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samsung electric lcd business to be spun off

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-23
SEOUL (Reuters)-
South Korea\'s Samsung Electronics Co. , the world\'s largest TV maker, is shifting its focus to a new generation of OLED display technology and says it will spin off losses --Flat panel LCD
Filter the business to affiliates.
The prospect of LCD TV is already bleak, as shoppers in developed markets have traded on bulky cathode --
Flat-screen TV, the competition from low
Cost Chinese manufacturer.
Display search, a flat-panel TV industry research firm, predicts that global LCD TV sales will decrease by 8% to $92 billion by 2015, while the OLED display market may exceed $20 billion by 2018, accounting for 16% of the entire display industry, up from the current 4%.
Sony Corp. of Japan agreed to withdraw from its LCD joint venture with Samsung in December, while Sharp Corp. said it would halve LCD production in January --
March at a factory in western Japan.
Panasonic, Sony and Sharp are expected to lose $17 billion this year, highlighting the grim situation in Japan\'s electronics industry, especially TV makers from foreign rivals such as Samsung. Weak demand and stronger yen.
Samsung LCD business unit operating loss of 750 billion won ($666 million)last year.
TV is getting smarter.
Connected to other devices like tablets and smartphones
Failure to win in the TV market may hinder the sales of the Japanese group\'s broader consumer electronics series --ups.
Go to Samsung Display Co. , Ltd. , a company called \"Samsung Display Co. , Ltd. \"
Samsung said the off LCD division will officially launch a new business on April 1, with a return on capital of 750 billion won.
Other companies like Samsung and rival LG Display Co are turning to newer organic lightLEDs (OLED)flat-
Screen display is currently mainly used for high
This technology will replace the LCD in a larger range.
Panel of the size of the TV screen.
Samsung Electronics said earlier this month that it is considering taking over all of its mobile monitors (SMD)
OLED joint venture with Samsung SDI subsidiary.
SMD is a near-monopoly supplier of OLED displays, which are thinner and more powerful.
High efficiency, better clarity and color contrast compared to the LCD screen.
It has been speculated that Samsung may give up its full acquisition of SMD, which could take £ 1. 6-2.
The 0 trillion won, instead, transferred its LCD business to OLED manufacturers and received a large number of new SMD shares.
In a statement on Monday, the company said it aims to be more competitive in fast-changing markets, adopting new technologies and making more streamlined decisions --making process.
Samsung Electronics shares fell 0 last time. 1 percent at 1.
0. 174 billion won ($1,000)
Touched an interior before.
One day\'s life is high. 0. 194 billion won. ($1 = 1125. Won 5500)($1 = 1125. Won 5500)(
Reports of Jin mi and Jin Xianzhu;
Editor Jonathan safner and Ian Geoghegan)
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