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luxury apartment trends: melbourne buyers opt for mini-mansions

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-23
The top floor bathroom of hawburn burn Place residence in Prahran.
Source: The apartments provided are not always linked to a luxurious life, but all of this is changing.
More and more buyers demand luxury
Inspired lifestyle, space very similar to the space used in the traditional home, and excellentsite services.
\"When it comes to high, people want it all --
Tim Gurner, a real estate developer in Melbourne, said. MORE: EYE-
Capture luxury homes attract $15 MILLION how to prepare for the spring sales season
On-site service is booming, says creative talent behind luxury projects including West Melbourne flower arrangement, pralan hawkburn Square residence and Albert Park residence.
\"There\'s nothing worse than walking into an apartment building without a soul --
\"No one welcomes you and it feels cold,\" said Mr Gurner . \". “We have 5-star hotel-
The style lobby of some of our buildings has a seating area where guests are waiting for you to come down, the concierge will give them coffee and each resident has a VIP locker behind the reception, let the concierge store their shopping, dry
Cleaning or delivery.
\"Also pay attention --
Such as business-level functions-
The style of dog washing and car washing.
\"This is about combining all these little things that make life more convenient and comfortable,\" Mr Gurner said . \".
Hawburn burn Place residence resort in Gurner, Prahran.
Source: supplier and additional supplier
On-site service, what more luxury apartments can we expect in the near future?
Allocation of larger, better floor planning in various apartments more space, reflecting the shift to more owners
Occupied residence
Even the area of work is getting bigger and bigger.
Forget about Europeans
Clothes in the cupboard
A separate, larger laundry room will be the first choice, Mr Gurner said.
2 living areas, larger bedrooms (
There are mainly two walking places. in wardrobes)
Luxury hotel-
The style bathroom with steam room and other features is one of the wishes to enjoy the apartment-
It will eventually become a standard design method.
What is Melbourne\'s future housing like?
The master bedroom of the South Melbourne townhouse in Gurna.
Source: kitchen for family dinners-
End buyers are after kitchens with enough bench space to fit their entertainment style, which is why Mr Gurner says butler\'s pantry will eventually become the norm.
\"We are now integrating the kitchen that was the size of the previous apartment,\" he added . \".
We are now integrating the kitchen of the previous apartment size.
Malvin Springs wine cellar in Moda.
Source: There are many high supply rooms-
The apartment is designed with a built-in
The bar area is equipped with custom carpentry, where you can store glasses, mixed drinks or rest cocktails.
There\'s usually a glass too.
The wine refrigerator on the front is cleverly integrated into the cabinet to form a functional display.
\"This type of bar area is being designed across the table to create a natural flow between spaces during entertainment,\" said Marshall White director Leonard Taplin . \".
Innovative Developers now take things to a new level by merging a separate, complex wine room within the building.
This public entertainment space provides lockable refrigerators for each resident to store their wines, usually including a private lounge area or bar
Table and seat type.
Mr. Teplin said that the value of these buildings has increased and has a desirable long-term value
The term \"appeal\" has facilities that help strengthen and enhance community awareness.
\"The wine room is like an extension of the living room outside your apartment, where you can relax and socialize.
\"Brisbane FV\'s private cinema, provided by GurnerSource: the room at the SuppliedHOME theater has reached a whole new level by expanding the enjoyment of the home theater --
From the simple room in the apartment to the style experience of the shared family-
There are many theater rooms with special features.
You can now watch a movie on the wall or play your favorite TV show
Comfortable installation LED flat screen from the rooftop spa under the stars.
Movie theater, full recliner
Standard ceiling screen
Installing a projector and a custom sofa helps to change the interior hometheatre spaces.
Some of these rooms are designed with BBQ, lounge and dining area to avoid a day outto-day. “Home-
The theater room is an extension of the residents\' own home, allowing for group entertainment and activities that have an intrinsic connection to the Australian lifestyle --
\"The thinkGrand final barbecue, the World Cup party or other big sports or cultural events around social and entertainment,\" said Mr Gurner . \". “A home-
In a larger public environment, theater rooms allow residents not only to book the theater, but also to book the entire BBQ, lounge and dining area to entertain guests.
Teppanyaki bar in Ikeda, West Melbourne.
Source: outdoor cooking and dining space in the outdoor cooking area is a necessity for Australian families, and the apartment is no different.
In the shared outdoor dining space, the teppanyaki bar offers an innovative concept.
Residents can enjoy the company of friends and enjoy the magnificent high landscape while cooking.
Guests can sit around a baking tray on an integrated bench to enhance the dining experience through one aspect of the theater, while also creating a more inclusive cooking and dining environment.
\"When designing public outdoor comfort zones, we always want to enhance the experience of the residents by providing something unique,\" Mr Gurner said . \".
And the larger private terrace. demand —
Large enough for outdoor kitchen and dining table.
Gurna is at VIP Spa resort Brisbane FV.
Source: supplier vip SPA room developers are also looking for creative ways to manage health and welfare needs by copying prestige facilities for the day
Enjoy a spa experience at home.
Even open.
Make you feel like an aerial spa resort floating in the air.
The VIP spa room is one of the latest activities to provide you with space to relax.
Prominent features may include flooringto-
The ceiling lime tiles give off a luxurious feel, and the huge retractable windows make the most of the landscape and natural light.
Private dining area with bar and surround sound
The screen TV can increase leisure time, while the yoga room can increase the space for full body recovery.
\"VIP Resort & Spa-
\"Providing residents with stylish luxury amenities that go beyond the typical gym and pool, providing a transformative experience reminiscent of the best luxury spa resorts in the world,\" Mr Gurner said . \".
Residents can also book privately when they want to entertain friends.
Top floor pool at hawkesbourne Square Apartments.
Source: The water supply infinity pool rooftop pool is the mainstay of the luxury apartment design.
David Hicks, interior designer at David Hicks design, said the infinity pool, in particular, provides the ultimate indulgence as a source of relaxation.
They blend seamlessly with the background of the building by allowing a part of the edge of the pool to be almost invisible.
In this way, you start to feel part of the stuff outside the edge of the pool --
The dazzling city lights, the tranquility of the sea, the towering skyline or the tranquil treetops.
\"These pools provide an amazing experience where you can float on the cloud,\" Mr Hicks said . \".
\"When they disappear into the sky and create a spectacular visual illusion, they evoke a sense of an extended boundary.
\"In the past, the infinity pool was restricted to public areas, but he said we will see more and more top swimming pools more and more
High end apartment with private pool for a higher price-
The density of life is growing.
Gurna\'s Skybar and pool in Brisbane FV.
Source: Mr. Gurner was inspired during his overseas vacation to explore the suppliers that incorporated the underwater bar area in the rooftop pool.
The concept allows residents to sit on stools submerged in the water and swim to the bar for a drink.
\"Our goal is to build a resort --
\"Fashion atmosphere,\" said Mr Gurner.
\"Why don\'t you want to stay in the resort every day if you have a chance.
Leonard Taplin, director of neighbor lovshall White, said buyers want to develop shared spaces with elite standards to encourage better connections with neighbors and provide areas for style entertainment.
Mr Teplin believes that space like the wine room is evolving to be included in the dining area where you can hire a chef to come in and cook for you and some friends.
\"People want a building that provides a sense of community and a quality of life that goes beyond the four walls of the apartment,\" Mr Teplin said . \".
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