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refrigerators that keep their cool without overheating the planet

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-09
Last week, more than 170 countries signed a global agreement to phase out hydrogen fluoride (HFCs)
Cooling the appliance from 2019.
This is expected to reduce the harm of refrigerators to the Earth, because
The capture effect of HCFs is about 1,000 times higher than that of carbon dioxide.
Air conditioning is the other major household appliances included in this agreement.
Consumer Reports fully support the international agreement, which can remove the equivalent of 70 billion tons of carbon dioxide from the Earth\'s atmosphere.
But what if you can\'t wait until 2019 to buy a new refrigerator?
It turns out that some manufacturers have turned to a safer alternative coolant.
Our refrigerator experts combed our refrigerator ratings to find the best option on these planetsFriendly model
And other top products.
Refrigerators that use various innovations to minimize the impact on the environment.
Liebherr cs2060hfc-
All refrigerators of German manufacturer Liebherr now use alternative coolant instead of HFCs. This 36-inch-wide built-
Is the highest-
This includes excellent temperature control and quiet as well as solid energy efficiency.
This is one of the few buildings.
There are two ins on the market that pull out the drawer of the refrigerator, helping to organize all the frozen food.
Bosch B11CB50SSSHFC-
This service is freeinch-wide bottom-
Bosch refrigerator is another one-
Free fridge available today. The cabinet-
The depth model combines very good temperature control, energy efficiency and quiet in our tests, one of the few built in models we seein wine rack.
GE Monogram zic30gnziihfcs-Free of charge. in bottom-
GE\'s refrigerator is one of the few refrigerators today that do not use HFCs.
Instead, it cools with R600a refrigerant and has a lower global warming impact. Though the 30-inch-
GE missed our recommendation list and it got a stable score in our temperature
Performance and energy
Efficiency test.
Blomberg brfb1452 ssnhfc-
Free Blomberg, another German manufacturer, has begun to shift to an alternative coolant starting with a refrigerator less than 36 inch wide. This 30-inch-wide bottom-
The fridge is not a list of categories we recommend, but it provides solid temperature control and energy efficiency.
Samsung rf22k9381sr energy miser although still using HFCs, but this is really four
Samsung\'s door refrigerator combines excellent temperature control and energy efficiency.
In fact, the annual operating cost of the class is $67, which is one of the lowest.
If you maintain a lower \"elastic area\" in refrigerator mode instead of using it as a refrigerator, the energy consumption will be lower.
LG LTCS20220SEnergy ghost, top notch due to its compact design
The fridge is the most dynamic
Efficient type of refrigerator.
Thanks to its LED lighting and linear compressor, this LG uses less power in our rating than almost all other models.
It\'s also the top
Ranked Among Top Models
The freezer, thanks to its compact design, is very efficient as a category. It uses HFCs.
LG LFXS32766SEnergy financial fans still use HCFC, the LG variable
The speed compressor can make it run more efficiently because it does not cycle continuously. (
This also helps with noise. )Also, the door-in-
The door function allows you to access frequently consumed items such as drinks and condiments without having to enter the main room all the time.
Samsung rs25h5 121sr energy miser-
Scorer in the teamby-
The efficiency of the side refrigerator is also outstanding, in part because of its LED tower lighting, which illuminates the interior with minimal heat and energy output.
Its dual evaporator keeps the best humidity and reduces food waste. It uses HFCs.
KitchenAid KBFN502ESSEnergy miser not much is built in considering their size
In the fridge, we managed our energy very well.
Efficiency test.
Although it uses HFCs, these 42-inch-
Wiide KitchenAid is an exception with a $58 electricity bill per year, one of the lowest in the category.
Its temperature control and quiet are equally impressive.
GE GNE29GSHSSSustainable like GE Fa
This CR dial was made at the main factory in Ky Louisville.
This makes it more sustainable than refrigerators made overseas and shipped to the United States. S.
Plus GE is one of the most reliable brands in France
Category, so it should give you years of service. It uses HFCs.
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