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no decision on cbi chief, pm-led panel to meet again

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-10-03
Prime Minister Modi\'s meeting-
Officials said on Thursday that the decision to lead the selection committee to decide the next director of the Central Bureau of Investigation is still uncertain.
They said there was no decision on the position of director of CBI at the meeting.
\"The panelists shared a list of qualified officers and their files.
But no decision has been made so far . \" An official who asked for anonymity said.
He said that the panel will hold another meeting soon to determine the name.
The meeting was held at the prime minister\'s residence and attended by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Congressional leader Mallikarjun Kharge at the People\'s Court.
After the meeting, Harger told reporters that the names of the officials were shared.
\"Discussion about names.
Their career details were not mentioned, including relevant experience. We (
When it comes to Gogoi CJI)
Ask them to provide all the necessary details.
\"The next meeting is likely to be held next week,\" he said . \".
The position of director of CBI has been vacant since January 10 as Alok Verma left and he has had a fierce fight with Gujarat
Corruption charges against Akesh Asthana cadres of IPS officers.
Both Verma and Asthana accused each other of misconduct.
After Verma was removed from the position of chief CBI, he was appointed director general of fire, civil defense and family Guards ---
A less important portfolio.
Verma did not accept the offer and wrote to the government that he had reached the age of 60 and should be considered a retirement.
In February 1, 2017, he took over as director of CBI in a fixed capacity of two. year tenure.
In a letter to the secretary of the Personnel Training Department (DoPT)
Verma said he could not accept the new tasks offered by the government because he retired in July 31, 2017.
The center has not yet made a public decision on Verma\'s letter.
Mi Nageshwara was overthrown after serving as director of the interim transfer committee, Wilma.
Verma\'s resignations have led to political clashes with opposition parties, mainly Congress, accusing the central government of allegedly interfering with public institutions.
Harger recently wrote to Prime Minister teming Rao to appoint him as the interim chief \"illegal\" officer of the CBI.
He asked the government to hold a panel meeting immediately to make a decision on the new director of the CBI.
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