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olympic rings adorn tower bridge

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-09
To commemorate the countdown of 2012 Olympic Games in London, the huge Olympic rings have become the highest honor on the Tower Bridge.
London 2012 chairman Lord Coe and Mayor Boris Johnson are among the VIPs who watch Lord Of The Rings
25 metres wide, 11 metres wide. 5 metres tall -
It is located on the central landmark of London on the Thames.
The cost of the production and installation of the 3-ton suspension ring is 259,817 and the estimated cost is 53,000.
All expenses are paid from the £ 32 million appearance and celebration budget, which will be used to support free cultural activities across London. Lord Coe, two.
The 1500-meter Olympic champion said: \"The iconic symbol of the Olympic five rings, inspiring athletes and uniting the people of the world.
For athletes, they represent the climax of thousands of hours of training and reach the highest level of sports.
\"A month before the opening ceremony of the games, these spectacular rings on one of London\'s most famous landmarks will excite residents and tourists of the capital.
\"A light show with a beam of constantly changing colors and intensity will bring the ring to life.
The new lighting system for Tower Bridge will be put into use, involving 1,800 special energy sources
2,000 high efficiency LED light-
Efficient LED linear light, 5,000 m long cable and 1,000 junction boxes.
Mr. Johnson described the landscape as \"brilliant Tower Bridge,\" and he said the landmark was the perfect choice to showcase what London had to offer this summer.
He said: \"In another month, we are doing the final preparations to ensure that everyone in the capital can feel the taste of the celebration and feel part of the Olympic Games.
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