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Leds which good? How to distinguish?

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-13
LED bulb is broken, want to replace, a dazzling, treasure on a variety of different specifications, different materials, price difference is not big, so we how to distinguish and select, leds which good? At present, the LED fluorescent tube is mainly have three different kinds of package material: aluminum tube shell, shell and glass lamp shell all plastic tubes. Today we are finely dissected the three leds which is really good and their respective advantages and disadvantages. A, aluminum-plastic tubes leds on the market the most common LED tubes with aluminum composite pipe material, because aluminium tube biggest advantage is good heat dissipation, which greatly reduced the LED, the difficulty of heat dissipation, light and not easy to break! But for aluminium material is less secure his shortcomings, aluminum components occurs more easily conductive leakage phenomenon, not very safe. Second, all leds can. as the tube safety, will create a safe and not easily conductive all plastic LED bulb. All can, good thermal conductivity, do well the physical insulation, cooling effect is not good but at the same time the PC material, affect the life; Tubes under high temperature and work easy to completely deformation, aging, issues remain to be solved. Three, glass tube LED bulb glass tubes, particularly prominent advantages, regardless of heat dissipation on light transmittance and safe life, have outstanding show. But because the glass is fragile, no matter in the process of production or transportation loss is bigger, more need to make note an extremely well. If you can also find some service like the simple sense of glass good LED lighting lamps and lanterns manufacturers. The following is a new type of plug pipe LED bracket light. To environmental protection concept gradually popularization of public lighting concept for critical change, more and more people choose led fluorescent tube as indoor lighting light source, more energy saving and eye long life and other advantages. But with the development of LED technology, LED lamps and lanterns price declines, energy-saving LED lamp is more people love and money.
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