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nature nurtures at townships\' les côteaux missisquoi

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-24
Do you need a break? Orange Street cones, jackhammers and construction cranes, as well as snarly traffic, the idyllic hideout for simple accommodation in eastern towns, the opposite of busy city life, on all frontsIt’s green.
It\'s handmade. And it’s car-free.
St éphane Adam operates the eco-cluster Les C ô teaux Missisquoi
Accommodation outside StÉtienne-de-
Bolton, there\'s only one-
It\'s an hour\'s drive from Montreal, but it\'s light-
There is still a year from the Metropolitan asylum.
It\'s hidden in a diverse wild forest.
Almost no contact with hemlock, spruce, Maple, pine, fir and birch.
Located at the top of the pants Lake, the site offers panoramic views of the water, the scenic Missisquoi Valley, and the surrounding mountains.
\"Les C. Martteaux Missisquoi is for anyone who loves the outdoors,\" Adam said . \".
\"My guests swim in the river Missisquoi and are massaged by the water flow.
\"We also walk in the forest, observe bird food or look for mushrooms.
More than 80 varieties have been planted in the area.
\"We have a comfortable environment, but it\'s all about tranquility.
Adam will know.
He worked as a computer consultant for 30 years and now he spends as much time as possible exploring the forest and streams.
His favorite outing was a hike along a special route that winds about 200 kilometers from the United States. S.
Close to Sutton\'s border to Richmond and Windsor, cross several peaks including Mount auford, Mount Eko, and Mount Glen.
Les C lecteaux Missisquoi is only a few steps away from one of the trailer openings.
After the tour, relax by the fire pit.
Adam learned the basic architecture from his father, who was a bricklayer.
So far, Les C. Testeaux Missisquoi consists of a welcoming Pavilion and four eco-pavilions
Adam used wood and rock recovered from his own forest to hand build and assemble the cottage and two yurt.
Guests only need to bring camping-
Style items: food, sleeping bags, towels, flashlights, slippers or sandals.
Each accommodation unit comes with drinking water, propane stove, wood stove with wood, kitchen utensils, coffee machine, yes, and even a bottle opener.
Solar panels fuel LED lighting.
Outdoors, each unit has its own fire pit, propane BBQ and picnic table, but many guests also bring folding chairs.
The apartment is about 100 away, so privacy and peace are a must.
\"Our stay is for users-
Friendly as the cottage and yurt are not far from the welcome
Between 90 and 200.
\"We provide carts for luggage and I can help ATV.
There is a shower in both the welcome and several other rooms.
Is the center of St-community lifeÉtienne-de-
Bolton art fair and get-
Party to attract locals and tourists.
In Coop\'s Bistro, chef Lyne laliberé cooked the family lunch specials for about $13, including soups, coffee, desserts and entrees such as Musca or tofu
All-coffee shop-
Lunch from Thursday to Sunday, dinner on Friday, brunch on weekends.
There are ready-made meals in the chicken house, wine, jam, coffee, smoked fish, cheese, maple sugar products from St. VincentÉtienne-de-
Bolton, baked goods from cowensville and trin from Orford, in order to get out of the rough, several Nordic spas are open nearby and offer exciting
It is known for its healthy cuisine, food and rejuvenation.
Overlooking the lake in bromon, there is also a small gourmet bistro.
East of Bolton, there is a eucalyptus steam room, sauna and option to freeze on the Missisquoi River. IF YOU GO: 514-944-6139, ;
573 Bolton Centre Road, St-Étienne-de-Bolton.
Exit 100 east of Highway 10.
Two yurt, $110; cabins, $125-$145;
$20 extra adult; teen, 13-17, $15; under 13, free. Two-
Minimum Friday night. -Sat. Three-
On some holidays, the evening is the lowest.
Including drinking water, firewood, propane, estrie (a $20 p. p. value, . )450-297-3787, ;
Principal. , St-Étienne-de-Bolton. Thurs. , 11:30 a. m-5 p. m. ; Fri. , 11:30 a. m. -7 p. m. ; Sat. -Sun. , 8:30 a. m. -5 p. m. 800-355-5755, .
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