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quebec\'s diversity forum ineffective, misses the point, group says

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-10-04
\"While we believe employment is very important, racism plays a role in many other issues,\" such as health care, education, public safety and policing.
On the same day, Quebec held a controversial forum on diversity and anti-diversity
A coalition of groups has announced that it will hold its own independent consultations in the province on systemic racism.
At a press conference on Tuesday, the main theme of the conference was
Including more than 40-racism groups —
Saying that it felt that the forum in Quebec had shrunk too far and could not work, missed that.
To clarify the issue, the alliance said it plans to listen first.
Québec people fight systemic racism through consultation, and they will hold consultations in the near future.
It would have done so without the participation of the provincial government.
\"The key part for us is putting citizens who have experienced discrimination at the heart of the whole process,\" said Mei Qiu of the China progressive association of Quebec.
\"Opportunities for citizens to express and share their experiences are key to our suggestions later.
At the government\'s Forum, Quebec people who had experienced systemic racism were excluded, the group said. Tuesday’s one-Days of government
The led panel in Quebec is the wreckage of the original declared full panel
The provincial committee on systemic racism and discrimination led by the Quebec Human Rights Commission.
The provincial government has been criticized for removing the original concept and turning it into a forum on the value of diversity rather than solving problems directlyon.
On Tuesday, the group said the government \"abandoned\" the original idea and betrayed those who pushed it forward.
It condemned the use of the term \"racism\" by government officials for political reasons and turned the situation into a more moderate forum for employment and migration.
So Alexandra Pierre of the Forum Ligue desdroitset liberés, held in Quebec on Tuesday, said he did not address the topic that people wanted to talk about first: systemic racism.
\"While we think employment is very important, racism plays a role in many other issues,\" Pierre said . \" He cited health care, education, public safety and public security as examples.
Asked to use the word \"systemic\" after political supportand-
The choice was considered and important, said Pierre.
\"Contrary to what is said, we are not saying that all Québec people are racist,\" she said . \".
\"That\'s what we said (
Racism exists)
In our social structure
In Quebec, there are \"mechanisms and institutions\" that create discrimination, she added \".
\"That\'s why it\'s important to investigate it,\" she said . \".
\"This is happening on a subconscious level.
\"Saying that the government lacks the courage to deal with this issue, Haroun Bouazzi, head of AMAL-Québec (
Secular Quebec society for Muslims and Arabs)
The group will take the time to complete the project properly, he said.
He did not give a timetable, but said it did not depend on the political agenda.
\"What we are doing today is for our children,\" Bouazzi said . \".
\"We didn\'t do it for us.
We do this for Quebec and for the next generation of Quebec people.
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