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salut! | take a tour to see okanagan wineries crush it in fall

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-18
At this time of year, hope will be eternal in the winery.
Thanks to another early spring and a warm growing season, 2016 of the harvest is going well, especially in the Okanagan Valley.
There is no way to know what the outcome will be, but it looks like the grape has a chance to fully mature, which is what the winemaker can ask.
Not all grapes are equal in picking time.
By the time you read this, precocious grapes like suvion, Chardonnay, blackpinot and merlot are being crushed (
Moving south to north)
While growers and winemakers are waiting nervously for wine like Commander Lei and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Plus the vagaries of any year
Whether it\'s cool or hot, wet or dry, or perfect in some cases --
The final selection time depends on the schedule of mother nature.
If you get up early on the way to wine country, keep an eye out for picking dance.
This is a daily ritual, starting with science, which regularly provides the winery with the amount of sugar, Danic acid and acid at the peak of maturity.
Then there is a vineyard walk where growers and winemakers look for signals of stress, sugarcane maturity and other possible suggestions to start picking.
Finally the key Berry tasting.
Chewing grapes is indeed the only way to assess the ultimate physiological state of the crop and make the picking decision.
When it all happens, the grape growers constantly check the weather and start picking in spite of everything, because you never know when it will rain.
The date of selection is very high
No one is willing to make the wrong decision.
In most cases, instinct and years of experience determine the final decision, but no matter how it happens, it\'s a decision that you have to live for the rest of your wine life.
No pressure though!
What we do know is that the smell of fermented grapes has spread to the Okanagan Valley, and if you have not been to the wine country during the harvest, you will get a real treat.
Keep in mind that this is the money making day for the winery.
A lot of people are nervous and too tired, so be respectful and polite and don\'t let grapes and trucks into every winery.
Keep in mind that the smaller the winery, the less likely they will be to host you during the harvest, because they are too busy, so plan ahead.
Following the success of our summer edition of Salut, we have compiled a new list of 10 harvest stations in the fall.
Picking is based on the site, may walk in the vineyard, may catch a glimpse of the ability of the winery team to sort or crush grapes, and if possible we have some places where we can have lunch or dinner.
Keep in mind that crush keeps going day and night at many wineries, so pay attention to nearby tractors, forklifts and trucks.
Don\'t forget to throw an empty wine box or two behind your car to collect your favorite.
The buzzword is \"see me on the 50 th\", which is for its GPS co-
Parallel North coordinates 50, spectacular 61-
Kerry\'s website overlooks Okanagan Lake, which is very cool.
Just a short drive north of Kelowna International Airport, relatively new wineries join the ranks of more and more producers looking for cool vineyards between Kelowna and Vernon.
The red granite soil in the area has been compared to the soil in Alsace, France, for which the vineyards have planted rishlin, Bino griris and guruztraming.
This is a winery to visit if you like architecture.
From the 10 wooden doors that protect the crushing mat and the entrance to the building, to the floating crushing mat located above the pinot noir fermenter, there are no shortage of miracles worth thinking about.
Organize, start with the demonstration vineyard, take one of the grapes to visit the glass, and then come to the wine tasting room through the winery and barrel cellar.
Grant Stanley, the winemaker of the former quails \'Gate, is settling in his vineyards and wineries, and wine has also begun to settle in.
Our choice is$29).
Mixed with six Dijon clones, a bright, juicy, spicy Pinot with red cherry/Raspberry rhubarb fruit that slips easily.
On the 50 th, they bet this is a place where mountains, lakes and vineyards combine for the perfect Pinot experience. They are right.
On a bench in the southeast of Kelowna, two platinum Pinot medals at the Canadian national wine awards are pushing the small northern region
The area on the Okana wine map.
The site is home to the first gentleman farmer\'s vineyards planted in pinot noir, chardonnay and rishlin in 2008.
Of the more than 2014 acres of pinot noir, there are four different Dijon clones.
The concept is to use multiple clones to mix a single variety in multiple blocks to create complexity.
It\'s not all pinot noir, there are commander Lei and Pinot Grimes, both of which add to the knowledge of the style and quality of winemaker Bill Pearson.
East kilona is becoming the Mecca of the producers of pinot noir, and Spierhead has now been identified as one of the best in the valley.
Be sure to pick some pinot noir wine while you\'re at the winery, but don\'t ignore ($23).
Gris is a delicious citrus, Red Apple-
Wine with aromas and aromas is almost one of Pino Grimes\'s outfits.
I like the juicy food that is almost Nordic.
Visited thousands of wineries in my lifetime and I can honestly say that few people have this atmosphere.
The objective of the Cipes family is to produce beautiful wines, which begin with an extraordinary commitment to organic and biological dynamically growing grapes.
Stephen, Ezra, and Gabe Cipes all play roles in the amazing production structure of the summer mountain, which is different from anywhere else in the valley.
They have the same firm commitment to the community, encouraging all those who are willing to listen to reduce waste, more proactive organic and sustainable development in all their efforts.
The winery also actively attracts curious people, allowing them to enter vineyards, gardens and wetlands.
Maybe the best way to experience Summerhill aura is to dine at the hotel
Organic Bistro restaurant at sunset.
Winery chef Alex Lavroff is on site throughout the season serving food from nearby locations
Website biodynamic garden.
I am a huge fan of Commander Lei and Pindi, but the star is the old-year sparkling wine on their label ($88)and/or the ($37).
The family is working to achieve their 2020 vision to achieve organic and sustainable development throughout the valley in less than four years.
I\'m not sure what it will be if it doesn\'t stir up your interest.
Sometimes, when you visit wine country, you just want to have a good time, which is more or less the mantra of samerland.
Now, with the close attention of winemaker Mason sbink, dirty clothes are not just a fun place, it also has the wine you want to drink.
Spink later came to the dirty laundry room through See Ya Ranch, where gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir were undoubtedly a focal point, which made taking over numerous dirty laundry rooms
The winery encourages a picnic lunch of cooked food and snacks you can buysite.
The wine tasting room has a whimsical theme --
Vote through Trip Advisor, a travel site, to select the number one destination in samerland.
Since 1978, the original Gewürztraminer grapes have been present, making them one of the oldest grapes in Area B. C.
It\'s easy to spend an afternoon early or late on the vine --
Covered patio overlooking Okanagan Lake and some spectacular views.
Take the West sign of Arkell road and cross the upper Sheran.
In the fall, we suggest you investigate ($24. 99)
Modern, almost Rhone.
Look at the style in Syrah.
Winemaker Kathy Malone and owner Duncan McGowan built a magical relationship based on trust, which really turned things around.
Over the past five years, Malone has found her curse and the winery has become a poster child for a separate Naramata subsidiaryappellation.
From its unique Muscat otunnell, to its various single vineyards Merlot and the stunning Pinot Gris, the hillside team is working to express its terroir, more importantly, no wine will be overused.
On the hospitable hillside, there is a top winery restaurant located in the Valley of chef Brent Pilon.
Having dinner on any of the decks of the Hillside Bistro is a special experience.
Hillside is the first winery designed by architect Robert McKenzie back in 1997, and the design of old gribeliill is still timeless, as is the surrounding garden.
Our wine is ($30. 42).
If you stay for dinner, roast duck breast with grilled onions, beets, walnut figs and butter pumpkins.
Heidi Noble is fully responsible for the winery
Emphasize the word farm.
JoieFarm opened the door with some of the best wine marketing in North America, and thankfully he avoided the name of this family estate because of something more gentle and connected to the land.
The back label is the best label in the business, as is the front label, packaging and POS.
Of course, none of these make a difference if your wine is forgotten, but at the beginning it gives the winery the possibility to find itself and make wine.
JoieFarm is led by one of the best Gamay Noirs in the valley, full of aromatic white wine and super fresh red wine.
JoieFarm takes food wine very seriously because Noble, a former chef, is very clear that all wines are better matched with food.
To achieve this, a special kind of wood
The burning oven runs from Wednesday to Sunday at 11: 30. m. to 4:30 p. m.
Take-out after 4: 30. m.
Your visit can include authentic Naples-
Eat pizza and local ice cream on the grass with your picnic blanket.
Our wine is ($26).
The grapes that make borolay famous are in B. C.
Joie is a market leader in quality.
Stone, salty and delicious, is the star of the production.
It\'s a winery that surprises visitors every time.
In the view of the Blue Mountains, it is located on the top of the mountain in the center of Okanagan waterfall, with spectacular views from east, west and south to MacIntyre bluff.
A signature rock that distinguishes the warm South Okana from the cool MiddleThe Okanagan Valley
If you are an art lover, fine works are dotted inside and outside the winery. The on-
Site liquity Bistro offers 48 seats indoors, 48 seats on the terrace, and a strict menu of what they call classic Canadian wine country cuisine.
Of course, most of the ingredients can be traced back somewhere in the Okanagan Valley, or the widest part of the Pacific Northwest.
The two wines stand out in terms of fluidity, a bright fresh and inviting Viognier style, and a very decent and delicious Okana pinot noir wine.
Working capital has 30 acres under the vine, and some of the blackbino neighborhoods have a history of more than 20 years, including five Dijon clones and three blackbino heritage clones.
The landscape, art collection and outdoor art exhibitions are a bonus for all visitors.
Our choice is$42).
The reserve has increased the intensity than the regular Pinot and will reward some phones in the next two years.
What can\'t you do throughout the harvest? It is to go, go inside and outside pick sorting, press and clean 24/7.
Most of the events can be observed from the perspective of the entire winery, which is part of a well-organized self-tour.
You can visit a demonstration vineyard and the winery also offers many other activities including private tours and tastings
Deep experience.
You can also bring your hiking boots and walk along the Golden Mile Trail.
Tinghorn\'s home vineyard is connected to a larger network of trails spanning the only separated child
The title of Okanagan Valley.
It also provides the only remaining access points in the range of Kobau Mountain, which you can view 100-year-
Historic Site of Tinhorn Creek stamp factory.
Plan for lunch or dinner (
You need to book)
At the award-winning Miradoro restaurant-site.
Winemaker Andrew Windsor is now settling down to bring a clearer focus to all the tinhorn wines.
You won\'t regret joining the eyebrow club.
Our choice is$34. 99)
, Look at chardonnay with a tighter, more linear nut, flinty, Apple/lemon flavor.
The ancient, individual pine trees standing above the Black Sage bench vineyard are of the same name, and the vineyard is the home of the winemaker Severine Pinte, who is changing the winemaking of the South Okana wine
The winery has been playing the national card for years, but in fact Pinte just used her French experience to help her translate the South Okanagan troyle into some amazing wine
In several places in South OKANA, sustainable organic grape cultivation is a mantra.
On the Le Vieux Pin, Rhone has a clear trend --
Produce mixed wines and some different versions of Viognier, Marsanne, Roussanne and Syrah style wines.
Syrah is a major focus for Pinte, who is working with want and she describes it as five different terroirs from both sides of the Valley, these terroirs featured classque, Equinoxe.
Le Vieux Pin is a paradise for Syrah lovers, but don\'t look at any other wine that they all send out personality.
Our choice is$45).
Cuvee Classic is North Oliver LVP Syrah, a delicious, floral, pepper black red fruit that you can hide before 2020.
Philosophy is simple, where they \"took a long time
The term method of making wine that has always been beautiful: \"It\'s all about wine in vineyards and bottles.
\"It\'s easy to say it\'s harder to do --
But this small Similkameen producer, run by a small group of professionals, has been sticking to growing 10-
From 2005 to 2006, the benches in the Valley of the acres of vineyards are filled with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Baker, little Vido, lovesickness and saimeirong.
Bordeaux is a typical wine, but the result is a stone, mineral, bright clear wine.
They recently opened a wine tasting room where you can stroll through the organic vineyards.
Questions about bed and breakfast.
The winery is part of a small group of pioneers who bring life back to the valley with so much hope.
Ververites had better take a fork in the road to Hope and get to Similkameen along the most crowded highway.
Our choice of wine is$26. 90), a Bordeaux-
A mix of styles from Meile, Cabernet, Pindi, Malbeck and little Verdot.
A dry, fresh, elegant, juicy red that goes well with roast beef.
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