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lefrak light show gives new yorkers an eyeful.

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-25
The property owner/developer of the Lefrak Organization has completed 60-
It has 32 light boxes with high feet on the top-
Located at 480 Washington Avenue, Jersey City, story harbor office 7 is also known as UBS building.
This state-of-the-art lighting system can be seen from much of Manhattan\'s West End, but is particularly eye-catching.
From sunset to midnight, onlookers south of Canal Street are open every day.
The idea of the daily \"Light Show\" was conceived by LeFrak CEO Richard Lefrak and choreographed by lighting programmer Chiang.
A typical party show is shown by \"white Show \"(
A series of moving scenes using white light only)
Take advantage of the minute seasonal display of the appropriate colors of the season.
\"In recent years, thanks to the drive from Newport and other major high-rise, the Jersey City waterfront has boomed
\"Accelerate development,\" he said . \"LeFrak.
\"We feel it\'s time to add a dynamic element, which will help create a signed identity for this important new city skyline.
\"The highly innovative lighting system was originally designed for theatrical work and it will contain 3m light tubes of optical lighting film with 575-
Color 600 Martin building-
Replace the light fixture for a strong linear light source of color and light.
The system is currently only used in another skyscraper in the United States--
Located in the target enterprise building in the city of Minneapolis.
According to Mr.
Lefrak\'s particularly premium moon meter tube depends on the height at which it glows evenly throughout the month-
Tall tube.
The uniformity of pipeline strength and the ability of the control software to guide the 72 fixtures of the light box create unlimited possibilities for arranging the scene.
While the wrap-
Around the light box, the day is designed to blend with the facade of the building. When the night falls, the lamps will fade with the skyline of the evening, and the large glass wall will soften.
Lefrak\'s Anthony Scavo and Martin motortural\'s Jamey Brock implemented the energy-saving light box display 3m Company\'s Steve Pojar and design team from the design of the engineering team of OMDEX engineering\'s Ed Galto and Brian Pasechnik stephen Lolm.
It is built by Bill Geraghty electric and Bruno Martin.
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