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LED panel light sliding sideways light phenomenon and the solution?

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-12
According to incomplete statistics, the current market, there are still some LED panel lights have the side Angle light-leaking phenomenon, this not only make our quality of production, also kill the heart of the trust of customers for products and stores. About the LED panel light sliding sideways light question and the solution we described as follows: under the analysis of why there will be a phenomenon of sliding sideways LED panel lamp light? 1, manufacturers in the production and assembly of LED lamps and lanterns, did not put a border, or there is no diffuser with lamps and lanterns. 2, internal installation is a problem with the light source location, form a stream of light brightness too, seems to be next to the surface. 3, before they go out, there is no strict quality testing, ranging from vision to look to see the light condition and installation condition. 4, most of the ultra-thin side light LED panel light in use after a period of time, because the two sides of the glowing problem can't wait for a good improvement, can make close to the spread of the light source plate board yellow cocking, produce light-leaking phenomenon. Solution: 1, the buyers of LED panel light fittings, needs to pick good processing ability of the manufacturer, as far as possible with collaboration factory processing of LED panel light near surface crack light-leaking question. 2, details about the product, the product dimension precision of doubt, such as unable to deal with. The demand to see drawing processing light-leaking question instead. For shading paper also is a stupid way. Just can deal with questions, do not affect the user experience. 3, about the LED panel light box processing time, pay attention to the small gap question, always pay attention to detail, to make light-leaking appearance be eliminated. 4, choose straight down type LED panel lights more than choose side emitting LED panel lamp can avoid this problem happen!
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