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news watch; cheaper flat panel monitors roll out of improved factories

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-18
2001 electronics enthusiasts pay little attention to how the company produces electronics.
But in a factory that makes flat-panel LCD monitors for NEC, a process --
Mitsubishi may be interested.
Reason: it caused the price of 18-down by 40%inch screens.
With this change, the price of NEC multiasync LCD 1800 and its slightly redesigned replacement LCD 1830 will drop by $750 to $1,149. A 15-
NEC MultiSync LCD 1530V is currently priced at $549 and is priced at $200 lower.
In order to make displays, manufacturers such as NEC etched electronics from several screens on a \"mother glass\", said Al Giazzon, vice president of business marketing for nec usa.
Then, separate screens are cut out from larger screens.
The old factory can only produce two 18-
15-inch screen or 4-inch screen
An inch screen on a piece of paper.
But NEC has twice as many new factories as 18.
An inch screen produced by a piece of paper, or they can make two extra 15-inch monitors.
\"This means the person who bought C last time. R. T.
The display in 1998 will take the same or less time to upgrade to a flat panel displayGiazzon said.
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A version of this article was printed on page G00003 of the National edition on April 19, 2001, with the title: Newswatch;
Cheap flat-panel displays are available from the improved factory.
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