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s.a. wins new jobs in clean energy

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-10-06
CPS Energy CEO is expected to announce the relocation of several clean Energy companies on Mondayenergy-
San Antonio\'s related companies have brought hundreds of good
In the \"new energy economy\" that the mayor has been promoting since his first election, he provides jobs and establishes a company.
By 2015, these companies will bring up to 800 to 1,000 jobs to the city of Alamo, involving areas such as LED lighting, electric vehicles, solar energy, Beneby said.
Assembly or manufacture of cleaning panels-
Coal Technology and Industry
A regional network that works with smart meters to reduce consumer and utility demand for electricity.
In a briefing Thursday, Beneby said the companies also agreed to make additional investments in local education and R & D.
The official announcement planned for Monday afternoon will include a consortium named after the successful bid to build an additional 50 MW of solar energy in San Antonio.
However, Beneby said the option will take place soon, and as of last week the finalists have been cut to two.
The contract is also expected to include the economy-
Solar manufacturing or assembly plants that may be located here, as well as additional investments in education, research and development.
Beneby may also confirm what he has hinted for months: the utility will shut down its two oldest coal-fired power plants by 2018, freeing up resources for cps\'s current power mix
To offset some of the losses, CPS plans to make its first investment in clean energyCoal technology.
In recent weeks, as Beneby has briefed a variety of interested groups, there has been a growing call for this announcement;
More than 400 people participated in Monday\'s event, which CPS hopes will attract national attention.
Last week, he and Castro announced plans for the company to the US government. S.
Energy Minister in Washington
CEO strategy to leverage the size and position of CPA to attract clean public utilities
Energy work aligns with the Vision 2020 of the utility board and Castro\'s SA2020, which points the way for utilities to move towards a low-carbon and more sustainable energy future, this requires improving economic competitive power while achieving sustainable development.
\"We have an inherent advantage that CPS doesn\'t always take advantage of,\" Beneby said . \" He will spend his first year in utilities in August.
CPS is also a vertically integrated facility.
It has its own power plants, poles and wires.
Profit utility companies like Beneby\'s Exelon, which has worked for many years.
This means that, as he said, it can \"extract value\" at all points in the utility \".
On last January, Beneby informed companies interested in working with CPS that he said he would ask them, \"What are the benefits of San Antonio\" from a company perspective \", it is possible to reach more than 700,000 CPS customers, plus many small muni-
Utilities and cooperatives with which CPS works are a highlight.
\"These businesses want to work with CPS,\" he said . \".
\"We have what they want.
One of the companies is Inc.
Headquartered in Raleigh, NY. C.
The company has a proprietary \"energy management and energy-saving system\" that allows CPS and customers to reduce peak energy loads and costs.
The company will move its headquarters here by the end of this year, with 50 jobs, and will employ 150 employees here by 2014.
CPS is committed to purchasing 150,000 of the products from Consett, which will be available free of charge to customers who want them.
Castro expressed little joy at the upcoming announcement.
\"I have a feeling that Monday will be my favorite day as mayor of San Antonio,\" he told the editorial board . \".
Turn San Antonio into a clean one.
The energy center has always been one of Castro\'s top priorities.
The goal of SA2020 is based on Verde, the former mayor\'s sustainability plan, and cps\'s commitment to reducing power demand to avoid the construction of new power plants.
The mayor also praised the growing cooperation between utilities, cities and the Internet.
CPS last year pledged $50 million over the next decade to create the University of San Antonio, which will make progress in areas such as solar integration, energy efficiency and carbon management.
\"This is a joint effort by businesses, academia and the government to create prosperity for the region,\" Castro said . \".
Castro also believes Monday\'s statement is the culmination of a CPA\'s transition from a traditional utility company that claims to be low interest rates but also lacks leadership and community support, become a utility that helps cities move towards a \"new level of prosperity.
\"What you are seeing here today is the overall transformation of CPS,\" he said . \".
\"A well-run, efficient organization with bold aspirations and the ability to achieve them for the whole city.
\"The shift now will include the challenge of replacing about 850 MW of dirty coal with cleaner alternatives, including natural gas, renewable energy, etc.
It is called \"clean coal \".
CPS\'s first investment in cleaning
Coal technology has reached an agreement to purchase 200 MW of electricity from the Texas Clean Energy Project for a 25-year period of 400-
Megawatt coal gasification plant will be built outside Odessa.
At the moment, the TCEP is under development and it will capture up to 90% of carbon and sell it to the oil industry, which will pump into the ground to help squeeze oil.
The plant will also produce and sell urea
Base fat.
Beneby says shutting down coal-fired power plants that produce a lot of cheap power is unheard of in the industry.
\"No one else is doing it.
\"But as stricter environmental protection agencies regulate the pollutants emitted by the state\'s coal-fired power plants, beneby believes that shutting them down rather than spending $0. 55 billion on the necessary pollution control upgrades, it makes more economic sense.
Savings will be used to buy lower prices
To provide sulphur coal for utility companies\' remaining reduced emissions of coal-fired power plants and an increase in solar investment.
Vision 2020 directs utilities to produce 20% of their peak electricity demand with renewable energy by 2020.
CPS has ranked first. 1 in wind-
Energy capacity of municipal utilities
Solar power generation in Texas
Electricity generation as stipulated in the contract.
This includes 14 MW it purchased from Blue Wing, a solar farm in the southeast of Bexar County.
Beneby announced on January that CPS will seek \"big solar\" and seek advice on the construction of an additional 50 MW of solar energy.
The request for this proposal has attracted interest and bids from companies around the world, following last year\'s CPS signing of the 30 MW solar deal built and managed by SunEdison.
A megawatt can power about 200 homes.
This is Beneby\'s first deal to successfully combine more renewable energy generation with economic development.
Except for 3 buildings, 10-
San Diego has agreed to open a regional office in San Antonio with at least half of the power supply
In addition to about 30 temporary construction jobs, there are a dozen permanent jobs.
The company will also invest $300,000 to build a second Renewable Energy Education Center. through ninth-
Another $300,000 was spent on research and development at UTSA.
Castro believes that this model that requires long-term work and investment in education and R & D as a condition for doing business with CPS will help to include San Antonio on the clean energy map.
\"This is the link between sustainability and economic development,\" he said . \"
\"No one has the new energy economy.
Not Portland, not Austin.
It will be San Antonio.
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