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pm-led panel likely to meet on jan 24 to appoint new cbi chief

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-10-03
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The power election commission led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to meet on January 24 to appoint a new director of the Central Bureau of Investigation to succeed arlock Wilma, and his ouster sparked a major political
In addition to Modi, Ranjan Gogoi, Chief Justice of India, and Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge, leader of Congress, are also other members of the group.
Harger asked for a group meeting as early as possible to appoint a new director of the CBI because the agency could not be managed by the interim director, who said the appointment of the interim director was illegal.
After the removal of Verma, Indian police chief M Nageswara Rao was appointed interim director of the CBI.
Sources said the government had proposed a meeting as early as January 21, and Harger wanted a meeting on January 24 or 25.
The source said that after consultation between the parties, the government has set a date for the selection of a new CBI director for the meeting on January 24, and it is reported that Kharge has approved his appointment
The date is in advance.
Since Alok Verma was removed from the position of director of CBI and was appointed director of the Directorate General of fire at the meeting on January 10, the position of director of CBI has been vacant, and Kharge made objections at the meeting.
Verma was removed within 48 hours of the Supreme Court\'s reinstatement.
Harger opposed the cancellation of Verma, but asked for compensation after the government removed him from his post 77 days, which was postponed.
Congress has been bashing the prime minister for not appointing a full director of the CBI.
Harger also wrote to the prime minister asking for a meeting of the high power Council in advance to appoint a regular director of the British Federation of Industry.
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