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original hoverboard maker, tired of \'unsafe\' stigma, has new board that won\'t explode

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-19
If there is a product that can summarize Western people\'s feelings about China\'s science and technology, it is a hovercraft.
When it debuted in China in 2014, it attracted a lot of inspiration from the West due to its uniqueness and innovation in personal transportation equipment.
Of course, Chinese companies have launched countless imitators in a few months, which are cheap and in a hurry to make, pouring into the global market in central London from suburban California.
On a global scale, 2015 headlines caught fire on hoverboards, and a large number of social media videos showed teenagers out of control in the air.
Today, the general consensus of hovercraft is that they are cheap, gimmicky and unsafe.
This is not very good with Shenzhen.
Headquartered in Chic, the company behind the original hovercraft. (
They have patents for display. )
\"When we got the patent, we didn\'t even call it that,\" said Carlos Xie, product manager at Chic . \".
\"We call ourselves
Balance car.
\"The name may not roll off the tongue, but it is much more accurate than the future description --
Americans came up with love.
Hey, the name is stuck.
Xie said most of the hoverboards rising in flames are counterfeit, although he admitted that his company had problems because they were produced by different factories across China.
Since achieving this, Xie said the company has been working on a sequel: a sequel that rides better, looks better, and most importantly ---won\'t explode.
It took the company two years to develop the project and set up its own factory-
\"We will not let third-party factories make our circuit boards again,\" Xie said . \"-
The finished product is here today.
The new hovercraft is officially named Pi, and the quality of its superior construction is obvious in appearance.
Although the hovercraft we often see is usually made of cheap plastic and has two connecting parts (
It\'s easy to Crunch)
, ThePi is made of aluminum in one, it has quite a lot of weight--
22 lbs, to be precise.
So let\'s talk about the most important question: why is Pi safer than the previous motherboard?
The lithium battery of the Pi is basically wrapped in aluminum twice to protect.
As mentioned earlier, the main body of the circuit board is a huge aluminum housing, but the battery itself is wrapped in another flame-retardant aluminum housing mentioned by Xie.
It also passed the UL2272 test, which was created by an independent safety testing company specifically to test hovercraft, according to Xie.
In fact, during our meeting, teacher Xie was so eager that he took the board apart and showed me the battery.
It is very easy to take apart the Pi and then reassemble it, because the design of the board is modular to some extent.
Wheels and batteries are replaceable, and things like foot pads can be customized in different colors, Xie said.
When Xie took the Pi apart, he pointed out that the whole thing was almost free of wires ---
The only exception is the LED panel--
This is an impressive feat of hovercraft hardware craftsmanship.
Less Wire means less damage.
I handled all the parts and they did feel really strong.
So, in addition to the so-called \"super safe\" battery, the Pi has other advantages over the first generation: the pedal sensor is improved and more sensitive to subtle pressure.
Xie said that it is easier to raise the board.
The Unibody design also makes the circuit board more sturdy because there are no moving parts other than the wheels.
Xie said that all boards are now produced inside the company\'s own Shenzhen factory, and although the company has already launched boards on Kickstarter, mass production has begun.
Chic will also launch the Pi at CES in next January and sell it worldwide.
Now on Kickstarter, the price of the early bird is $499, which Xie admits is more expensive than people might get used.
\"I know someone will say that the price of Pi is too high. d]
\"Because they see hoverboards as cheap plastic toys,\" he said . \"
\"But Pi is not a toy. it\'s a personal vehicle.
It is used instead of bicycles or electric scooters.
\"I\'m not sure if most people in the world can use hoverboards as real means of transport, because there are laws in many cities around the world that prohibit hoverboards on streets or sidewalks, but for those who like to ride for fun, Pi is a big step forward for the hovercraft we are used.
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