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lg takes aim at samsung with new \'quantum dot-beating\' tv technology

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-02
LG has successfully staged its first offensive in the most intense ces TV war in years, and has become popular directly on its arch. rival, Samsung.
In front of its current habits
LG released a CES announcement on the next-generation LCD TV, which revealed that its \"super HD\" flagship models will all adopt the new \"nano-battery\" color technology --
If you believe in LG, this technology can provide better results (
In some ways anyway)
The technology will be at the heart of Samsung\'s 2017 TV strategy.
According to LG\'s surprising details, the main advantage of the nano-battery LCD displays is that they use uniform particles of only one nano in diameter to make something more subtle, A precise color that maintains its integrity from a wider perspective (
Up to 60 degrees)
More common than other types of LCD TVs.
LG is pleased to claim that it includes quantum dot displays.
However, it is worth noting here that, as I reported a few days ago, Samsung\'s latest \"qled\" quantum dot TV also looks like it provides a larger effective perspective than the previous Samsung LCD TV.
Going back to LG\'s new series, a key feature of the nano-batteries is that they are clearly able to absorb excess light wavelengths (
Different colors included)
More pure, more accurate color reproduction.
LG gives an example that the green color on a typical LCD TV is usually contaminated by the wavelength of other colors, such as yellow or blue, thus losing accuracy.
Problem solverLG also interestingly claims that nano-battery technology reduces issues such as color fading, image instability and other potential LCD color degradation issues.
Another surprising feature of LG\'s upcoming Ultra hd LCD TV is their hooks
With the legendary Hollywood technology company, Technicolor.
Each 2017 Super Ultra HD models will feature color expert mode, which LG claims is designed to provide as close as possible to what content creators expect.
Only time can prove how successful this new model is;
Of course, for many years, the THX mode on some other TV
Precise Color can cause backlight problems to distract attention.
But whether it\'s LG or Technicolor, it\'s definitely an interesting move.
The high dynamic range will be the most popular topic in 2017 TV. LG also has many topics worth discussing here. Each ultra-HD model does not support one or two, but three different HDR formats: the ubiquitous HDR 10, Dolby Vision, and the latest broadcast --
Friendly format, mixed log Gamma.
Active mysteryAlso intriguing is a new Active HDR system that improves brightness and shadow details by processing pictures frame by frame and finding out where and how dynamic metadata is inserted.
This even applies to HDR content that does not contain metadata at all.
LG is also keen to focus on its HDR effects feature this year to \"upgrade\" standard dynamic range content to HDR.
LG\'s previous attempt in 2016 was not a replica.
LG claims that it can now work not only frame-by-frame, but also in specific areas of each frame to provide more accurate results.
WebOS evolvesNano Cell technology will be launched in nine ultra-high-definition TVs with 2017 units, covering three areas: SJ9500s, SJ8500s and SJ8000s.
These models will also be in the latest version (3.
5, detailed here)
LG\'s famous webOS interface, as well as the \"ultra-thin\" design on the new month
See the shape stand of hero 55-
The model SJ9500 is just 6.
The thinnest part is 9mm deep.
Although there is no description in LG pre-
CES news, the new Ultra hd TV will almost certainly use LG\'s IPS panel design.
So I \'d love to see if LG has managed to improve the contrast performance and color of IPS.
Once I have the opportunity to stay with them at CES, I will bring you an update on these TVs. —
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