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new ceilings: looking up.

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-15
New Ceiling: From the point of view of the decorators, the ceiling is the most overlooked surface in the home.
Nothing particularly interesting about the grid of white paint, rows of white tiles or suspended fiber panels.
But the ceiling is not necessarily boring.
Recently, manufacturers of ceiling products are paying more and more attention to design.
Tiles and panels of various patterns, textures and colors have replaced earlier non-aesthetic products.
The easy-to-install top beam is available at the lowest cost.
\"It\'s an exciting place,\" said Larry Skinner.
The challenge now is to choose from dozens of colors and designs.
The new ceiling can provide more than just a nice view overhead.
Many tiles and panels are washable, sound-proof and flame-retardant, making it easier to clean, quieter and safer.
The new ceiling may also solve some problems.
A wide range of lighting will fit most ceiling systems. Panels or Tile?
The suspended panels are better for severely cracked or drooping ceilings.
But panels are not the best option for ceilings that are already very low;
A suspended girl needs at least 3 inch from the original height of arroom.
There are ten old houses.
However, the panels hanging from the foot ceiling can reduce the ceiling by 1 feet or more to create a fresher atmosphere.
The insulated batts installed above the suspension panel saves energy and reduces noise between the floors.
In order to illuminate the room, the glowing panel covering the energy-
The efficient fluorescent lamps add mutedlight.
If there is no serious damage to the existing ceiling and no additional insulation or lighting is required, the tile may be a better top material.
Their size and shape (
A perfect square foot)
Make it easy for them to handle.
The tiles can be glued directly to the paint surface of the ceiling, or they can be nailed to the wooden \"furring\" strip on the ceiling beam.
The seams where the walls and ceilings meet can be hidden under mold.
Armstrong, a tile manufacturer, offers tiles
Mounting kit with metal rails that do not require nails or cement.
Experience richit-
You can set up the ceiling in half a day.
It may take twice as much time for inexperienced people. Home-
Brochures are available at the center store to help recreators estimate material needs and costs.
The price of ceiling tiles and panels starts around 25 square feet of basic white.
More decorative designs cost at least twice as much.
For premium fashion, you have to pay $1 per square foot or more.
Keep in mind that the furring and staples of the tiles, or the grid and hanging lines of the panels, will add 25 per square foot to thecost.
So the price of the 10\' X 10\' ceiling could be around $50 to $200.
If required, do not forget to include the cost of molding, insulation and fixtures when estimating the price of the new ceiling.
Those who are not interested in tiles or panels still have many innovative options to decorate the dull ceiling.
Bob Futerman said he was specifically responsible for the renovation of the old house.
Old-fashioned wood and boxed beams and embossed plaster patterns are returning.
\"We have even seen the return of the tin-pressed panels,\" he said . \".
However, this custom work could cost $10 per square foot, and Bushman advises most homeowners to stick to a stylish but lower-priced alternative.
Box girder, perhaps on the perimeter of the wall in the ceiling \"tray\", adds a new size to the room and allows construction-
In the lighting effect.
These projects are not complicated and it is unlikely that contractors will charge more than one day or more than a few hundred dollars.
As an alternative, home-
Center of store salesit-
Beam kit made of foam plastic.
Truly creative homeowners can replace the ceiling with a price of £ 5
A can of sheetrock joint compound and a broom or paint per gallon.
The texture created or the \"point painting\" effect is pleasing, it hides spots and cracks.
Diluted compounds are useful for application.
Homeowners should check and repair overhead structures and pipes before starting the renovation work.
Otherwise, problems with the old ceiling may appear on the new ceiling, with little gain through effort.
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