclosed living/dining area near the open kitchen. (Laughs. )
Medicine takes a long time to train.
Nine years as far as I\'m concerned!
It was not until recently that I decided that it was time to buy.
I like the atmosphere here.
In the summer, everyone is on vacation. There are horses on the street.
You feel like you\'re in a village in France.
But it\'s actually my job that determines the scope of my work.
The clinique a I work for is within walking distance.
I have been living in Old Montreal for a few years and rented a place on the 6 th floor of the first phase of this complex.
The woman who rented me the place I used to live in was-
We have become friends.
She actually lives in this apartment with her ex.
But he left Canada and sold the place.
She was clearly clear on this and told me it was a good deal.
As soon as I entered the door and saw all the lights and huge terraces, I knew it was like this!
It makes no sense to see other apartments.
When you walk in after a hard day of work, it\'s so refreshing.
In the evening, it was great when the city was illuminated! Yes.
I am not interested in decoration.
I want to create a feeling of \"country fashion\" and that\'s why I Mix metal and wood together. The barn-
My own idea is the wall.
I have a contact who knows where to find it and how to install it.
I had furniture in my previous apartment so I bought everything new.
I found the mirror in the home theater.
This fixture comes from the Deco fixture at dix30 on the fourth floor.
Floor only.
The rest is after I live here. Deliveries. Painting. A mess!
But it\'s fun because it\'s the first one!
The shelter is a weekly series of conversations with tenants or apartment owners. Dr.
Gabrielle Landry, 1,100 square feet plus 2,000 in Montreal, 31-square-
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