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Light flux of LED panel lamp

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-12-28

Our common white LED light source types include two primary color phosphor conversion; Three primary color phosphor conversion; Multi-Chip White LED light sources and other three types. Quality assurance is how long the manufacturer can guarantee the use of the products sold. Glare Index is an indicator to predict and evaluate uncomfortable glare in indoor working environment. International Lighting committee uncomfortable glare Technical Committee (TC-3. 4) The recommended international general glare index CGI, as a measure to evaluate uncomfortable glare, is equivalent to the UK's uncomfortable glare index BGI. The service life is relatively longer. Which major is LED lamp? This is exactly what users want to know, and whether LED lamps are professional or not, users should know about the life of lamps made by the production company. Because the light source of LED lamps is called by many people as a lamp that will never go out, and the service life of this lamp source is relatively longer.

widely used in hospitals, schools, supermarket chains, offices, office buildings, bars, Hotel decoration, home lighting, lighting sources, engineering lighting, parking lot, Western restaurant, coffee shop, club, window, exhibition hall, art hall, museum and other environmental decoration lighting

luminous flux, luminous flux refers to the radiant energy that human eyes can feel, it is equal to the product of the radiation energy of a certain wave band and the relative visual rate of the wave band in a unit time. Because human eyes have different relative visual rates to light of different wavelengths, when the radiation power of light of different wavelengths is equal, its light

Flux is not equal. The unit of luminous flux is lumens '. Optical Flux is usually expressed by Φ. Theoretically, its power can be measured by Watt, but vision is still related to light color. Therefore, the unit of measurement is to measure the luminous flux according to the standard light source and the 'Lumen' determined by normal vision. Symbol: lm luminous flux is the amount of light energy that arrives, leaves, or passes through the surface per unit time. Lumens (Lm)Is the international unit system (SI)And the US unit system (AS)The unit of luminous flux. If you want to use light as a particle through space (Photon) , Then the luminous flux of the beam reaching the curved surface is proportional to the number of particles hitting the curved surface in a one-second time interval.

at the same time, we can conclude that high-quality LED flat panel lamps must have high-quality LED driving power supply, efficient heat dissipation design, high-quality lamp beads, high-quality chips, and meet the safety standards in the export field.

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