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shamed nhs fatcat katrina percy lands herself a new £240k job created just for her

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-30
A fat cat who resigned as boss of the NHS mental health trust has created a new job for her.
The 43-year-old Katrina Percy, who resigned as chief executive, will be paid £ 240,000 to advise Southern Health.
The job did not exist before. She was the only candidate.
After her trust failed to investigate the death of hundreds of patients, MS Percy was criticized.
It admits it\'s responsible for 18-year-old Conor Scarborough drowning in a bathtub in Oxford.
A survey found that his death in 2013 was caused by \"serious mistakes\" and negligence.
Since then, the learning disability unit has been closed and on June, the Southern Ministry of Health accepted responsibility for his death.
Last week, Connor\'s sad mother heard that Katrina Percy, the humiliated boss of the trust fund, kept her six children. figure salary.
Dr Sarah Ryan, 51, told The Sun: \"We are talking about a national health insurance system that is underfunded under pressure, however, money can be used to make toxic jobs that are not competent
\"Katrina Percy has to go.
I don\'t understand how she kept her job in the South.
\"She was actually allowed to take gardening leave.
Tim Smart, chairman of the Trust, insists that Percy\'s new role must be MS.
Dr. Maureen Rickman, whose sister died under the care of the trust fund, said: \"She should be fired.
The mental health charity, Sane, said it was \"an insult to all families who died unexpectedly under trust care \".
Last week, MS Percy resigned as chief executive for failing to investigate hundreds of accidental deaths.
The jury found \"serious mistakes\" in the trust, including his bathing arrangements.
I heard that Connor will stay in the bathtub for three hours at a time.
In July 4, 2013, he was found drowned in a bath in the unit and did not respond.
The juror heard the staff informed that he should be checked every 15 minutes during the bath.
Despite his epilepsy, autism and learning disabilities, Connor\'s family gave him the nickname \"Laughing Boy.
Relatives talked about his passion for justice and human rights.
Speaking of Percy\'s job conversion, Dr. Ryan said: \"If you read the trust fund statement carefully, they will make her sound like she is leaving.
It is shameful that she is allowed to insist on her salary.
This is offensive to us and the British public.
\"They let so many families down.
Failure is not over. They abuse their status and spend money to cover up their mistakes.
\"Last night, the health supervisor was under increasing pressure to fire Percy because the trust company disappointed the patient\'s family and they told The Sun that she had to leave.
Angela Smith, 52, died of a drug overdose after struggling with serious mental health problems.
Her family described how her condition deteriorated to the point where she did not leave the house.
Relatives say she can\'t face the outside world despite her intelligence and talent for writing.
The 89-year-old father, Donald Smith, accused the South of abusing his daughter, and the doctor told him that they could not do anything for her.
Donald held back tears and said to The Sun: \"I am shocked that Percy has been given a new role with the same salary.
She should have been fired.
\"She should not be asked to resign, nor should she be given a gold handout.
These people in charge of Southern Health manage Southern health just like some friendly little society.
\"It\'s their fault that people are dying.
They are responsible for the death of many people, but they still maintain a high-paying job.
\"Her other role as an expert advisor is like a blind person leading a blind person.
On last November, 74-year-old Marion Munce died on the highway bridge while her family was waiting for a mental health worker to help her.
An investigation into the mothers of the two deaths began in October 24.
Her daughter, Angela mutt, said: \"There\'s nothing that can get my mom back, but we want to know what\'s going on.
\"I can\'t tolerate other people losing such a dear one in the same terrible way.
A survey commissioned by the UK\'s National Health Service System found that only 272 of the 722 deaths in the past four years have been properly handled by the trust fund.
Other families asked for answers, including Louise Locke, a 44-year-old college advisor, who was found hanged in May 2015.
One investigator heard that her request for admission had been ignored the day before her death;
Liam Sullivan, a 32-year-old student mental health nurse, was found hanged in his apartment in April 2015.
He talked about the idea of suicide a few weeks before his death, but did not make any crisis plans for him;
David West, 28, died of substance abuse in 2013 because a psychiatrist wrote in his patient notes that he was \"toxic to the system \";
20-year-old Tessa Summers died of a drug overdose in September 2013.
She lives in a safe place after a motorcycle accident that injured her neck.
She had a caregiver but was given medication the day she died.
According to a survey report, social workers have rated Tessa as self-risk.
The damage was low but there was no record of why they did so.
Andrea, a 50-year-old mother of Tessa, said: \"Percy has to go.
She\'s long gone in any private sector.
The whole system needs to be restarted.
\"The message from her new role is that government departments don\'t seem to be bound by the rules that the rest of us follow.
Southern Health says the trust fund has investigated the deaths of David West, Conor Sparrow Wacker and Tessa summers.
It added that the deaths of Angela Smith, Louise Locke, Liam Sullivan and Marion Munce occurred outside of the period covered by the NHS England survey, but Southern Health also
A spokesperson for the trust fund said: \"We have been working to improve the way we review, monitor and share learning with our employees.
We now make sure that every accidental death is reviewed by the clinical led team and we will investigate further if there are clinical indications.
\"In Oxfordshire, gham, Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire, 45,000 people enjoy Southern health care.
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