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looking for a new tv? here’s everything you need to know about the latest tv tech

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-26
The choice can be overwhelming when buying a new TV, and there are a lot of different technologies to choose from.
From 4k to 8k to OLED and LCD, there is a lot of jargon on the TV.
So we\'ll break it down for you, explain every new TV term, and how they influence and improve your viewing experience, and break down some myths around some common TV technical misconceptions.
Here\'s everything you need to know about buying TV in 2018.
Believe it or not, 4k is also called Ultra HD.
Both terms refer to a resolution of 3,840x2,160 pixels, equivalent (1,920 x 1,080)
The pixels in the full hd TV add up to about 8.
3 million pixels
It means that TV is clearer and better for you. Define pictures.
In the end, this means that as an audience, you will see more details and textures in the picture.
Watching TV at 4 k, everything looks very realistic and the experience is more immersive.
To get the final 4k viewing experience, we recommend watching on a larger screen than regular resolution viewing.
4k TV is perfect for watching movies, and the film industry also agrees that watching 4k movies at home is the closest to enjoying 35mm movies.
More and more 4k content has been in production, and broadcasters and streaming services such as Netflix, Sky, Virgin and YouTube are also involved, so, viewers can get the most out of the 4k screen.
Sony\'s new MASTER series TV actually offers an exclusive Netflix calibration model developed specifically to reflect the same image quality as the TV studio\'s evaluation MASTER.
This feature faithfully brings your favorite shows and movies to life, keeping you as close to the movie experience as possible from your comfortable home. LED (
Or LEDs)
Is the preferred technology for backlight LCD display.
Although the led LCD display uses backlight to illuminate the pixels, the OLED pixels produce their own light.
This means that the brightness of the OLED display can be controlled on pixels. by-pixel basis.
Therefore, OLED provides better contrast.
For example, when the OLED screen turns black, the pixels do not produce light at all.
Many led LCD TVs offer \"dynamic contrast\", but this may not work very well.
Some phones, including the new Sony Xperia XZ3 phones, have OLED displays, as the technology will play an increasing role.
Play a bigger role in our lives.
In general, OLED offers a smooth picture with a sharp contrast that makes anything you\'re watching look more real.
In addition, OLED offers an incredible view, which means that you will see a great picture no matter where you are sitting in your room.
Sony oled TV\'s unique revolutionary feature is to turn the entire screen into an acoustic surface of the speaker.
This means excellent sound quality, action directly connected to the screen, no visible speaker parts and no additional speakers required.
Sony\'s LCD TV is also available. to-
There is no performance to show incredible bright images.
Ultimately, however, the choice between OLED and LCD depends on how and where you like to watch TV, and your budget.
One of the TV buzzwords of the year is the high dynamic range, which refers to how the darkest and brightest parts of the image retain details and how to reproduce the color.
It also mentions how deep black and white people are, which enhances the viewing experience.
Another term to note is Ultra HD Premium, a term granted to a TV that can display HDR images.
This label is available for both LCD and OLED TVs, which means that both provide amazing image quality.
More and more English families adopt voice
Technology is enabled at home, while Chrome and Android TVs with integrated home assistants are becoming more and more common.
Our main series TVs come with integrated microphones and built-in microphones
In the Google Assistant, let the viewing experience be completely hands-onfree.
At IFA, a consumer technology conference in Berlin this year, several 8k TV models announced.
8k represents four times the resolution (
Twice the vertical and horizontal pixels)
4k is available, but as we mentioned earlier, this technology can still be called Ultra HD.
While the prospect of the technology is exciting, there is currently no content at 8 k, and it will take a few years before the standard approaches the mainstream audience.
So buying 4k TV is a safe investment and potential TV buyers don\'t have to worry about the technology going out of date soon.
This is a relatively new term for consumers. QLED (
Quantum dot LEDs)
LCD panel, led lighting along the edge (
Like an edge LEDbacklit LCD).
For the audience, this means a super bright color, but on the other hand, it may mean a slower response time, lower viewing angle and lower contrast compared to the OLED screen.
Both LCD and OLED TVs create stunning picture contrast and provide a wonderful viewing experience.
At Sony, we \'ve been working on new ZF9 LCD and AF9 OLED TVs, both of which are part of our main series, meaning they offer unprecedented quality.
Both are able to recreate the image in the way that the creator wants to see, ensuring that the image quality is as clear and real as possible.
Master Series is the name we keep for the highest quality TV model.
This is achieved through our unique technology, from the picture Processor X1 Ultimate, which creates special details by detecting and analyzing each object in the picture, through our Triluminos display, it is designed to reproduce red, green and blue, which is the color that is hard to show on the TV.
It\'s with X-
Motion clarity ensures that the motion image is clear and smooth, no matter how fast.
Most importantly, the Master TV series meets the strictest standards set by our top engineers to provide the most beautiful and unparalleled quality for today\'s consumers.
Are you ready to buy a TV now?
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