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review: samsung r580

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-24
Samsung (
There is already a big market in the tablet TV market)
Has entered the Super
Competitive PC games with product lines
The appearance of the laptop is almost as impressive as the specifications and performance.
Done in the eyes-
Samsung called it \"crystal\", 15 years old. 6-
The R580 also features an Intel Core i5 processor.
The bells and whistles won\'t stop there either. a built in Blu-
Ray drive also allows HD movies to be played.
Looking and feeling bored black plastic and faux silver finish has always been the trend of the day, Samsung wisely chose to stand out from the crowd and decorate the R580 with a crimson finish, the finish fades to black to the edge of the R580 lid.
It\'s shiny, it can be said to be a finger print magnet, but the wave-
Like the theme incorporated into its design, it seems that most stains and stains are hidden.
Some subtle features also add a touch of sophistication to the r580 design.
The chrome grille protects its small integrated speakers, and four small blue LEDs illuminate the touchpad of the r580 for better results.
Fancy sound compared to the crowded fare of most middle class
Full size laptop for R580
The size of the keyboard is easy to use.
The space for touching typists and keys is very large, and a lot of tactile feedback can also be provided when typing.
The R580 TouchPad also earned several bazbrow brownie points, thanks in large part to the inclusion of multiple
Rotate photos and pinch touch gestures-
A troublesome page scalingfree process.
The touchpad is a fairly seamless thing, incorporating the same wave design of the R580, with only matte finish and small blue LEDs in every corner, implying its functionality.
As a Samsung Star, 15 products of the r580 are not surprising.
The 6 \"1366x768 LED backlight screen is very eye-catching, bright colors, dark black and strong bright white are the current trend.
From the outside, the r580 speakers may look small, but they managed to make a surprising, rich and loud sound.
The port is also rich.
In addition to the mandatory power adapter socket, the R580 contains all the ports you may need.
In addition to the standard VGA, Ethernet, HDMI, USB and eSATA/USB combo ports, ExpressCard/34 and Blu-
Ray drive, and a 3-in-
A media card slot is an ideal choice for transmitting digital media (
Such as photos of digital cameras).
Last but not least, the R580 has a 1. 3-
The megapixel webcam located on the top screen border is ideal for using Skype and other videos to keep in touch with friends and familyplus-VoIP apps.
Performance with 2.
With a 26Ghz Intel Core i5 processor backed up by 4gb RAM, the R580 is more capable of handling most of the tasks you want to perform.
Add GeForce GT 310M graphics card (
512 MB of memory)
, The R580 has also become a game machine that all games can pass except for the most heavy games.
At 1024x768, the R580 provides a frame rate of 46 fps and a frame rate of 15 fps at 1366x768.
While these results may not set the world on fire, they can still play.
Many will also argue that battery life is the performance specification of any laptop.
Under typical use (e. g.
Web browsing, email, watching video files, plus some light games)
, The R580 was successful less than three and a half hours before running out of juice and crying wall power outlets.
This is not too shabby considering the r580 specs, for some in-
Flights to Australia Entertainment.
Samsung\'s judgment of the R580 is very correct, successfully achieving a viable balance of power supply, portability and availability, and completing a compelling design.
Add a blue light
Ray drive is a nice touch and decent accelerated graphics, a versatile choice for multimedia experts and gamers.
Samsung R580 laptop costs $1599 technical specs: Windows 7 main premium screen: $15.
6 inch 1366x768 CPU: Intel Core i5 in 2.
13GHz RAM: 4GB storage: 500GB hard drive, Blu-
Ray drive connection: 4x USB, microphone and headphone jack, VGA, HDMI, Ethernet, SD/MMC card reader, Bluetooth 3.
0 size: 293x207x 25mm Weight: 1.
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