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nabana no sato: japan\'s most extravagant light display

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-09
When it comes to lavish lighting shows, few people will question Japan as the world leader.
Every winter, cities and towns across the country hold impressive festivals with millions of colored bulbs.
Most importantly, these festivals last for a long time after the happy holidays, and some of them continue until spring.
The biggest and most impressive of them is Nabana No Sato.
Located just outside Nagoya, Koh Chang Island Resort & Spa, Sanzhong county, is held once a year with more than 8 million LED lights.
Yasuyo Otani, a spokeswoman for the Long Island resort, told CNN that it would take four months and thousands of workers to set up the display, first building the foundation and then building the actual structure that would hold the light bulb.
The theme of this year\'s festival is \"the beauty of nature.
\"The main area is the largest area we have ever done,\" said Dagu . \".
She said it is 30 metres in height, 155 metres in width and covers an area of 26,400 square meters.
\"It contains five different views from five different countries in the world.
\"These landscapes include the Monument Valley of the United States, Antarctica, the Plitvice Lake National Park in Croatia, and the landscape of tanada ---
Japanese terraces.
MORE: Technicolor triumph: the dazzling lights of Japan decorate the tunnel of the fall, which did not begin until the Nabana No Sato Lantern Festival on May 7.
As in the past few years, there are amazing 100-
This year, the miguang tunnel was given shades of green, red and orange to mimic the brilliant autumn leaves.
\"We are trying to show the beauty of the autumn\" momiji \"leaves,\" said the Big Valley . \".
\"It shows the beauty of Japanese tradition and it\'s hard to find people in Japan who don\'t like momiji.
Otani said they expect to receive 2 million visitors in 2017.
Although most of them are Japanese, the number of foreigners continues to increase every year.
The resort is also one of the largest amusement parks in Japan, with a huge flower square.
Nabana no Sato, Komae 270-chō, Kuwana-shi, Mie-ken; +81 (0)511-
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