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Need a problem with the panel light

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-12-24

at this stage, with the technology of panel lamp becoming more and more mature, the suppliers of panel lamp accessories are becoming more and more active, making manufacturers of panel lamp emerge like volcanic eruptions.

but there are some details that cannot be solved if there is no time to settle.

we listed the following questions:

1. Bright Edge

Many people buy panel lights and find that the brightness near the border is much brighter than other places, thinking that the side light is like this, in fact, it is not, as long as the light guide plate is used well enough and the technology is mature enough, the problem of bright edges is easy to solve.

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2. Highlights

panel lights bought by many people show very small highlights. People will tell you that this is very normal. In fact, this is not the case during the assembly process, the dust fell off. This is a quality problem in dongchuangjia and must be repaired.

3. Dark spots

Is it normal for panel lights to have dark spots?

Obviously not, this is caused by the defect of the light guide plate. Must return repair.

4. Water ripples

Many panel lights are pressed and black water ripples are found to spread inside. This is obviously caused by immature technology. Or choose a professional manufacturer like dongchuangjia.

5. Ripple

have you found that fluorescent tubes will flash in video cameras and digital cameras, and TV will also flash.

In fact, some panel lights will also flash.

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